saginaw m1 carbine markings
After some deliberation the Irwin’s cancelled their contract and Saginaw took over the factory on April 1st, 1943 (5, p. 160). 7. I recently purchased what I think is a WW II manufactured M1 carbine. It has an early type one barrel band. The round, type III bolt is marked “EM-Q” on the lug which indicates that it was manufactured by Quality Hardware. This M1 Carbine looks good and still has a nice bore. That is very hard to find example of late put together clean up of parts by saginaw(both divisions)--very neat do not ever change any of the parts to so call correct it--it is correct as it is-only thing you can do to enhance value is to finder nicer cartouched unsanded stock for it or sell it to me. Inland Division Of General Motors M1 Carbine With Saginaw Gear Receiver For Inland . I have recently seen 3 examples with such s/n’s, It is likely an Inland, and was serialized that way in a presentation run. At that time the current small arms issued were either too heavy and bulky or, in the case of the M1911 pistol, limited in range. It has a barrel marking “Inland Mfg. ... M1 Carbine - Usgi Stock - Mfgd By Overton- No Markings- Used- Excellent. A little history of Saginaw (S'G') and its carbines. The only name on the receiver is “Alpine” On the magazine release, it has a “M” stamp and “wa” on top of it. The type V trigger housing is marked S’G’ and was produced by the Grand Rapids Michigan located Saginaw Steering Gear Division of General Motors. When acquiring a used M1 Carbine the headspace should be checked before firing the weapon. I have it stamped on the stock of my 1945 Inland M1. The butt plate would be correct for that Carbine stock but you can sell it separately since its an Irwin Pederson Butt plate. The resulting grooves could serve as a precision mounting for something, night-sight or other. Saginaw M1 Carbine question The carbine has been concealed in an attic in France since the end of WWII and unfortunately the stock which has been kept separately could not be found. Features of the WW2 M1 Carbine. I need help with barrel markings on a Postal meter Carbine. The varnish is a little thin around the sling cutout. You will find here a thorough study of the M1 carbine (United States Carbine, Caliber .30, M1) over the period 1941-45. The markings that appear an the side of the rear sight read “JAO ” PLEASE ADVISE. 1. Operation: Semi-automatic by gas borrowing Length: 905 mm Unloaded weight: 2.48 kg Cannon: 457.2 mm 4 stripes on the right side Weight with ammunition: 2.5 kg Magazine capacity: 15 shots Speed : 607 m/s Rate of Fire: … Export, PA: S.A. Duff, 1996. I do not know whether to restore it or leave it as is? i to have 2 stocks with the fat 82 on it and am at a loss but the wa stands for winchester arms if im not mistaken i have an all original winchester m1 and has the same markings the m i beleive is a proof mark. I have a carbine that has an operating lever without a button. When did they change for from SG to S'G' markings? The M1 Carbine produced at Saginaw made a significant contribution to the war effort by freeing up resources for other needs by supplanting the use of the M1 Thompson submachine gun and M1 Garand rifle. After it’s success with producing the M1919A4 machine gun that began in 1940, Plant #2 obtained a contract for 365,500 M1 Carbines on February 13, 1943(5, p. 156). A correct, as built, M1 Carbine could be made by Inland with parts from other suppliers. While the plant continued to produce machine guns, the facility took on a series of contracts for M1 Carbines. On a u.s m1 original carbine what does the 18 A,B,C,D for rear sights, Amazing issues here. Another excellent resource is this web site. The carbine cost less than both of the available replacements at the time and it also physically needed less material to produce and operate than the heavier Thompson and Garand with their larger rounds. saginaw m1 carbine value Discussion in 'M1 Carbine' started by rednecksoldier, Nov 29, 2010. At the peak of Saginaw’s contract their cost per unit got down to $32.22 at which point the Ordnance Department had determined that they had enough other companies producing carbines for the remainder of the war and didn’t add any more contracts (5). It even includes a handy-dandy fill-in table for documenting all of your component parts to help you compare what you have with what parts are correct for the manufacturer and production dates for your specific rifle. The original post contains a link to a very good book on the history and manufacture of the M1 Carbine…that was my starting place. I can’t tell you how tempted I am to unwrap them to see who made them! Any ideas?? Sorry. micrometric stamped (Adjustable sight, stamped construction). Don should check for SI or SG marked on the left side of the receiver. This can be done by a qualified gunsmith or by purchasing headspace gauges for the U.S. .30 Caliber Carbines, manufactured by several different companies and sold retail by most large gun supply retailers (Brownells, Cabelas, Midway). So here we go: Inland 6 digit s/n 248— under rear adjustable sight


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