sad boy loko
Sad Boy Loko's attorney pointed out discrepancies in the timing of the event, along with the victim's description of Sad Boy Loko.

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According to new reports on the matter, the crime committed was in association with the Eastside gang. After AS threatened to call the police to retrieve his backpack, Yellow Shirt attacked him and AS retaliated by shooting Yellow Shirt several times with a BB Gun. The judge stated that "It’s clear that it was a gang group effort," adding that "no bail remains appropriate.". Pacheco was arrested on August 3, and the minors were arrested in their respective homes on August 4. The rapper also has various tattoos on his head and arms, which AS didn't describe his attacker as having. During homegrown rap artist Sad Boy Loko’s preliminary hearing on June 17, Judge James Herman decided there was probable cause for the charges that have kept Sad Boy, legally Mario Hernandez Pacheco, in custody without bail for more than 10 months.

The details of the crime were revealed in court, alleging that Sad Boy, Yellow Shirt, and the two minors were riding around selling the 19-year-old victim's drugs. During the hearing, case detective Ryan Aijian described what police believe were the events surrounding the crime. The driver of the vehicle is not visible in the video. He captioned the video, "IM HOME MOTHAF**KERS S/O TO EVERYONE WHO RODE THIS SH*T OUT WITH ME MAD LOVE TO ALL MY FAMILY REAL TALK AND ALL MY SOLID FANS THAT KEPT MY MUSIC ALIVE OH YEAH ALL MY LATINOS STAND THE F**K UP✊ QUE VIVA LA RAZA ‼️". Yellow Shirt is still at large. Use this page here to login for your Independent subscription. A gas station video time stamped at 11:58 p.m. shows a vehicle turning onto Montecito Street, away from the direction of Cacique bridge, and slowing down before driving off-screen.

The victim suffered a 15-centimeter stab wound to the top of his head and a fractured skull. AS said he was a heavy-set, short man, wearing a large blue Dodgers hat.

Santa Barbara rap artist and Eastside gang member Sad Boy Loko, legally Mario Hernandez-Pacheco, was sentenced January 15 to three years in prison after pleading guilty to felony assault and street terrorism. Under questioning, AS told police the Speedy Mart video would show the assailants. “One can hope any musical abilities or opportunities will not be directed at further promotion of the gang lifestyle.”, Rally for Trump Parades Through Santa Barbara, Both Sides Taking Last-Ditch Precautions in Dueling Presidential Campaigns, Death Penalty Trial for Pierre Haobsh Inching Closer, Underwater Pioneer Lad Handelman Dies at Santa Barbara Home, Underground Wildlife Crossing Dispute Renewed, Beyond / Hello: Inside Santa Barbara’s Third Pot Shop, Santa Barbara City Council Smackdown over Homeless and Human Service Grants, Art Matters Zoom Lecture: Race, Society, and Identity in 19th-century Mexican Costumbrismo with Mey-Yen Moriuchi, King & Falkoff: On Collecting and Hoarding, MOXI Innovation Workshop Maker Kits Pickup, Making a Fine Impression: Virtual Exhibition, Adult Studio Art Workshop: Introduction to Drawing & Collage, House Calls Virtual Event: Danish String Quartet, Please note this login is to submit events or press releases. Those 15 months of time served will count toward his prison term. When Aijian showed AS a video still of Pacheco and the minors, AS confirmed the three were involved in the attack, as well as a video still of just Pacheco, whom AS called Mario.
At one point, Yellow Shirt got in the car with the victim, referred to as "AS" to protect his identity, and Yellow Shirt brandished a knife and took the backpack from AS. He pled guilty to felony assault and street terrorism and was sentenced to three years in prison, with 15 months of time served. Pacheco pleaded not guilty to all charges and his attorneys, Adam Pearlman and J’Aimee Oxton, claim there is no digital or physical forensic evidence linking him to the crime. According to prosecutors, in the early-morning hours of July 23, 2018, near the Cacique Street footbridge, Pacheco was with two minors and another adult male when they attacked and stabbed a 19-year-old victim after stealing his backpack, which contained drugs.


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