sabena flight 548 victims
Medals were awarded in three colors: gold (first), silver (second), and bronze (third) in four disciplines – men's singles, ladies' singles, pair skating, and ice dancing – across three levels: senior, junior, and novice. 23 Oct 1940 – 15 Feb 1961. A Brief History On February 15, 1961, the sporting world was rocked by one of the worst disasters in sports history, the crash of Sabena Flight 548 in Belgium, killing all 72 people on board, including the entire US Figure Skating team, both competitors and coaches and even some family members. [14] [19] [20] [21], Within days of the tragedy, the U.S. Sabena Airlines officials said there were "no survivors" among the 61 passengers and 11 crewmen. * Sabena flight 548 This 8 page newspaper has a one column headline on the front page: "Officials Begin To Identify Crash Victims" Other news of the day including various period advertising. [6][25] The film was shown on the Versus network on October 22, 2011. Investigators were unable to ascertain the exact cause of the crash, though the theory that there was some sort of mechanical failure of one of the control mechanisms was generally acknowledged as the probable cause. The notable victims are listed below. Figure Skating team lost their lives,[7] as well as sixteen other people who were accompanying them, including family members, professional coaches, and skating officials. The second landing attempt was called off because the runway the pilots wanted to use was not operational. Kipp coached Fleming for a few months in California. The tragedy was mourned across the nation and shattered the figure skating world, which the U.S. had dominated for over a decade. All eighteen members of the 1961 U.S. Here's How the Tragic Legacy Lives On", "Brussels Nightmare In Blazing Sunshine: 73 Die In Plane Crash", "Monument crash Sabena Boeing B707-329 OO-SJB", "US skating program rose from ashes of '61 crash", "Visions of Skating Crowns Vanish in Brussels Tragedy", "Mother Set the Style: Pretty Laurence Owen is the most exciting U.S. skater but in her remarkable family she is just another champion", "Cream of US Skating Ranks Wiped Out In Air Crash", "The terrible plane crash that devastated U.S. figure skating – and still shapes it today", "U.S. It wasn't real. 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Sometimes, Kwan would know that Carroll was employing Vinson's theories and techniques. The skaters were heading to Prague, Czechoslovakia for the World Championship competition. U.S. International Skating Union officials would end up canceling that year’s world championships, which were set to begin the following week. Maribel Yerxa Owen was an American figure skater. [1], There were 34 members of the U.S. Figure Skating team, who were travelling to the World Figure Skating Championships in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Ronald Ludington was an American figure skating coach and pair skater. The 1961 U.S. Figure Skating team were inducted into the U.S. Skating Hall of Fame in a special ceremony at the 2011 U.S. On August 10, 1938, a meeting took place of thirteen prominent figure skating coaches from the U.S. and Canada. By 1965, she was anointed the great American hope. [23], In January 2011, the 1961 U.S. Lost in the wreckage was Maribel Vinson-Owen, the nine-time U.S. champion and by then the coach of her two incredibly talented daughters, who were also dead: Laurence Owen, just 16, the graceful American champion and a favorite at the Prague championships who had appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated just two days earlier, and Maribel Y. Owen, 20, a pairs champion. she says now. Their plane, Sabena Flight 548, was circling the runway in Brussels, where it was scheduled to make a stopover, when it suddenly crashed Feb. 15, killing 73 people. Figure Skating Team. The other team members were also highly acclaimed and accomplished skaters. Articles are mostly written by either Dr. Zar or his dad (Major Dan). No grave photo. It was a horrible thing, and the disaster shook up everybody, including President John F. Kennedy. The team also lost U.S. men's silver medalist Gregory Kelley, U.S. ladies' silver medalist Stephanie "Steffi" Westerfeld, and U.S. ladies' bronze medalist Rhode Lee Michelson. If you liked this article and would like to receive notification of new articles, please feel welcome to subscribe to History and Headlines by liking us on Facebook and becoming one of our patrons! [3] The fatalities included the entire U.S. Sabena Flight 548 was a Boeing 707-329[1] aircraft that crashed en route from New York City to Brussels, Belgium, on February 15, 1961.


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