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Back at the Toy Palace, Chuckie is in a greenhouse, and pushes a leaf back, finding an entrance guarded by a pair of clown statues. ARMED flashes on the screen in red letters.


], [The bandaged teddy bear falls off the toy train.

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], [The toy train travels down a bridge, and back to the aisles where Tommy and Chuckie previously were.

], [Chuckie crawls between the two bicycles. ], [Meanwhile, Stu runs across the neighborhood, panting as he pushes his empty stroller and carries the baby doll that looks like Tommy. Stu runs to the other side of Chas' car, and Chas starts it up again. He immediately turns his attention to the monitor.

He grunts, then gasps as he looks back at Tommy, who is still on the toy train. ], [As Tommy talks to Chuckie, the shadow of the Thorg figure looms over them. Aired: May 24th, 1992 @ 7:00 PM GMT on Nickelodeon. ], [Tommy removes his stethoscope and tosses it into the toy medical bag. He hits a lever, inadvertently setting it off. He then reaches into a box of donuts and burps. Stu and Chas run inside, panting heavily as the Security Guard lifts and lowers his club.
The light gets bigger and bigger, until it takes up the entire screen. Several indian figures holding bows and suction-cup arrows suddenly rise up. Chuckie is holding the bandaged teddy bear in his arm. TV-Y Nickelodeon. He and Stu run out to the back door. ], [Tommy stands up, Removes his doctor's mirror and tosses it aside. He lands in a pile of Thorg dolls, and his foot inadvertently pulls a switch on a life-sized Thorg figure, turning it on. Tommy, Chuckie, Stu, and Chas all watch... Toy Palace/Transcript | Rugrats Wiki | Fandom. ], [The Security Guard pushes the coloring book back. Videos are provided by non-affiliated 3rd parties.

Season 2 Episode 2 - The Rugrats act out Grandpa's pirate story that he told them, before he fell asleep. The light is then revealed to be the headlight of a toy train, which travels across the Toy Palace.

As he pulls a donut out, the lid of the box falls down, revealing a monitor showing Tommy and Chuckie walking down the aisles unsupervised. As they run away, the Security guard, who is drinking coffee and eating donuts, spits out his coffee when he hears this. ( As Usual). Follow Cartoon HD on various social networks for more updates on movies and TV series. Stu-Makers' Elves Rugrats : Season 1 Episode 25. The Thorg figure's eyes light up as Tommy walks out of the Thorg dolls, causing them to squeak. They flinch, and back in the year 1776, as some American Settlers travel across the icy sea, Thorg appears on an iceberg near them. Disclaimer: Cartoon HD does not store any streaming content on it's server. ], [Chas reaches into his pocket and pulls out his inhaler, which he squeezes near his mouth.

Chuckie watches squeamishly as Tommy removes the rest of the arrows. Chuckie stares in shock at the bear.

Follow Cartoon HD on various social networks for more updates on movies and TV series. Stu has received an order from Mucklehoney Industries for 15,000 "Patty Pants" dolls. Rugrats Wiki. The light is then revealed to be the headlight of a toy train, which travels across the Toy Palace. The Reptar Figure continues pushing the Thorg Figure back, knocking overa pyramid of boxed toy bones in the process. They all stare in shock at it. The Security Guard is watching the wrestling match and eating a donut, rather than watching the monitors. The toy train's whistle blows, and Tommy gasps and cups his hand to his ear. ], [Chuckie flicks his finger through an arrow on the teddy bear's nose. Chas drives his car out of the now-empty parking lot.

], [The Thorg figure runs over the crossing gates, breaking them, and he broke the house.

Tommy comes back, wearing a doctor's mirror and stethoscope, and holding a toy medical bag that says, PLAY DR.

The camera zooms in on the toy palace, and the screen transitions to the next scene, where the Store Manager is pressing buttons on the security system. The camera zooms in the word, ARMED, then the Store Manager walks past an employee, who is holding the door open for him. Back at the Toy Palace, Tommy and Chuckie continue riding the toy train, this time, through a Dummi Bears exhibit. They drive to the Toy Palace. You are also not able to download any movies or TV shows on Cartoon HD. The doors of the fort open and several cowboy figures on horses ride out, with western music playing in the background. Download preview He bumps into a bicycle. ], [Chuckie pushes the toy volcano down over his head. However, he is having trouble with the machine.

], [Tommy gasps when he sees a baby doll that looks like him, but with yellow overalls and black shoes.
The time on the clock is 9:00 as the Store Manager walks away. ], [Stu and Chas push their strollers across the aisles.

Chuckie looks back and gasps.

They scream as it travels through the exhibit, then into a tunnel. ], [The Thorg Figure knocks over a giant toy brontosaurus.

], [Stu pushes Chas towards the Wee Willie Warp Time Translator.

], [As Tommy runs away, Chuckie looks down at the teddy bear. He hands the bag to Chuckie, and puts the end of the stethoscope on the teddy bear's cheek. He picks it off the shelf. ], [The camera zooms out on Tommy, Chuckie, Stu, Chas, The Security Guard, and the Reptar Figure. Cartoon HD is not an actual iOS app or Android APK and does not require download.

The camera moves over to Chuckie, who picks a monkey doll that looks like him off the shelf. He then runs over a train station, flattening it as well. Wikis.


], [Chas points at the monitor as the Security Guard pulls out a brochure that says, MEGON 6000 in pink letters and waves his hand at him in disapproval. They close the doors and walk away.

], [Back at the Toy Palace, Tommy and Chuckie, the latter of whom is pulling a wagon with the bandaged teddy bear in it, walk across the aisles and up to the train tracks. Rugrats is a show about 4 babies, Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, and Phil and Lil Deville. Aired: September 13th, 1992 @ 7:00 PM GMT on Nickelodeon, The Rugrats act out Grandpa's pirate story that he told them, before he fell asleep. Tommy and Chuckie sigh in relief, and the teddy bear lands on the floor near them and squeaks. As we see their lives unravel, we get to hear them talk.

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], [Tommy and Chuckie look back at the Thorg figure and gasp. 13,297 Pages. Chuckie turns to face Tommy. Tommy and Chuckie look at the figures in awe, then Tommy gasps. They pant in fear.

As Stu and Chas talk to each other, the camera moves down to Tommy. A light appears and a train's horn sounds. ], [Meanwhile, Tommy and Chuckie are still being chased by the Thorg Figure.

The toy train screeches to a halt, and Tommy screams as he flies through the air, into an animal toy exhibit. ], [Chuckie rests his elbow on the control panel near the display. ], [Chas pulls out his wallet, revealing pictures of Chuckie inside. ], [Tommy and Chuckie look at each other, then run away in fear. The Reptar Figure's eyes light up, and his arms move. ], [The toy train travels down the bridge, and onto a footbridge.

Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? ], [Tommy and Chuckie scream as the toy train travels down the tracks like a roller coaster. He hits a button on it, turning it on. Register Start a Wiki. Tommy, Chuckie, Stu, and Chas all watch the train as it goes over the bridge, and Tommy gasps in awe. The camera then moves down to a portable TV with a wrestling match playing on it. The Thorg Doll raises its arms as Tommy walks away. In the background, sci-fi toys can be seen on the shelves, including toys resembling Daleks from Dr. The gates lower, and the Toy Train, which has somehow been turned on again, drives across the level crossing. Tommy gasps, then looks ahead. The Wee Willie Warp time Translator activates, and Tommy and Chuckie watch as it sends the Thorg figure back to the year 1776. Meanwhile, Chas continues to drive his car towards the Toy Palace. Aired: May 24th, 1992 @ 8:00 PM BST on Nickelodeon. Chuckie bumps into Tommy, and they both look back and gasp at the Thorg Figure behind them.

A security camera waches them, but back in the security room, the Security guard pays no attention to the monitors, and pours some coffee from his thermos into his mug while he watches the portable TV.

], [Stu points at the label on Avogadro's chest, which says, RADIOACTIVE. ], [Chuckie waves his hand at Tommy in disapproval. ], [As Chas talks to Stu, Chuckie walks past them. ], [Tommy and Chuckie pant heavily as they run past the Wee Willie Warp Time Translator, and into a dinosaur exhibit. ], [Stu looks at Tommy and Chuckie on the monitor near him. Stu bangs on it, getting the attention of the Secuirty Guard. ], [The Reptar Figure pushes the Thorg Figure into the Wee Willie Warp Time Translator, and the Thorg Figure pushes a lever, that sets the machine from WAY BACK to 1776. ], [The screen fades to black, ending the episode.].

He comes to Chas, who is driving his car. WATCH DOWNLOAD.


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