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Subscribe and get curated content that will give impetus to your research paper. Find FAQs that will quickly help to answer your questions, whether you're publishing an article or a book with Elsevier It is possible that your paper has not yet gone to the editor, since there are other papers that have come in before yours. What if editor only wants to reviews but has left the number in the system as 3? The author has not yet responded to the offer of transfer, The submission was transferred to another journal. Decision in Process (or progress, cant recall). Icons made by various authors from, Live panel discussion: Maintaining trust in peer review during COVID-19.

The manuscript has been transferred from another journal, but the author has not yet completed the submission process to this journal. Can I send an inquiry if the status shows "Required reviews completed" for a long time? Manuscript has been submitted, but not yet assigned to an editor. A decision of accept has been made, but the manuscript has not been sent to production. Answer: When the status shows "Required reviews completed," it means that the reviews have come in, but it might not mean that your paper is being evaluated by the editor. Thank you for your feedback, it will help us serve you better. “Under Review” – 24/11/2010: The peer review process starts. F. Bahr5567 “With Editor” – 18/11/2010 (estimated): Presumably an editor makes sure the thing is worthy of being sent out for review and identifies appropriate reviewers. the stage of my paper is required reviews completed since 50 days ago and i haven't received any massage from journal. Please enter a valid email address. How do I write an inquiry to the editor about my manuscript's current status? The author has declined a revision request. What is the meaning of "decision in process" status? In the four years since, I’ve adhered closely to this policy; with a couple of exceptions (see below), I’ve turned down every review request I’ve received from an Elsevier-owned journal, and haven’t sent Elsevier journals any of my own papers for publication. What does it mean if my revised manuscript goes back to "under review" after being With Editor"?
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Economics Job Market Rumors | Job Market | Conferences | Employers | Journal Submissions | Links | Privacy | Contact | Night Mode, University of California Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. When the status shows "Required reviews completed," it means that the reviews have come in. HANDBOOK: Keep calm and wait: A guide to understanding journal statuses, handbook on templates for communicating with the journal. Tracking your manuscript status in journal submission systems, Answered by Editage Insights
What does the status of my submission mean in EVISE? The page will refresh upon submission.