rep fitness victory adjustable bench

Take care of your equipment and you can generally recover as much as 80% of your initial investment.

I am concerning that the AB-5200 would do the same thing.

I’m the same height as you(6’4”). Ideal for home and light commercial use, the bench has a thick, firm, 2.5" pad wrapped in very … Yes, I am talking about hip thrusts. Also, put all the bolts in place and keep it loosely tightened, then go around and tighten each one down - but do not over-tighten the bolts. The vinyl used for the AB-5200 is the same grippy vinyl found on Rep’s FB-5000 and -4000 bench pads, and I think this is a very nice touch. The AB-5000 is not only versatile, it’s also extremely over-built and under-priced. I have narrowed my decision for a new adjustable bench down to the AB 5200 and the Vulcan Prime. If you can confirm this, please leave a comment. You have no items in your shopping cart. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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Also remember, you can turn the bench around and face the opposite direction for shoulder presses in the rack. Still, the 5200 is a much better bench than the 3100, so I suppose if you want to upgrade that you can, and then decide if you want to ditch the fb5000. The Prime is also tapered; down to 10″ wide, but that is less of an issue since you have a flat bench, and may even be a preference for some to have a narrow back pad on an incline bench. If it’s good for you, then I’m thinking it will be good for me. Reviews aside, I’ve transitioned from adjustable bench to newer, better adjustable bench more than once.

Even Rep has a handful of other adjustable bench options; all of which cost less than these two.

True…I would guess that most people could be happy with just about any of these benches (or other equipment). Feet on ground, upper back on bench, bar sitting on hips? Thoughts? adjustable bench review, I believe I am fairly local to you if I remember correctly. I just sold my old Nautilus adjustable flat/incline bench that I’ve had for 15 years. I’ve loved it, truly, but since I don’t use the AB-5000 as a utility bench I don’t really care about the Zero Gap feature.

best value flat to incline bench, Rep Fitness Adjustable Bench – Review Summary.

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She does some utility work and here were my 3 options I keep shuffling through…all within the same price range: 1. Unlike most adjustable benches, the Rep AB-3000 offers full flat, incline, and decline (FID) adjustability. It’s a trade-off! It should be mentioned that the Rep AB-5000 was launched alongside the AB-5100, which is the non-Zero Gap version of the AB-5000. The cages around the ladders are ingenious. This is made even easier by a pair of handles, something not all ladder benches have. Specs: Dims: 17.5" high (in flat position), 54" long, 26" wide, 95 lbs. Thank you for your time. Definitely not a matter of disliking any of these; rather it’s just having a preference based not only my situation, but let’s be fair, the convenience of having them all to just choose from because of reviews; which I think I forget sometimes when discussing ‘choices’. If you don’t care about the small gap of the 5200 then that’s definitely the way to go. All the positions are good, and the vinyl is grippy.

I’ll just cut to the chase and be done with it. I am always going to want my Fat Pad,  which means I am not going to utilize an adjustable bench for anything that requires the Zero Gap feature. My one concern was having buyers remorse after buying the Prime and then next year buying the 5200 anyway.

AB-3100 and a FB-5000 with wide pad… Somewhat best of both worlds on function but space concerns. Yes, I am talking about hip thrusts. Basically, can you make tight turns with this bench? I also think the caged ladder alone makes the AB-5200 a better buy than the Rogue Adjustable Bench 2.0 (to say nothing of that $100 price difference.). Thanks for the reply.

It couldn’t be easier to reach, and the horizontal position could not be more ergonomic. I like everything about this AB 5200 but I am concerned about the feet that surround the wheels. Buy once, cry once. Thanks! And the price! Thanks for the reply! About Us; Authorized Distributors; You can definitely spend less.

Both of these benches are outstanding in their own right. Would you able to help? Rep AB-3000 FID Adjustable Bench - Different color options available! You just made up my mind. It’s bigger, it cost more, and decline isn’t even an option with the 5200. It could not be more competitive. My dedicated flat bench is the FB 5000 with Thompson so the grippy pad has spoiled me in a sense. There will be no heads hanging over the back pad during seated overhead presses. Hey John,


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