redeemer prime build

Deal double-bladed, double-barreled death with this primed gunblade.

The spots gave me the necessary relics at the shortest time, but you may have a different result as relic drops are also based on a chance. It was released alongside Mesa Prime and Akjagara Prime. Akjagara Prime & Redeemer Prime have made their arrival in the game, along with them comes the long awaited Mesa Prime.Akjagara is well known for it’s high slash damage used mostly with a desecrate Nekros to get increase loot. Due to this, and the fact that hitting an enemy with the blade part of the weapon will increment the combo, it is occasionally possible to get a combo count of 221. You look at their synovias, you shoot, BOOM! High Status Chance – The best weapons in the game are those who have high status chance combined with CC. This will not effect the heavy damage multiplier as it will still max out at 12. Redeemer Prime – A combination of a shotgun and a melee weapon, Redeemer was rather niche and was not used by many. Here is my Redeemer build for eidolon hunt.

On humanoid enemies, stealth finishers from behind will result in a blade slash and be silent, however finishers from the front will discharge the shotgun blast and alert nearby enemies. You look at their synovias, you shoot, BOOM! Heavy attack shots performed outside of the "point blank" range of 4m have a guaranteed impact proc for each pellet.

The primed variant might add a thing or to, I’ll make sure to add it once the relics are dropped in the game. In order to farm the weapon in-game you’ll have to farm the relics to obtain different parts to craft the full weapon. Redeemer Prime is the Primed variant of the Redeemer, acting as a direct upgrade.

Well there’s the issue. You should run Focus energy with either Zenurik's Inner Might or Reflex Coil for 90% combo efficiency. This weapon can be sold for 5,0005,000.

Makes sense now.

what exactly is your issue? And the Akjagara Prime along with Mesa Prime and Redeemer Prime have arrived in Warframe. Today I'll be showing you which relics you'll need to farm to get Redeemer Prime and where you can farm these relics.

If you manage to get your hands on a riven, you can remove gladiator might, and aim for a crit chance, crit damage, and either initial combo or damages as a 3rd stat, and, if possible, a negative that doesn't harm much. has no official link with Digital Extremes or Warframe, we are just a fan site. Critical Chance increased from 16% to 24%. Redeemer Prime is the Primed variant of the Redeemer, acting as a direct upgrade. it should be similar to other weapon's heavy attack builds. I was being told to just run a usual corrupt charge type of build. Shots have innate blast damage & punch-through. You can get it by opening Neo S12 Relics. Killing blow and corrupt charge. +120% Melee Damage per Status Type affecting the target. Switch out Sacrificial Steel for Drifting Contact if you are not running Power Spike … Akjagara Prime & Redeemer Prime have made their arrival in the game, along with them comes the long awaited Mesa Prime.

Still sure that this is not going to become the meta in the coming days.

Redeemer Prime's main and component blueprints are acquired from the following Void Relics.

If a shot is performed at "point blank" range, the 4m ragdoll effect will often move the target out of harm's way. Shots have a chance to either stagger or knockdown enemies. Axi L3 – Akjagara Prime Receiver (uncommon), Neo S9 – Akjagara Prime Blueprint (common). Ripdolon (Definitely not OP crit redeemer) by LeCanardDeBagdad, last updated on Dec 14, 2019. But for some reason, I can’t get it to work on the Redeemer. Redeemer Prime is different because you want to use combo efficiency insted of initial combo. ), Warframe OVERPOWERED COMBO FOR IVARA PRIME-0. Tip: This is the right time to earn a lot of platinum, a new prime access has dropped and the demand is high.

To farm these relics, I suggest you go to the same mission which I’ve already mentioned in How To Get Redeemer Prime Blueprint Relics section. Gunblade shot damage cannot be increased with, Has linear damage falloff from 100% to 6.25% from 10m to 30m target distance (distances are affected by, For more general help with weapons, you may wish to browse.

Also, it worth mentioned that Hydron is the best area to level up your Warframe and weapons. Using a Riven Mod with a negative physical damage modifier such as -Slash will not affect damage dealt by shotgun blasts. Hey guys. High Slash Damage – Take it with desecrate nekros for increased loot, the game considers slashed enemies as different entities. Advantages: High Slash damage effective against health. The relics for the same have been mentioned below.

Read: How I made 20K platinum in Warframe. As I mentioned in the Mesa article, this might be the time a gunblade makes it’s redemption in the Warframe world.

Today I'll be showing you which relics you'll need to farm to get Akjagara Prime and where you can farm these relics. So, Redeemer Prime parts scattered across four different relics: Before we proceed any further, I would like to say that all spots that I’ll share with you are based on my personal experience farming Redeemer Prime relics. Restores 11 Health per Status Type affecting the target. Hey guys. Fixed ugly and busted blast FX for the Redeemer Prime.

Next. Attack speed should be a high priority for building up the combo and True Punishment is a viable option if you need to build combo faster.

And the Loki Prime along with Bo Prime and Wyrm Prime have been retired(vaulted) from the Warframe reward tables. No offense, I just hate Rivens. Xini also has a high Neurodes drop, so be sure to keep an eye for Neurodes.

It’s an interception mission that’s pretty straightforward.


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