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This was about 35% of all the recorded Reddy's in the USA. The Reddy family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. They are classified as a forward caste. He was finally captured and hanged in 1847. Discover the unique achievements of ancestors in your family tree, This page needs Javascript enabled in order to work properly. [33] The Reddy poligars were appointed to render military services in times of war, collect revenue from the populace and pay to the royal treasury. Śrī. [29], The dynasty (1325–1448 CE) ruled coastal and central Andhra for over a hundred years. They were feudal overlords and peasant proprietors. In the 16th century, the Pangal fort situated in Mahbubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh was ruled by Veera Krishna Reddy. Prolaya Vema Reddi proclaimed independence, establishing a "Reddi dynasty" based in Addanki. The ancestors of the legendary Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy – who led an armed rebellion against the British East India company, were poligars. For the veterans among your Reddy ancestors, military collections provide insights into where and when they served, and even physical descriptions. Dikshit, Giri S.; Srikantaya, Saklespur; Pratiṣṭhāna, Bi. [39]Template:Qn The Gadwal samsthanam situated in Mahbubnagar includes a fort built in 1710 CE by Raja Somtadari. [27][28][29] He had been part of a coalition of Telugu rulers who overthrew the "foreign" ruler (Turkic rulers of the Delhi Sultanate). Veerabhadra Reddy allied himself with Vijayanagara ruler Devaraya II and defeated Kapilendra. Palace ruins, Kondapalli fort, Reddy Kingdom, After the death of Pratapa Rudra in 1323 CE and the subsequent fall of the Kakatiya empire, the Reddy chiefs became independent. After the death of Pratapa Rudra in 1323 CE and the subsequent fall of the Kakatiya empire, some Reddi chiefs became independent rulers. [35], Once independent, the erstwhile chiefs of the Vijayanagara empire indulged in several internal squabbles for supremacy in their areas. Seizing this opportunity, Kapilendra sent an army under the leadership of his son Hamvira into the Reddy kingdom, took Rajahmundry and gained control of the Reddy kingdom. [37] Reddys continued to be chieftains, village policemen and tax collectors in the Telangana region, throughout the Golkonda rule. Some of the prominent Reddy zamindaris/samsthanams: Kammas and Reddys are politically dominant castes prior to the formation of Andhra Pradesh in 1956 and after. Immadi Venkata Reddy was recognised by the Golkonda sultan Abdullah Qutb Shah as a regular provider of military forces to the Golkonda armies. This political alliance between Vijayanagara and the Reddy kingdom was cemented further by a matrimonial alliance. [23][24] After the Kakatiyas became independent rulers in their own right, various subordinate chiefs under their rule are known to have used the title Reddi. [49] They are a politically dominant community in Andhra Pradesh, their rise having dated from the formation of the state in 1956.[50]. [3][4][5] Traditionally, they were a diverse community of merchants and cultivators. In south India, on the other hand, there existed only three distinguishable classes, the Brahmins, the non-Brahmins and the Dalits. District Gazetteers Dept (1992). [11][12][13][14], The dominant castes of south India, such as Reddys and Nairs, held a status in society analogous to the Kshatriyas and Vaishyas of the north with the difference that religion did not sanctify them,[4][15][16] i.e. Prominent among them were Ramakrishna Reddy, Pedda Venkata Reddy and Immadi Venkata Reddy. Eṃ. [citation needed] The Gajapatis eventually lost control after the death of Kapilendra, and the territories of the former Reddy kingdom came under the control of the Vijayanagara Empire. In 1840 there were 6 Reddy families living in New York. [25] Reddy chiefs were appointed as generals and soldiers under the Kakatiyas. Prominent among them were Ramakrishna Reddy, Pedda Venkata Reddy and Immadi Venkata Reddy. [27] Eventually, the Sultanate invaded Warangal and captured Pratapa Rudra in 1323. Sat-shudras are also known as clean shudras, upper shudras, pure or high-caste shudras. [33], Later, Reddys became the military chieftains of the Vijayanagara rulers. [1][6][7] Their prowess as rulers and warriors is well documented in Telugu history. These chieftains were known by the title of Poligars.


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