receptionist jobs for 17 year olds
(Learn More), Whether you come up with unique drawings or witty sayings, you can make money as a teenage t-shirt designer. It’s a great way for teens who love fashion to make money online! Any 17-year-old that can create art can become a teenage artist. Once you’ve put in some time working at a restaurant as a line cook, you can become a teenage chef. ... 17 days ago. As a teenage shoe shiner, you will need to use special brushes and shoe polish to keep leather shoes looking great. Receives general supervision from higher-level supervisory or management staff. Keep windows clean and you’ll keep getting work. Get the right Part time 17 year old job with company ratings & salaries. (Learn More), A teenage fashion blogger makes money through advertisements and when a company sponsors blog posts when you feature their products. You could help by answering or making phone calls, finding information online, filling in data, writing or answering emails, and many other things. This is true whether you work for a big window washing company that works mainly with businesses, or you start your own business as an independent teenage window washer and are washing windows in your neighborhood. You will have to make delicious hot chocolate, then find people to sell it to, whether you go door-to-door, or – better yet – a winter festival where there will be a lot of cold people. If you’ve always been fascinated by 2D or 3D animation, why not become a teenage animator? (Learn More), You’ll of course need to speak at least one other language to be a teenage translator, but you can certainly make good money providing companies with translations. You will need to consider color schemes based on the type of website you are designing and make sure that visitors will be able to easily find whatever they are looking for on the website so they will want to come back again. Being a teenage sports trainer is a job that’s a lot of fun even though it requires a lot of hard work. As long as you have access to water, car soap, and some big sponges, you can be a teenage car washer. As a teenage textbook seller, you will make money by selling textbooks online. As a teenage transcriptionist, you will listen to an audio recording or watch a video recording, then type out everything that is said. Either way, you will be responsible for teaching people about ski equipment, skiing safety, and how to ski. Then, you will need to find family members, friends, and neighbors who want to buy your items and sell them to be worn or to be given as gifts. As a teenage textbook seller, you will make money by selling textbooks online. You will be responsible for helping people set up reservations for Uhaul trucks, answer any questions that people may have about the services offered, and help solve any problems that people might have with their reservation. There are many younger kids that want to learn how to ride horses whose parents will pay you to teach them. Although you do have to learn how to make a 3D version of a 2D drawing or plan before you can work as a teenage 3D modeler, once you get good at it, you can start making a lot of money, making this a great job for 17-year-olds.


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