rebuilding mopar lower control arms
The bushing shell will remain fixed to the shaft, but it is easily removed by striking it with a chisel The empty spindle, removed wheel-, hub- and drum-assembly. All nuts (shock, pivot-shaft & strut-rod) are torqued to spec. Disconnected tie rod from lower ball joint. Save money with our kits without sacrificing performance. DoctorDiff A, B and E body Mopar suspension rebuild kits offer substantial savings versus buying each component individually. See the enormous amount of dirt and old grease... Do your self a favor, buy or loan a pitman arm puller. Performance upgrade at half the price of tubular lower control arms, Stiffens and strengthens factory arm while keeping the factory look, Tubular arms are only 2 pounds lighter than stock and cost twice as much, Smart buy for the budget minded performance build. Today I’m here to talk to you about our Mopar lower control arm rebuilding kits for Mopar A-bodies, B-bodies and E-bodies. Also included are the torsion bar adjusters. The boxed arms have less deflection, especially if heavy-duty sway bars are used. A trick we use is to weld a heavy 1/8-inch or thicker 1/2-inch washer to the end of the shell. Hmm, it's looking familiar... A German stick grenade. Here you see the control arm is already off the pivot shaft. So it's more or less clean. The piece of pipe, in the upper right corner, is used to press in the new bushings. No puller, I have, did fit. Although this isn't part of the front end, I thought, why not? The stiffening plate is key to reducing flex in the lower control arms of the A, B and E body Mopar’s as it has become an inherent problem over many years of use as they loosen up. 2 Lower control arm bushings. It's probably (because I don't have one) The lower control arm pivots on the pivot shaft (left). 30 or 35 spline, 5 X 4 1/2" bolt pattern axle package for 8 3/4" or Dana 60 with lug studs and Green sealed wheel bearings INSTALLED. a lot easier to press in the bushings. # The distance between idler-arm and steering linkage The pivot shaft comes out first, and removing it is simply a matter of pressing it out from the back through the torsion-bar socket. If the control-arm members have spread, allowing for a loose torsion-bar anchor, this is a good time to remove some of the clearance as the structure is reinforced. We've heard all kinds of crazy ideas about how to get the remaining pieces out of the lower control arm, including burning out the rubber. Sway bars are not only for performance muscle cars, PST and Graveyard Carz Partner in the Restoration of One Rare Cuda. The idler doesn't have a dust cover. What we now have, in engineering terms, is a torsional moment; the sway bar forces want to twist and distort the control arm. Save money with our kits without sacrificing performance. There is only one thing to say: Happy wrenching! 2 pairs, strut rod bushings (2-piece improved design) Additional hardware and idler arms are optional. Use a wrench to keep it from spinning, although it's not necessary to find a wrench as rusty as ours. In this picture you see me pressing out an old bushing. Available on all parts, for as long as you own your muscle car. Because these ball joints are incredible stubborn and known knuckle busters! Marking it this way will relieve the press fit, and the shell will usually slide off by hand. Contact our full-time Sales and Tech support staff. The service-manual procedure is to split it along one side with a chisel, collapse it, and muscle it out. It is better if you leave the shock until you've removed the strut rod and lower ball joint. Actual control arm is NOT included. I have to say, if I had use of a shop press after this is finished, I buy one. Contact our full-time Sales and Tech support staff. These laser-cut steel reinforcement plates from AR Engineering are made to box the control arm for added strength. If performance handling is the goal, the lower control arms had better be in top condition. The pivot shaft was hitting the lower control arm. Axle Pkg Stock Length Mopar 5X4 1/2" Bolt Pattern (pair). Copyright © 2020 Performance Suspension Technology. With new bearings and seal. This has to be done on a hydraulic lift. So, I installed new bearings. All kits come standard with:2 NEW powder-coated upper control arms with bushings and ball joints INSTALLED2 Lower ball joints2 Outer tie rod ends2 Inner tie rod ends2 Tie-rod adjusting sleeves with clamps2 Lower control arm bushings 2 pairs, strut rod bushings (2-piece improved design)Additional hardware and idler arms are optional. Today we'll be talking about our GM steering linkage kits. Use a piece of pipe on the backside of the control arm to give the bushing somewhere to go as it is being pressed out. It took some time and effort. Don't forget the wire retainer clip at the rear of the torsion bars. With a hammer and chisel, make four grooves along its length 90 degrees apart. Otherwise everything is dangling in the air, while you are removing parts. you can use a large pry-bar to wedge the lower control arm back. Of course, be careful not to weld the shell to the control arm. The pivot shaft/bushing assembly is then pressed into the control arm. Changed the KYB shock for Monroes. Now I only hear some rattling of the interior, which is normal. All that's left is installing the new bushings. Otherwise you hit it with your tools and you can't wrench well. Or it is switched off.Please use a scripting capable browser or switch it on. noises. The fit of our plates is right on the money. There's no question the first thing to blow out of a Mopar front suspension is also the toughest part to replace: the lower control-arm bushing. This is gone now. They transfer all the torsion bar's force and actually hold the car up, while the strut rods handle the fore and aft forces. The stiffening plate is key to reducing flex in the lower control arms of the A, B and E body Mopar’s as it has become an inherent problem over many years of use as they loosen up. It is a very easy upgrade to do yourself, if you have some welding skills or you can have a local shop weld them up for you, the key is stiffening up the lower control arm. What's the washer for? Torsion bar adjusters are key to raising and lowering and affecting the performance and overall ride quality of you’re A, B or E body Mopar. 6.) Pulling in the sides of the control arm for a flush fit while clamping the plate can reduce the clearance. So finally, the bushing outer shell is out of the lower control arm! For nearly 30 years, we’ve been providing the muscle car hobby with Polygraphite as well as rubber OEM style front end kits. The white dot with square hole is for the upper control arm bump stop. Especially with the upper ball joint and spindle. See how bad the bushing is. The inner shell will come out with the pivot shaft, leaving the rubber and outer shell. And it worked! (See HERE how you can do this without a welder The lower control-arm bushing is the only replaceable "wear" part on the arm, but it is also the most critical bushing in the suspension. What can go wrong with such a simple looking chunk of metal? Part of the lower control arm rebuilding kit also includes our stiffening plates. All nuts are tightened when wheel was on the ground again. All Rights Reserved. Take it from us, it's not easy to do and will almost always result in scars, both in the bushing bores and on your hands. PST now offers Control Arm Rebuild Kits for A, B, and E body Mopars. Loosen and remove the nuts and carefully slide the upper arm off the end of the bolts and remove the arm from the car. The anchor does not move relative to the control arm once the ride height is set, so little to no clearance is required. Notice that the weld area has been buffed to shiny metal. Deluxe Polygraphite bushings and greasable pivot shafts Performance upgrade at half the price of tubular lower control arms Stiffens and strengthens factory arm while keeping the factory l Suspension - Control Arms - Mopar Lower Control Arm Rebuilding Kit The pivot-shaft and bushing are pressed into the control arm. Save money with our kits without sacrificing performance. The same construction as above, only this time with a larger diameter pipe, to press in the bushing. The stiffening plates are very easy to install, you’re going to install them on the bottom side of your control arms so in this case this is your control arm when it’s installed in the vehicle, this is the bottom side of it this is welded into place making sure that you leave room so that your adjuster is able to be accessed with a socket, you then in turn weld this piece on making sure that this is tightened back up prior to welding, this is the key to re stiffening your lower key control arm. It gave me a headache to remove it! Oh yes, make a appointment with a alignment shop. My home made tool, to remove, and press in new, upper control arm bushings. As you can see this lower control arm is held together with some rivets and over time you will see that these two halves will spread and your anchor port to your torsion will then become loose. Mopar Lower Control Arm Rebuilding Kits. The pivot shaft bolts solidly to the K-member and doesn't budge, while the torsion-bar socket rotates with the control arm. That way you can install the cam bolts a lot easier. Part of the lower control arm rebuilding kit also includes our stiffening plates. Especially when I drive a very bumpy road, you could hear some very nasty metal to metal Please keep an eye on where the hole for the cotterpin is located. Everything bolted together, spindle, lower- and upper ball joints and upper control arm. Replacing the lower control-arm bushing is the number-one source of misery in rebuilding a Mopar frontend, unless you know the tricks. Torsional deflection in the lower control arm's innerrubber bushing is the only thing that lets it rotate for suspensiontravel. a-arm shaft and the frame to loosen. Your browser does not support scripting! Remark:I couldn't press in the pivot-shaft into the bush of the rightside. Upper control arm is removed. into the controlarm with a shop press. Installed break drum assembly to the lower ball joint and spindle. Torsion bar is slided back into the LCA. 973-299-8019 | Mon-Fri 8:30am-6:30pm(EST) Fri until 5:30pm. This is absolutly essential! so when you insert a puller, there is enough room for it. The old dust boot has to stay for the moment. Installed upper control arm, it's better if you did not installed the shock absorber. Looking for performance handling without any cutting and welding? That can easily be done with our rebuilding kit which includes the stiffening plates. First, the pivot shaft must be pressed into the bushings. The bearing cups are out of the brake drum. The 1/8-inch plates easily conform to the curvature of the control arm with clamping. It is important to either replace or thoroughly clean your adjusters when rebuilding the lower control arms of your Mopar as they will build up with dirt, grease and rust and make it hard to either adjust or even seize or break. ----------- Some remarks after driving with the new bushings ----------- It's much more stable with the shock. Don't use a normal puller, because those tend to slip off the pitman. All Rights Reserved. The pivot shaft and the control arm are removed, on the right you see the hex end of the torsion bar.


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