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Sold at auction in 2017 for just a little over $8,400. Antique Nos Rhodes Minnow Fishing Lure 1940s Lures Rare Prepatent And Patent Lot. In fact it stayed in place until the company moved locations after the PRADCO purchase. In my opinion one of the coolest looking baits on this list. There are still treasures out there to be found.

You can see the craftsmanship a century later. In 2013 this lure fetched $18,400 at auction. Very rare Bumble Bee color. One of these "special" baits is this Creek Chub Plunker. Heddon Jointed Vamp in Rare Bumble Bee Color: The Heddon Vamp (Vampire) was an extremely successful fishing lure for Heddon. We also buy old lures so feel free to contact us if you have lures to sell. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This bait is very rare circa 1915 and comes complete with its correct 2 piece Patent Pending picture box in near excellent condition and an unfaded clear paper illustration. The combination is extremely rare and highly sought after. Be sure to check back as we add more information all the time. The hand carved lures that changed the way we fish in America. We have Heddon, Creek Chub, Pflueger, South Bend, Shakespeare, Paw Paw and many other rare lures for sale! A beautiful example in bright yellow with red and black spot finish and complete with the unmistakable side "paddlewheels" used for creating surface turbulence. As you will see there is some serious money involved in some of these very early baits in great condition. The combination is extremely rare and highly sought after. Sold at auction in 2017 for just a little over $8,400. Our page where we are continually adding historical information about Heddon. Heddon Lures for Sale:  Heddon lures for sale at My Bait Shop. This rare beauty dates from around 1905 and is believed to be the only known example of this bait with a matching wooden box originating from the Mohawk, Florida Heddon location. Just a beautiful bait to display in a collection. So read on and be amazed. The largest selection of new and used Marlin Magic lures, included vintage and rare collectable Marlin Magic lures not found anywhere else dating back to the early 80's. Probably sitting around in a garage or attic gathering dust. Gary W. Bryans, Jr. Sportsman's See all of our vintage Heddon lures for sale here.

This lure sold at auction in 2006 for just over $9,000.

This early Heddon dates all the way back to 1903 and is one of the first underwater minnows produced by Heddon. This lure sold for just over $25,000 at auction in 2018. When I first started collecting lures this one seemed to be the holy grail. Under $30.00 - apply Price filter. The Truck-Oreno was actually a combination of their Whirl-Oreno and Surf-Oreno baits. Shop by category.

This lure is in great condition and is another beautiful early Heddon example. Elo We have lots of resources for new collectors. Time to go digging through those old tackle boxes and see what you can find. Kinney received his patent on the Bird Bait in 1927. I always like seeing these early slide top wooden boxes. 20 Vintage Heddon Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune. This one is truly a gem though.

Heddon Night-Radiant Moonlight Bait Box (Box Only): Yes, you read that right.

Reportedly there is only one of these known to exist in this size. Check your tackle boxes for this one and you would truly hit the jackpot if you found one. Here you can buy and sell old, antique, vintage fishing lures. - New, Marlin Magic Lures Flyer 9" Light Tackle All Species Delux Edition, Marlin Magic Lures Delux Peanut 7 "slant 4-Sided MOP - The Finest Shell Lures Ever Made! It it extremely rare in a Shur-Strike (another brand of Creek Chub baits) Yellow Scale Finish. We had so much fun writing our top read page "25 Vintage Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune" we thought why stop there? Now we will have two fly-rod entries in a row. It is extremely rare and in beautiful Natural Scale finish and probably is the nicest known example of the very few of its known kind. I bet somewhere in there are some lures marked Heddon or boxes marked James Heddon & Son or James Heddon Son's. Of great importance is the complete paperwork that comes with this bait which helps date and confirm the significance of this find. Glass eyes, marked props, four belly weights and great condition on this bait. Buy Lures on eBay now! Heddon baits have been around since 1894. The box dates this lure to around 1913 making this an amazing early combination. You just never know what might be at Grandma's house. This lure sold at auction in 2007 for $6,000. The South Bend Bait Company out of South Bend, Indiana makes the list with a beautiful early Truck Oreno bait. You don't want to miss this article. Haskell Minnows are rare and valuable. CALL US TOLL FREE AT: 833-884-2931, FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OF $25 OR MORE. $30.00 to $105.00 - apply Price filter.

This lure sold for approximately $19,000 in 2006. Google Pay The box is complete with the paper label and instructions on how to fish the frog lure. Showcasing an extensive assortment of Lures available right now online. This one is important as it is in a rare early color. The condition of both the box and lure is also very good adding to the value of this set.

Hard to believe when you look at the photo. If so do you remember where that old tackle box is? This beauty is a wooden fly-rod Runtie (River Runt). A special thanks to our friends at Lang's Auction. See all of our vintage Heddon lures for sale here. Shop now. Comes with a correct matching maroon picture box. Casting Machine Spin Cast Rubber Mold Lead Caster Lures Jigs 12 Molds . The piece of fishing tackle shown is among the rarest or the favorites of their collections. We started with Heddon. This box dates to 1910 and being one of five would make this rare by itself but it's in nice condition with no repairs. Mike Elsworth, I would like to limit this page to one picture per person, but there is an exception to that: if a lure pictured here changes hands. A great early collaboration between the Herbert (H.A.) Sign up to receive an email flyer that highlights recent additions to our site. Recent sales place the value at auction of around $10,000. Vintage Old Marathon Musky Lure Fishing Spinner Huge Rare. Produced first in wood and then later in their spook or plastic line.

The real reason driving the price is the color. Sometimes early baits are fun to look at as we can imagine what the creator was thinking when he designed the lure. Just a beautiful bait to display in a collection. Evergreen Combat Lures Timber Flash Original D455jl1.


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