ragnarok tactics sea tier list

Minimal trigger interval is 12 sec.trigger effect: deal 95% ATK +300 Phys DMG to enemies in an area. Minimal Trigger interval is 40 sec.trigger effect: cast skill 'Earth Shock' to a random enemy.Golden Bug(S Rarity)Type: Melee, Phys DMGPrime Job: Negative EffectSubordinate Job: TankStats:HP: 1170DEF: 12MDEF: 12ATK: 25MATK: 19Skills:Acid Flask Throw - Deal 108% ATK +120 Phys DMG to 2 team with highest ATK Monster.

If you get an ss-tier monster, bind the account to save progress. Una panoramica terrazza sul mare, affacciata su una caletta segreta che appare all’improvviso, perla luminosa custodita dal verde intenso di una macchia mediterranea esuberante e profumata. That’s it! Regular price $114.99 $114.99. Resetting data if you are playing with a guest account and want to reroll; go to settings -> apps -> Ragnarok Tactics -> clear data. 6 months ago. Can be triggered no more than 1 times in a battle.Trigger effect: increase MP by 3 instantlyPassive:Meditative Mind - Healing effect +20%, HP +5%Status RecoveryTrigger condition: normally attacking 7times. it can be triggered only once.Passive:Mental Strength - DEF +6%, MDEF +6%Trigger condition: self HP is less than 40%. All these monsters are classified into five tiers – SS, S, A, B, and SP. 15 sec CD.Talent:Soul Fire - MATK +5%, ATK SPD +4% Passive:Rapid Recovery - ATK SPD +4%, HP +3%Fire Bullet - MATK +3%Trigger condition: normal attack 3 times.

22 sec CD.Talent:Dark Resentment - DEF +8%.
Tier B are average characters, just pick them if you really want, because they are clearly worse than tier S and tier A characters.

Published Gravity Game Tech Co.,Ltd. Most of their abilities are mixed with defense, damage and magic. Ragnarok Tactics SEA is an idle + tactics game featuring over 60 summonable monsters from the Ragnarok series. Immortal Classic Episode Recap, Dark Snake Lord(SS Rarity)Type: Ranged, Phys DMGPrime Job: DamageSubordinate Job: Negative EffectStats:HP: 925DEF: 9MDEF: 12ATK: 46MATK: 19Skills:Venom Pressure - Deal 120% ATK + 130 Phys DMG to 3 enemy teams with highest HP. You really don’t want to waste the precious few you have on heroes that you just won’t use in the long run. And remove all BUFF effect on targets. Later it was also released for both iOS and Android. Kenyan Sand Boa Male Vs Female, We’ve created this tier list… Read more. Then this effect will be triggered every 8 secs. Minimal trigger interval is 29 sec.Trigger effect: recover 85% MATK +1000 HP for all ally monsters.Angel Rage - MDEF +6%, Incoming Magic DMG reduce 4%Deleter(S Rarity)Type: Ranged, Magic DMGPrime Job: Magic DMGSubordinate Job: DamageStats:HP: 1050DEF: 11MDEF: 9ATK: 19MATK: 34Skills:Earth shock - Deal 40% MATK +45 Magic DMG every sec to enemies in area.


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