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California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. He considered calling the cops but never did: Colombian gangsters were known to retaliate against a man's family. To the U.S. government, Mermelstein was an international cocaine distributor responsible for importing $360 million worth of the drug into Florida and Los Angeles, a man who knew book and chapter on at least five bloody killings, a man who, for seven years, had acted as one of the primary operations chiefs in the United States for Colombia’s largest cocaine cartel. He is as "bald as an egg," Tabor would remember, except for the ash-gray mustache clinging to his upper lip. Tabor still gets emotional when he recalls his career's epic bad beat: He received three callbacks for the main role in a biopic of boxer Vinnie Curto, alongside Robert De Niro as trainer Angelo Dundee. Luis was sentenced to 17 and a half years but was released in 2002. He had heard of only one other story involving an ethnic outsider bringing down a criminal organization from within. He wears a stiff brown leather jacket and shoots daggers at the photographer, who snapped the photo sometime in the early 1980s. Lara left soon after, taking a teenaged Ana with her back to Colombia. Testifying for the prosecution in a Federal drug conspiracy and money laundering trial, Mr. Mermelstein said that from 1981 to 1985 he was one of the cartel's main representatives in the United States. They sent him off to his indictment in Los Angeles, where he had a date with Gregorie in a cramped room with no windows. The feds agreed to relocate a record 16 family members into the Witness Protection Program. He and Max never saw each other again. After Max had agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors, no remnant of life remained the same for him or his family. "But the quality of his information made it worth it. “In the drug trade, they don’t have a very good retirement program.”. "I only remember seeing the flashes. Viral TikTok Video Exposes Weird Brow Salon Drama in Broward, Study Finds Rare Florida Bird Eats Junk Food to Survive. Max relished his role as the Henry Ford of cocaine, even briefly adopting a Colombian alter ego using fabricated documents: According to a Florida driver's license, he was Maximiliano de Leon. But it was not until Christmas Eve of 1978 that he left behind much of his previous life and stepped over into the drug world, according to attorneys who have interviewed him since his arrest. ''The evidence will show that my client, Carlos Restrepo, is a capitalist.''.


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