raf service number format
by K4KittyCrew » Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:43 am, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. DM��n��˿�X�?��a�#�Ҿ�-��j���lw��"@��+JtS�x�z���Q`��*� ��˿T*ڰ�*z{��+lӡL��a l�o@�?��4���[>�.Du��;�3Q�?�tn��F�Q3E_S~ A��/���..�) �)�7�΀�N@GΘ��EH9��[��t�w�Q���+����5}�s����������C�)N������6��Pr�!pj��O��S8۲�k�r� ��DS��ީ�t�DG�rFZU��4���Gyo^L{�����u��_S�+Y������~�1�vl�C��mۄ���F�ns�P�cK0�p� ��b�$q�䅔��/|b �'_Y�*y�. Over the years, I've been told; Readers will recall the issue of Airforce and the item “Alphabet Soup” dealing with single letter prefixes assigned to RCAF service numbers in effect from 1 Apr 1924 through to “R” Day, 1 Oct 46. All confirmed that the letter prefix K was indeed assigned to air cadets upon their enrolment in the RCAF during the period 1943 – 46. Our people lie at the heart of this capability. by Mary » Fri Jan 10, 2014 6:32 am, Post * Someone who signed up for 5 years + 4 Reserve also had a number starting with 4. The new service numbers were allocated in blocks, by geographical location, coincident with the “re-badging” from Canadian Air Force to RCAF. * That 352.... numbers were given to Ex Air Training Corps Members. H�tT�s�@���ǣ�݁�Lf���m�N$Ӈ��H�`�����I���~�>v���l�p.$�)��� ~�9������g;zl,[����3H��]*z��R�_��l�����K,�j�(���r��9���n�=`�l�h���K�-��~�_{W�p��-�w �+0�J��fi�Ij��3�t�>x8��tMvYN?�#rR.e't���vܳ�9����C�,jX�(��~9���2�MI%� He was known as Paddy. YI�BQ�4Ӛ�ԯFs���������tP6TJ��EZ����zU�Ȼϟ�ra��5��a�������������ݭ�s�9b�Kb��,�e�^|�,:R�Tu�%LT����0��%���)`:����e>��r1#��ڝ6/lˌ�.��X�w�s�g0�j����}) Wj�V�-�Z�K-C:��i#i('�e���4�4�^�:��E`G�} �����m�{]�I�&g]�QR+�R]��o�� ��|Xn�"�AA�7�(���/:H�7R7�5[ؓ��PlL�}�m�~���d(��](�B��{!W����P{���Ao� �$g� For example, service numbers 1 – 199 were applied to airmen serving in the Ottawa,)lfea (RCAF HQ and PhotographicUnit) Those serving at RCAF Station High River, Alberta were assigned service numbers from 401 upwards, and so on. Flt Lt         Flight Lieutenant He joined the RAF in Belfast and served in RAF Karachi. There is a file for the Court of Inquiry, which includes the loss of LJ899, available from the N/A. If these are their full names you may be able to find the service numbers using the AIR78 index at the National Archives (or at least get a list of possibles [although the names look fairly common, so likely to be lots of entries]). 23, No. This first series ran from 1 to 10000 with blocks allocated to each service. H����k�0���Wܣ4���o�RȒ���nl�B����B�v쿟N��i�6�,l��}w'������\xVs����Ȧ��՗���Fg����j�~ His response; “175 are the first three digits, the middle three digits and the last three digits”. Not specifically related to letter prefixes, but pertinent to the discussion, was a reader’s assertion that new service numbers were assigned to personnel at the time of the stand-up of the Royal Canadian Air Force on 1 April, 1924. Wittering �5��EDMҤQ�gx�W��q�RA�H�e�I���Zkr���?8t�l=k9�6�tn��{����~�LG��Q�z��>.�ߪO�q v��Y��?���v��zOG��&/�v��S~����h���� [}]���tw��U��.\�����vA��;^��}3\�Zm0��!�8�턌�gѵɖ�q��u��/��77��8e|�p�%L�Hcw��-�.ֻ�d�k��f��뺬��i4�Bv��VP��l'y�":T(� *�~�T�� ���


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