prius steering wheel controls not working
Passat (B6) :: 2008 - Dead Steering Wheel Controls / Horn And Cruise Control, Prius (2004-09) :: Some Of The Steering Wheel Controls Are Not Working, Prius (2004-09) :: Steering Wheel Controls Stopped Working, Santa Fe (CM - 2007-12) :: Radio And Cruise Controls Stopped Working On Steering Wheel. I then bought one from the dealer and installed it last week and very happily have all symptoms fixed! Is that a simple fuse swap or a take it to the dealer type fix? The Info button does not work, and the climate related buttons on the bottom get no response. Radio wiring harness? The next day, it stopped responding at all. How to get the steering wheel to come out at this point? I have a question regarding the HUD display and the steering wheel audio controls. Normally for me, it's around 38 to 40. The next day, it stopped responding at all. Then it quit working altogether. The next day, it stopped responding at all. I have a 2006 Toyota Prius with the 6 disc, I can control the radio through the steering wheel controls, but the push buttons directly on the radio will not work including the power button, however the volume and the turn dial for the stations do work. I tried to reset to a lower speed, but it would rev itself back up to the original speed. All I really care about are volume controls anyway. Car has 197k bought it with 106k , now has around 60 k from driving on the route. I have a 2010 prius and my driver main controls don't work. At least passenger should have the control. I can still use the handset controls to make phone calls; I have speed dials set up, and using my iPhone 5 as a phone in the car works great.What stopped working this morning: skipping tracks using either the "Seek" button on the Prius radio itself as well as the controls on the steering wheel. I connect my iPhone 5 via Bluetooth; it works wonderfully. I just noticed this the other day. If its a bulb,can a brighter one be installed?? Ford Audio/Video System :: 2001 Expedition - Adding Steering Wheel Controls? Volume controls on the radio itself AND on the steering wheel work just fine for adjusting the volume.The "Pause/Play" button on the Prius radio does work, but only after about :04 seconds or so. Car has about 58K miles, the "cruise" light comes on when the button on the end of the switch is pushed in, but the device itself doesn't work. All other buttons work fine. My 05 has a problem with the recirculate and defrost buttons on the wheel. I have tired pulling it hard and tapping it lightly but no success. What's perplexing about this is that I've changed nothing on the iPhone overnight. I have to manually go through the folders on my phone to cue up what I want to play.


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