pirate first mate 5e

p. 50, Table 3-01: Magic Items: Insert "weapon" after "skimming", "tracer", "chaining", and "stormshaft". p. 26, Ship Sage: The core 5E rules lack defined rules for identifying creatures.

pp. Additional Rules: The Gunslinger Class: See notes to p. 12, Appendix: Early Firearms.

If he is a Great Old One warlock, change, The "narrow bracer" listed in Equipment and described under Physical Description is rendered as a small round shield in his portrait (p. 173), but his Armor Class does not include it. Swinging Reposition is not used to charge.

Hardback and PDF of the Pirate Campaign Compendium for 5E. 185-186, Freebooting Gambler: Under Skills, capitalize "hand". Under Range, "2400" should be "2,400" to match the formatting in the Cost column. Page 445 is the start of the OGL, so should not have a chapter number in the margins. Under Advancement, "(see sidebar)" should add "on next page" or "page 150". Choose one or the other, and apply its abilities consistently.

182-183, Daring Swashbuckler: Under Multiattack, enter commas after "attacks" and "dagger". p. 49, Wall of Coral: Change "take a DC" to "make a DC".

(And the masterwork quality does not improve AC in Pathfinder.) 246-247, Captain Sayar the Strong: The clockwork leviathan can be found on p. 265. p. 280, Invertebrate, Dire Seastar: Capitalize "too" in "One too Many Mouths". pp. Under Advancement, monks do not gain their monastic tradition until 3rd level. His bloodthirstiness is likely to cause frequent friction with the good-aligned PCs. Under Background, "contemplate" and "recruits" should be in double quotes. pp. "Srd" should be "SRD".

When a book has front matter pages numbered with Roman numerals, the main text should have Arabic page numbers starting over at 1. p. 23, Merfolk Druids: See notes to p. 221, Sargasso Siren.

In the last sentence, "weapons" should be "weapon's".

p. 205, Wandering Watersinger: Under Combat Inspiration, "Alliteratively." p. 44, Sea Scrying: "1000gp" should be "1000 gp".

180-181, Bloodthirsty Buccaneers: Under Sneaking Surround, "Any creature ending its turn adjacent" should be "When any creature ends its turn adjacent". p. 25, Naval Commander: The first benefit seems extremely powerful; the Help action normally grants advantage on an attack or skill check. 211-213, Lachlan Chardet, First Mate: In the first paragraph on p. 212, the comma after "institution" should be a period. p.442, Ricochet Boomerang: Italicize each instance of the item's name.

I have over 30 years' experience as a player and GM, primarily in D&D/d20.

p. 12, Grappling Hook: The phrase "used as a gear" is awkward and needs to be better explained. p. 77, Ramming: "Cmd" and "combat maneuver check" are Pathfinder terms, not 5E.

236-237, Captain "Firehawk" Dante: The ifrit is a Pathfinder race. Or "Debonair Fighting Style ([name of school])"? 65-66, Shipboard Combat: On p. 66, "the following sample DCs and modifiers" are on p. 65. p. 66, New Tool: Ship's Helm: This tool seems to duplicate the purpose of the water vehicles proficiency. 27-29, Dockside Brawler: Mace damage seems excessive for brass knuckles. You get the PDF and hardback of the Pirate Campaign Compendium (5E), with your name listed as one of the Pirate Kings and Queens. 36-37, Caster's Caravel: Change "each day, a staff" to "each day. p. 13, Scattering Shot: Always italicize spell names.

p. 161, Additional Rules: Variant Race: Aquan (Tiefling): Taren's Roleplaying Ideas (p. 176) refer to Ondirra as an undine; the aquan tiefling is clearly a conversion of that race from Pathfinder.

pp. pp. In the core rules, if a character would get advantage from one source and disadvantage from another, they cancel out.


p. 54, Shanty Shiv: The beginning of the third paragraph has not been indented. pp. 220-222, Captain Valenya Thale: In the third paragraph after the boxed descriptive text, "learnt the" should be "learned"; "of art" should be "of the art". Under Physical Description, the sentence describing her hair is a bit awkward. p. 118, Sand Dunes: Change "Costing" to "costs". p. 22, Empower Ship: Append "from Improved Bond" to the end of the Maneuver bullet point.

pp. (See, for a complete list of these sidebars, and an index of new "crunchy bits.").

Powered by CS-Cart - Shopping Cart Software. 4: In a harbor town, I have a paramour whose eyes nearly stole me from the sea.

p. 277, Hippocampus).

p. 86, Light Catapult: "The targeting DC" should be "The aiming DC".

A staff". 357-358, Akoria, Gillman Shama; p. 358, Gillman War Chief; pp. p. 118, Reefs: Insert "is" after "reef head". 47-48, Unseen Crew: In the first paragraph on p. 48, capitalize "strength". 107-109, Flagships and Significant Characters: In the first paragraph on p. 108, "Gm-controlled" should be. p. 58, Admiralty Parade Kit: The comma after "inspired by your presence" should be a colon. The main text states that the range is 500 ft.; ignore the "range 600/1,200" in the weapon entry (which is copied from the heavy bombard (p. 83). Under Languages, Aklo does not appear in 5E, only in Pathfinder. His Feature has the same name as one of the new backgrounds in Chapter 1 (p. 27). "Animal Handling" should be "Wisdom (Animal Handling)". Some DMs may wish to use the water genasi (from the. )

In the Ultimate Equipment entry (p. 446, columns 3-4), delete "(Ogl)". 104-105, Terminology: Under Significant Character, "Pc" should be "PC".

PDF of the Pirate Campaign Compendium for 5E. 291-292, Seaweed Siren [stat block]: The part of the stat block on p. 291 has not been formatted properly. Table 5-01: Reputation and Influence Benefits (p. 122). (This action is referred to as aiming throughout this chapter.). The SRD's full title is given as "5E System Reference Document" on p. 115 and "System Reference Document 5.1" on p. 117; it is listed as "System Reference Document 5.0" in the OGL on p.445. 234-235, Captain Falthren Pullusilva: In the first paragraph, insert "a" before "sapphire". pp.

... (5E) and are listed as a Pirate Captain in the credits.

6: Ruthless pirates murdered my captain and crewmates, plundered … pp.

p. 21, Sargasso Siren (Warlock Pact): If this archetype is meant to be a full warlock subclass, it is woefully incomplete, lacking any patron spells or class features.

e coin graphic attached to the bottom corner of sidebar boxes covers up the page number when the sidebar is a full column long. "60'" and "30'" should be "60 ft." and "30 ft.", respectively. In the Tome of Horrors Iii entry (p. 446, column 4), "Iii" should be "III" and "Tsr" should be "TSR". Finally, the flavor text quotes seem overly long for many of these characters. If there was a skilled navigator aboard a prize ship, pirates would often kidnap him and force him to join their crew. Caramina's stat block, the parenthetical notes after Saving Throws seem to be copied from Miri's stat block, but should not apply to her familiar. 225-227, Barassa Kraal, the witch doctor: Under Charnel Manuscript, insert "a" before "torture". Copy the Tool Proficiencies to the stat block (see Arcane Navigator, p. 179, for an example) and delete them from the main text. Under Background, "cargo" should be in double quotes. 17-19, Debonair Fighting Styles (Fighter Feats for Master of Battle Archetype): What exactly is the feat name? p. 66, Shipboard vs. Ship-to-Ship Combat. p. 78, Sinking Condition: Note that 5E does not use negative hit points, so any amount of magical repair (greater than.

p. 238, Captain Grillana Skitterdown: Ratfolk and rat-kings are Pathfinder creatures, not 5E. pp. This book is converted from the Pathfinder version, and there is a tengu among the sample characters in Chapter 6, so use the rules on p. 167 (New Race: Tengu) to make Rukaia that race. 130-131, Navigation: In the first paragraph, "its" should be "it's". 194-195, Pirate Enforcer: Under Multiattack, "lance" should be "spear". Insert a comma after "mounted". pp. p. 441, Bloody Boomerang: The application of any healing magic should also stop the bleeding damage. Insert "4-05" after "Table".

pp. p. 80, Naval Siege Weapons: Under Proficiency, the second sentence is awkwardly phrased.

This may be a result of having to work around the very incomplete nature of the 5E SRD compared to earlier editions, much as Legendary Games had to invent their own firearms rules (cf.

39-40, Hullshock: In the first sentence, "attack" should be "attacks".
Indent the second line of Skills. 60-61, Sea Lord's Tricorne: The skill checks should probably use proficiency with water vehicles, but the ability score used may depend on the situation. pp.

p. 26, Sea Singer: Italicize spell names. p. 71, Muscle: Persuasion and Intimidation are Charisma checks; Animal Husbandry is Wisdom. Under Background, "Ty-VEER-ee-uhn" would be easily to pronounce. 201-202, Pontus (Tidepool Dragon): Under Armor Class, add "(natural armor)".

240-241, Captain Josiah Mercurio: Italicize the ship's name, "Stygian Spear". 74-75, Hard to Port or Hard to Starboard: "ACTION" should be right-justified.

Developer comments on the book's Kickstarter page explain that the firearm rules in the.


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