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Please, take some time to peruse the site. We are happy to help with organising accommodation in either DOC huts or nearby lodges.

We appreciate that many of you have flown before but ask that you still follow Opotiki Helicopters procedures. These ranges offer a huge area of prime hunting terrain.

Colour: Most commonly black but there is considerable local variation in colour with ginger, sandy brown, white, grey and smoky blue, or combinations of these colours.

There for if wild pigs are encountered on any of our hunts they can be shot for no cost. Feral pigs occur in many areas throughout the North Island with larger populations in: Note: When hunting in Northland/Wakato/Hauraki undertake prevention measures to prevent the spread of kauri dieback (PTA). Game Gear. DO NOT THROW any gear.

Normally I like to start a new pup each two years but three years ago I lost two dogs so started two new dogs Rastus and Tig so have been holding off for the right […], A lot of people want to be self sufficient but very few achieve that goal. President, Secretary, etc), and meetings. Many factors can contribute to an overdue aircraft such as weather, unscheduled maintenance and work load. Monteria Boar Hunts. Sports & Recreation. Females with litters and older males will often live alone. Only the pilot is to load and unload the aircraft.

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Wild Kiwi Hunting Adventures. This will be the first comp this year for our Ridgeline judging team. Tusks: Extend out from the lower jaw and curve upwards, outward and backwards.

There are opportunties to hunt wild pigs in New Zealand all year round but the winter months. Our company systems and staff know you are there and will be sorting arrangements to have you collected as soon as possible. Pigs will often be out feeding when it is overcast and light rainfall. Nelson: Scrub country adjacent to native forests. The information contained on this website is provided in good faith and has been derived from sources believed to be reliable and accurate. CHRIS MCCARTHY It is important to check for these conditions with the DOC office nearest the hunting area.

Reproduction: Feral pigs breed throughout the year with main time spring and summer. Hunting & dealing nz. Consider your weight flying in, if maxed out, we can’t bring extra weight out, i.e. NZPHA Voice .

Trophy Goats can reach over 40 inches in spread from horn tip to horn tip. The King of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, the Bull Tahr.

Bring ALL your rubbish out with you, advise the pilot if there is extra rubbish at the campsite. Boars especially have thick skin with gristly shoulder shields up to 90 mm thick. There are however, instances where restrictions apply for specific reasons and periods when hunting is favoured. Dustin Hunting NZ. Groups are designed more so as a means for like minded individuals to communicate by way of email and usually don't involve meetings or the likes. Size: Smaller than domestic pigs with more muscular bodies and males especially having massive forequarters and smaller hindquarters. Females = sow. Just For Fun.

Agricultural Cooperative.

In NZ Whitetail deer are very elusive – free range trophies are hard to obtain. Opotiki Helicopters Limited Dot was twenty months old and had seen a couple of smaller pigs. If you are hunting in the Te Urewera Ranges you will need a Tuhoe permit and a separate permit if hunting in the Te Urewera Ranges with pig dogs. Dustin Hunting NZ. NZ Hunting. We have a stronger and a more united front when representing NZ Hunting through the New Zealand Pig Hunting Association Inc. First we started with the […], Phillip drove down from Masterton with his three young dogs for two days of full on dog training. Community Organization.

Please, take some time to peruse the site. ELB – emergency locator becon – come in handy when you need them.

Outdoor & Sporting Goods Company. Sports & Recreation. Once landed, remain seated until your pilot opens your door to disembark. Permits cannot be transferred to, or be used by anyone else.

Pig Hunting. Marlbourugh: Regenerating scrub country and exotic forest blocks. Sika are only found on the North Island, we can arrange a hunt for you there.

Agricultural Cooperative. Occasionally an area may be closed on a temporary basis to enable research or other management to be undertaken without being compromised by hunting. Contact us for more information and prices for your next ultimate hunting experience. NZ Hunting. His other dog King is […].

Nomenclature: Male = boar. Possum …

Neither NZPHA or any person involved in the preparation of this site take liability for its contents including advertisements and opinions or from any consequences of its use.

Each person within a hunting party must have a separate permit, whether hunting with a firearm, bow or knife. Pig hunting gear nz. Boars are a range of colours, black or tan being common colours and many boars are a mix of both.

Community Organization.

Trophies are best available; boars generally carry good tusks and can weigh up to and in excess of 200 pounds.

Pigs have relatively poor eyesight but both acute hearing and smell. The Alpine Chamois is a beautiful animal; a top trophy is a true prize. Website by Braveworld. I was looking forward to letting Mathew see how I train pig dogs.

Sports League. Top of the south pig hunters. The New Zealand Pig Hunting Association aims to bring together pig hunting clubs around New Zealand, to share our common interest, events and to establish an accessible face for the public.

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Email: [email protected].

Ensure all your gear is secure. © Mainland Boar Hunting - All rights reserved Delmorpheus webcraft - Login, Phillip Johnstone with Dot, Chase and Jack, © Mainland Boar Hunting - All rights reserved. Remember to be safe out there and enjoy your hunt.

Tainui Pighunting Club. The NZPHA cover the full range of issues to do with hunting wild pigs in NZ. meat. 116 Hawea Back Road Less widespread than in the North Island larger populations occur in: There are two hunting blocks available on Great Barrier Island both holding low numbers of pigs.

Top of the south pig hunters.

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It is constantly being updated with fresh content and functionality.

The NZPHA was formed to provide co-ordination and a collective voice for All pig hunters and pig hunting clubs in NZ a platform for their views to be represented when dealing with Government departments and beaucracy at national or local level. Catlins: Native forests and adjacent scrub land. Trophy stags and feisty pigs – at Opotiki Helicopters we have  extensive local knowledge and can drop you into the best secret spots in the Motu, Raukumara, Waioeka, Urutawa and Te Urewera Ranges.

Individuals not wanting join an existing club or form one of their own can join the New Zealand Pig Hunting Group.

However if you wish to target a trophy boar a trophy fee does apply. Tainui Pighunting Club, Awakino, New Zealand. There for if wild pigs are encountered on any of our hunts they can be shot for no cost. Hunting & dealing nz. Wild pigs inhabit our red stag properties in low numbers and are generally regarded by landowners as pests.

The NZPHA exists to represents pig hunters by way of affiliated clubs or groups.

The NZPHA has formed a list of guidelines that can be used by Hunters and Land owners in the private sector. On overcast wet days, check carefully for pigs out feeding in the open at any time of the day.

Over the next couple of weeks, they seem fine in their kennels, but run out of energy on a short walk across the paddocks.

To comply with animal welfare requirements, pigs at the 'bail' should be dispatched as quickly and humanly as possible. During summer especially, pigs are active late evening and early morning. DO NOT RUN after excited dogs. Pig Hunting NZ Ltd •Show casing pig hunters in New Zealand Send in photos & videos •NZ owned small business @robbiestevens412 www.pighuntingnz.co.nz

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