pagan cat names

You never know; you could be living with one. You know your cat is content when she is purring. It is also the name of a native spiritual religion. Goddesses are generally associated with fertility, love, beauty, life, and growth. Her Roman name is, Greek goddess of marriage.

I want something mystic like raven or midnight any suggestion would be great thanks :) x. Bughuul - Evil Pagan Deity that fed on childrens souls. Guys: would you be creeped out if your girlfriend told you she fantasises about you being a vampire? Witch Amongst Us: The Autobiography of a Witch, Blaise — Merlin’s teacher, accourding to Arthurian legend, Cassandra — a princess gifted with clairvoyance by Apollo, but FYI, Eglantine — Eglantine Price, a fledgling witch in, Elphaba — The “wicked” witch of the West from, Fenrin — one of the three sisters from the book. Which name did you settle on and why? Malachite. Marie — Marie Catherine Laveau was an herbalist and midwife, but she’s best known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. An Arabic book of 400 pages that contains astrological magic. Greek god of the sea. ), Pagan is a category that many many many religions fall under... some names related to cat-like creatures in Pagan mythology include Bast, Leo, Sphinx, Kasha, Nekomata, Chimera, Gryphon or Gryffin.

A cute name for a cat who brings balance into your busy life. Comedies have been performed in his honor. This post may contain affiliate links from Amazon and other sites that we collect a share of sales from. Nowadays it’s worn as a talisman that breaks into pieces in the face of imminent danger. Grainne: This unique moniker is associated with the daughter of Cormac mac Airt in the Irish mythology. He is the god of desire. Jinx the vermin in your house by giving your kitty this name. Other worships recognize them as guardians and helpers to mankind. For a male cat that is very protective of you. Domovoi. A name for a cat who stays in seclusion from all the activity around him. Aradia — The craft name of Phyllis Curott, interfaith activist and author of many books, including the. He was a close companion and adviser to King Arthur and was known to take different human forms. Sometimes, when a Witch dedicates her/himself to the Craft, he/she takes a new name symbolizing his or her rebirth, much like receiving a Christian name at a Christening. The Romans know him as Mercury. If your kitty can act like a space cadet sometimes, name him Astral. A good name for a courageous cat.

Menu. The Romans called her Minerva. They are usually for communal worship or to invoke a combined power. A seductress who uses her beauty, charm, and sexual appeal to enslave and control men. Venus. Get your answers by asking now. She gets invisible when she is anxious. Freyja or Freya - A Norse goddess of love and beauty. A seductress who uses her beauty, charm, and sexual appeal to enslave and control men. There’s a similar type of spirit in Japanese mythology, and it’s called the, Greek god of the trade who was also a messenger of gods. She is also referred to as. In the Wiccan way of life, gods are responsible for the preservation of life—which includes plants and animals. The media is a very good source of names for your cat—especially if you know what you are looking for. Another name for him is, A male house spirit from the Slovak mythology. Greek god of the sun, music, and light. A moody immortal that causes hurricanes. They would be great for both boy and girl cats. Gajasimha - In Hindu mythology, a beast with the body of a lion and an elephant's head. Wiccan cat names will thrill you to bits. Astral. Calliope: This pagan girl name Calliope, belonging to the music of epic poetry, means ‘beautiful voice.’ It’s also the name of a musical instrument. Jinx the vermin in your house by giving your kitty this name. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Greek goddess of speed and victory. To help you get an even deeper understanding and make an informed choice, we have included explanations on what each of the names represents. The name suits a cat that shies away and hides from people. Myths and lore are a source of inspiration for pagan cat names with several options of gods and creatures associated with felines. Tezcatlipoca - An Aztec god of the sky who appears as a jaguar. Rowen — The craft name of High Priestess Rosemary Buckland (she was previously married to. A name befitting a cat who lives in the shadows and only makes appearances when he/she is in need. Bokors can be either male or female.

Her hair and eyes were brown—attributes that you can use to choose this lovely name for your cat (perhaps for a. . Carmilla. This power allows them to produce magical cures. Nike. You can tweak the name to have Picat (male) and Trixie (female) for sibling cats. The Ancient Egyptians associated it with resurrection and fertility. The soul of a person. She is a sorceress who turns those who wrong her into animals by the use of a magic wand. Taboo. Wiccan Cat Names Inspired by Gods and Spirits, The son of Venus and Mars in ancient Roman beliefs. Kelpie. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, Aka, Aretha, Azazel, Agenor, Argentina, Anubis, Amber, Azriel, Alsa, Al, Aster, Attina, Auto, Apis, August, Abellio, Arf, Alf, Akela, Acacia, Appy, Auggie, Arturo, Anthony, Avocado, Ayia, Arrow, Alexander, Angus, Astro, Ariadne, Amazon, Armani, Almondo, Armando, Amos, Asteria, Aloe, Apple, Ape, Aladdin, Alaya, Alvin, Ananke, Anuket, Acis, Airforce, Ali, Argent, Aztec, Aether, Axl, Anita, Annabella, Azula, Aventia, Allegra, Ametrine, Avalon, Axwell, Alfredo, Axinite, Aergia, Aphrodite, Arianna, Arwen, Asia, Almonzo, April, Aristotle, Avery, Anastasia, Adam, Attis, Alpine, Ayumi, Arsenal, Arawn, Arrietty, Andromeda, Abu, Alpha, Aya, Astria, Andesine, Adela, Antiope, Aella, Amazonite, Ava, Ayeaye, Alastir, Ami, Azita, Alicia, Ambrose, Avalanche, Ayesha, Aron, Arieta, Azmi, Amun, Axel, Adikia, Ara, Amica, Abba, Aristocat, Asterion, Achilles, Azalea, Aslan, Atalanta, Atom, Aria, Apu, Agrona, Atlas, Aker, Asterix, Amaryllis, Avatar, Arbutus, Ace, Ackee, Aubrey, Anemone, Alba, Amira, Adagio, Addams, Achillea, Ambrosia, Adonis, Azur, Apolo, Aura, Apache, Aida, Angelica, Arnold, Abraham, Abia, Adephagia, Arthur, Atka, Alala, Archimedes, Asparagus, Aegle, Athens, Amico, Aruba, Agrimony, Aiko, Angela, Arista, Art, Atahua, Anatole, Amaranth, Arke, Archie, Annabel, Aloha, Alcibie, Angitia, Armon, Azolla, Airmed, Apricot, Actor, Aladar, Angel, Archibald, Araza, Agrius, Agon, Amour, Anise, Azotic, Atilla, Alias, Athena, Aken, Ancamna, Altus, Almandine, Ajax, Austin, Ares, Ariana, Andarta, Andrina, Abydos, Amunet, Aragorn, Autumn, Airbus, Angelina, Atlantis, Agate, Aveta, Anda, Amethyst, Apophis, Aldo, Annona, Aengus, Azra, Alfie, Azerty, Aventurine, Ash, Abby, Atlantica, Almond, Adelia, Aqua, Amy, Ascot, Alabama, Artemis, Acerola, Atlantic, Arausio, Alien, Agatha, Azrael, Aceso, Alfred, Angelia, Artio, Arlo, Alana, Aurora, Boxer, Banba, Bianca, Beret, Bandit, Buster, Bug, Bouncer, Baggy, Bata, Bouche, Bugle, Belenus, Boogie, Beary, Brizo, Bird, Bamm-Bamm, Brenda, Bowler, Bart, Brayden, Ben, Bacuri, Belle, Borvo, Boston, Bignay, Britannia, Blue, Billy, Babaco, Buck, Blaze, Binky, Babi, Bear, Babyface, Bael, Beaver, Bucky, Brigid, Babette, Buford, Brio, Boomer, Baylene, Bellona, Baker, Blueberry, Bindweed, Banzai, Blackjack, Bagheera, Bulle, Bentley, Bernard, Buttons, Bolt, Bacchus, Blacky, Bacon, Buzz, Barleycorn, Betty, Bobble, Bigbad, Bonzai, Belfast, Boulder, Buzzy, Benny, Beira, Bia, Boots, Brutus, Baby, Bruno, Black, Boo-boo, Blake, Bluebell, Butch, Buttercup, Barney, Bella, Begonia, Bully, Bast, Bashful, Barberry, Bubble, Basil, Blossom, Beryl, Bolina, Bentina, Breadnut, Balsam, Brea, Beavis, Bailey, Belisama, Binkie, Bloo, Berlioz, Balor, Bunny, Broly, Brigantia, Bambi, Blammo, Blinky, Barbados, Bradley, Bill, Banana, Baloo, Blackeyed, Breezly, Cassim, Chalcedony, Cosplay, Candy, Colt, Cedar, Citrine, Coffee, Cheshire, Coral, Curry, Clove, Caso, Cosmo, Cherry, Cubby, Chervil, Crius, Colonel, Chica, Cyclamen, Calcite, Chicco, Chief, Chenet, Chase, Chandler, Casey, Cosmos, Celandine, Cruella, Carnelian, Click, Chef, Cameron, Chat, Chrome, Coconut, Chamomile, Cornelius, Ceto, Cattail, Cooper, Charlie, Clymene, Ceasar, Clyde, Corb, Christabella, Clover, Creeper, Calypso, Chayote, Carl, Cassava, Crocus, Captain, Carya, Charoite, Cluck, Calendula, Cinnamon, Carob, Cigfa, Clematis, Clank, Camma, Cookie, Carlotta, Cash, Chili, Chloris, Circe, Chaca, Chifu, Cocoa, Cumin, Cronus, Chip, Cody, Caper, Chloe, Chicha, Charon, Calico, Camellia, Coal, Churchill, Castor, Cian, Coriander, Chestnuts, Cleo, Carmenta, Cranberry, Calliope, Clopin, Clementia, Carioca, Cerberus, Coco, Ceriman, Canola, Caesar, Calvin, Cinderella, Chitty, Chaos, Conand, Cactus, Cybele, Chuck, Clio, Cypress, Copper, Catty, Cobra, Colette, Clarabelle, Clota, Corus, Cyclope, Ceres, Comus, Chance, Chinook, Coventina, Chronos, Dante, Demeter, Dawson, Diego, Doris, Dolly, Doozy, Desiree, Dex, Digger, Dino, Dopey, Dewey, Diana, Dexter, Dagda, Duku, Danny, Damona, Dinah, Doom, Damara, Droopy, Dodo, Destin, Darling, Donn, Demon, Diablo, Dubbers, Dijon, Damson, Dominic, Dike, Dahlia, Drifter, Doofus, Dionysus, Duchess, Diamond, Duke, Dale, Dumbo, Danielle, Dinnah, Doug, Dorno, Dee-dee, Darky, Dallben, Drake, Dolos, Denahi, Dinky, Dizzie, Danu, Ditty, Dodger, Doc, Dixie, Drooper, Daisy, Darby, Durian, Dione, Elliott, Emblica, Eucalyptus, Erica, Edward, Eglantine, Egeria, Esus, Eema, Eunomia, Eirene, Elmer, Eucleia, Eurybia, Enyo, Electra, Eudora, Eyebright, Echo, Edgar, Ellie, Esmeralda, Ed, Einstein, Europa, Epona, Egobail, Elijah, Eris, Earl, Ernie, Emerald, Epione, Ector, Figaro, Flynn, Figment, Florence, Forrester, Fiona, Francois, Foret, Felix, Fiddle, Frangipani, Flax, Fifi, Fatcat, Fortuna, Fergie, Fred, Felicitas, Fulgora, Fama, Freedom, First, Fauna, Fritz, Fairy, Fango, Fern, Fig, Fluffy, Freesia, Flick, Fidget, Fir, Forsythia, Fagin, Fagus, Fancy, Flinstone, Flounder, Filbert, Fou, Fodla, Furze, Florida, Fraidy, Flora, Fontaine, Frenchy, Frankie, Flidais, Freddie, Ferdie, Foxy, Fat, Feronia, Felicia, Fennel, Fawn, Foster, Ferdinand, Flit, Franny, Flunkey, Fox, Francis, Friend, Faloo, Fleche, Fire, Faline, Fuji, Gardenia, Gus, Glump, Giddy, Glitter, Gramps, Geb, Grape, Geppetto, Governor, Gaston, Giovanni, Guarana, Grumpy, Goblin, Gwydion, Gally, Gyro, George, Giselle, Gluttony, Gabriel, Godfrey, Grimsby, Garlic, Guava, Goumi, Gimp, Genie, Goofy, Glutton, Granadilla, Genip, Gravity, Gazoo, Gadget, Giles, Garnet, Geryon, Goob, Ginger, Gloop, Gentian, Giana, Grace, Gosalyn, Gaia, Gilly, Glaucus, Goldenrod, Greasy, Helga, Hobey, Heka, Helios, Herman, Harvey, Hibiscus, Hop, Hobbes, Honker, Hoonah, Hematite, Homer, Harley, Howlite, Hathor, Hyacinth, Honeydew, Hollyhock, Happy, Harpie, Hora, Hespera, Hades, Hermes, Herb, Hokey, Hapi, Hunny, Humbert, Horme, Hecate, Horus, Horace, Hooker, Hephaestus, Hector, Hemera, Hoppy, Huckleberry, Hemlock, Hugo, Hyperion, Hestia, Harold, Hypnos, Hardy, Hands, Hubert, Hops, Hathi, Hera, Huck, Harmonia, Innoko, Isabella, Image, Ivy, Ilama, Ian, Iago, Isis, Iridessa, Imentet, Iolite, Igloo, Ino, Iris, Idocrase, Izzy, Jiggs, Jasper, Jiminy, Jack, Jinxy, Jamine, Juno, Jumba, Jenny, Jane, Jake, Jasmine, Jok, Jace, Junior, Jimbo, Jim, Jason, Juniper, Joe, Jafar, Jayden, Jacy, Jonah, Jade, Jujube, Johnny, Jadeite, Judy, Joey, Janus, Jupiter, Jet, James, Jackson, Jicama, Jeff, Kakia, Kylee, Kala, Karina, Kiara, Kocoum, Kovu, Kirito, Korlan, Kitty, Kenai, Khloe, Karpo, Kola, Kratos, Kaa, Kuzco, Kobe, Kiwi, Kay, Kristen, Kerchak, Klea, Kirby, Khonsu, Koda, Kiki, Kiwano, Kanga, Krusty, Khepri, Koko, Kyanite, Lyle, Lafayette, Longan, Ludwig, Luke, Lilac, Lemon, Ladon, Lamia, Lucuma, Lucina, Lumpy, Link, Loxy, Lucky, Lugh, Lizzy, Laverne, Loosa, Lorenzo, Lobelia, Lozo, Layne, Limos, Leia, Lavender, Lucifer, Logan, Ling, Looping, Lime, Linka, Lelantos, Loopy, Lychee, Lima, Lora, Lando, Laurel, Lenus, Larry, Lisa, Lobo, Lily, Leto, Lyssa, Leah, Litavis, Louis, Lytta, Lilo, Leonidas, Lady, Landon, Lexi, Libera, Larimar, Lola, Luna, Lenny, Lua, Lulu, Licorice, Louie, Macadamia, Money, Marmelade, Mungo, Mung, Manny, Monthu, Mullo, Medusa, Muttley, Mimosa, Mog, Mint, Molly, Mike, Modron, Marty, Mirage, Mamey, Mim, Mason, Mammoth, Mindy, Melon, Monstro, Mightor, Melvin, Mali, Macha, Magoo, Mufasa, Malina, Maurice, Marge, Mocha, Maxie, Muta, Moonstone, Myrina, Mango, Mitch, Melow, Magistar, Mildred, Marie, Morinda, Megara, Melodie, Morgan, Mowgli, Monkey, Meeko, Mentha, Mooch, Mushu, Manfred, Marvel, Melinoe, Misky, Menhit, Marmaduke, Mitzi, Mel, Mishka, Mystic, Mogons, Mars, Melanite, Mittens, Minos, Maple, Mercury, Mabon, Meteor, Mortimer, Meleager, Minnie, Midnight, Moe, Minerva, Maia, Morty, Miss, Midir, Mandela, Mustard, Morganite, Mia, Maxine, Medlar, Margarita, Maximus, Mickey, Myrtle, Milo, Morgana, Macaria, Meela, Maypop, Mallow, Moros, Merlin, Max, Mena, Moogle, Miskey, Mellona, Maggie, Miracle, Mabolo, Muffin, Melody, Mut, Morrigan, Neo, Nuada, Nemus, Neptune, Nutella, Nutsya, Nemain, Noni, Nala, Neit, Nyla, Napoleon, Nox, Nuumite, Nita, Nesoi, Nike, Nut, Neith, Nefertem, Nana, Notus, Nero, Nakoma, Neville, Needle, Nestor, Narissa, Neera, Nyx, Nikita, Nutsy, Newman, Nibs, Nuka, Nasira, Nemesis, Ned, Nete, Nodens, Nixi, Nibbles, Nona, Naomi, Oreo, Oscar, Oblina, Olwen, Orphne, Ollie, Osiris, Oceanus, Otto, Onyx, Olympus, Ozzie, Orpheus, Othello, Orange, Obsidian, Olivia, Orion, Omalley, Odie, Olive, Olly, Orchid, Opal, Ouranos, Orgma, Odysseus, Oliver, Pumba, Pixie, Prometheus, Pyrite, Pwyll, Priam, Psyche, Popit, Pegasus, Pecan, Pistis, Plio, Papaya, Pebble, Pascal, Percy, Pear, Plum, Pistachio, Phoebe, Phobos, Philippe, Pinocchio, Panda, Parsley, Psycho, Patch, Patches, Pandia, Prissy, Princess, Purple, Prudence, Plume, Poppy, Pepper, Prince, Pallas, Penny, Percival, Pandora, Prehnite, Peach, Preston, Peanut, Pewa, Poseidon, Perses, Pontus, Porkchop, Pelopia, Pickels, Paprika, Penia, Prado, Pitaya, Petunia, Pluto, Peridot, Pollux, Pinkie, Pete, Paris, Pacha, Peter, Pickles, Panic, Ponos, Plutus, Pizza, Peony, Panini, Perdita, Petbe, Pumpkin, Pineapple, Porus, Peppermint, Pucci, Pandion, Piglet, Pac-man, Peewee, Pearl, Pop, Pomelo, Peppo, Phrike, Pan, Pyrope, Pyxie, Quincy, Quartz, Quick, Queen, Quince, Quasimodo, Roxanne, Rhea, Ritona, Romeo, Ra, Romulus, Robin, Rowan, Rainbow, Rolly, Rufus, Ricochet, Rhino, Rosy, Rico, Roo, Ryder, Ralph, Reginald, Ratigan, Raina, Reptile, Ray, Renji, Ranger, Roger, Rafiki, Raspberry, Rhoda, Roma, Ronno, Riley, Richard, Ryan, Rem, Rosetta, Robert, Robor, Rubble, Roquefort, Razoul, Razz, Roscoe, Ruby, Rose, Ratty, Remus, Rabbit, Randy, Roxy, Ruder, Rhodonite, Rita, Serpentine, Selene, Sheriff, Snoot, Snowball, Stromboli, Sequana, Styx, Simba, Scar, Soter, Sushi, Scooby, Sheera, Scroop, Snoop, Saffron, Sirona, Shai, Sultan, Silvermist, Sally, Sir, Sam, Smoky, Snow-white, Snowflake, Sol, Shere-Khan, Shadow, Shale, Segomo, Sugar, Secret, Shay, Soto, Sheela, Snorky, Spot, Siren, Scrat, Sphene, Spook, Sweety, Scatcat, Shun, Skittles, Sobek, Sleepy, Sebastian, Sooty, Sophia, Stella, Sid, Stork, Seth, Sapphire, Senua, Spinel, Space, Sugi, Slate, Sitka, Summer, Smurf, Smokey, Sarafina, Sneezy, Sorrel, Sheba, Spencer, Scarlett, Sunstone, Satet, Sandy, Smoke, Stone, Siri, Scrooge, Star, Sasha, Sedusa, Sienna, Syringa, Skyla, Shan, Scoop, Sidney, Shane, Scratchy, Skippy, Sparky, Sykes, Scrappy, Sage, Silver, Salvia, Swift, Sulis, Siku, Sand, Simon, Saturn, Suri, Savannah, Sharla, Sweet, Skeeter, Smee, Sunflower, Sucellos, Shanti, Slightly, Tarzan, Tityos, Tod, Tawiki, Tyche, Terk, Talinia, Turquoise, Tomato, Tweedledee, Typhoon, Trusty, Trixie, Thalie, Tina, Tarra, Timon, Toad, Tiny, Tamesis, Trivia, Tourmaline, Tangerine, Taz, Toodle, Tweed, Theseus, Tangelo, Tobias, Tweety, Tiana, Tigger, Tamarillo, Tanana, Turner, Tenenet, Tabby, Tara, Topaz, Tanzy, Tug, Tansy, Taurus, Tulip, Thetis, Thyme, Twinkle, Thalia, Tibs, Themis, Tiger, Tefnut, Tiki, Tartarus, Tux, Tramp, Typhon, Toby, Tinkerbell, Tanzanite, Tantor, Taranis, Tom, Terence, Tanner, Ted, Toutatis, Tillie, Thug, Thomas, Trabo, Tana, Thumper, Tinkertoy, Toulouse, Tank, Tabbie, Tethys, Triton, Thalassa, Vidia, Vanilla, Viper, Victor, Veritas, Venus, Verdite, Veteris, Vada, Vulcan, Vesta, Vitani, Viscaria, Vinny, Vladimir, Vixey, Verbeia, Violet, Vicenzo, Vanhallen, Webby, Waldo, Wisteria, Wheezy, Wendie, Witch, Web, Willy, Wheelie, White, Weneg, Wasabi, Wimper, Wiggins, Winnie, Waggs, Wilma, Winston, Wilbur, Woofer, Wrigley, Winter, Webster, Wadjet, Whiskers, Willie, Wesley, Winkie, Walrus, Wendy, Wooly, Wheeler, Wilberforce, Yappee, Yippee, Yogi, Yzma, Yen, Yahoo, Yao, Yolanda, Yoko, Zini, Zandor, Zeena, Zinnia, Zorak, Zephyr, Zilly, Zeke, Zayden, Ziggy, Zeek, Zeus, Zelus, Zipper, Zulema, Zizia, Zelda, Zoey, Zira, Subscribe to receive inspiration, ideas, and news in your inbox. Also spelled as Genie. What happened after the vampire made the witch cry . You may learn more here.

Please help us improve. A shaman is also a medium through whom the living can communicate with the dead. You're not alone, Report: Soccer legend Diego Maradona hospitalized, Top S.D. Zemis can hold either male or female spirits.


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