overwatch ultimate voice lines translated

Bié guòlai!) Players speculated that since Bastion units weren’t meant to be sentient, there would be no point in giving them voices. Much like Zenyatta’s Ultimate, Moira’s can make nearby allies essentially invincible, provided they’re within range of the beam. In the meantime, watch out for these quotes when you’re playing, and know how best to respond! Whenever you hear Hanzo scream this, be vigilante and keep an eye out for the giant dragon coming your way. The shield reduces once the Ultimate has finished, but getting into a firefight with enemies utilising the boost is pointless. Head inside, and break line of sight as quickly as you can. Take a look at what Hanzo says during his ultimate. He will lock on and simply won’t miss a target, even if you’re moving around. That was OP! Be sure to keep moving and avoid any direct assault fire on enemies with a health boost, and then as soon as Zenyatta’s ultimate is finished, attack! Poor old Symmetra.

Bastion’s voice lines in Overwatch have remained a minor secret since the game launched in 2016. It can take out multiple enemies at once, and if used in collaboration with Reaper’s Shadow Step or Wraith Form is one of Overwatch’s best Ultimates. Bastion’s tank form is powerful, explosive and deadly. His shield gets a small boost, but even trying to take that down is tough as his constant barrage of missiles blinds your line of sight. It lasts ten seconds, and you’ll have little chance of countering it if he has you in his sights. That said, she’s far more enjoyable to both play as and against, and her ultimate can be helpful, but only if perfectly placed, and used similarly to Zenyatta in countering a hugely impactful enemy ultimate. Junkrat’s explosive wheel is easy to take down with a couple of shots, but it’s hard to keep track of because it’s moving so fast. Firstly, the Overwatch characters sometimes have really good things to say and secondly because they are sometimes saying it in a language other than English. – Frozen, not allowed to go, “Zhè yàng kě yǐ dǎng zhù tā men.” – This will stop them. “Personne n’échappe à mon regard / No one can hide from my sight”, NBA 2K21 next-gen gameplay shows lifts lid on in-match gameplay, Xbox Series X walkthrough preps gamers ahead of launch, Xbox Series X IR Receiver makes media remotes backwards compatible, NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Takeovers boosted ahead of release, NBA 2K21 Next-Gen gets major MyPLAYER Builder, Badges makeover, Ubisoft unveils cross-gen game saves for Xbox One and Xbox Series X, Master Chief Collection primed for Xbox Series X upgrade, Boost your Xbox Series X experience with Razer’s range of controllers, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Weapons List, Overwatch 2 release date update: OWL delay could be biggest hint yet, Overwatch ultimate quotes ranked from least to most terrifying, Overwatch 2 silence only reaffirms Overwatch’s slow, sad decline, Ghost Recon Wildlands NAT Type ‘Strict’ – How To Fix It, Call of Duty Mobile errors and bugs, and how to fix them. This leaves her incredibly vulnerable. There are other characters too, but so far they have not said anything in their native tongues like Torbjörn (Swedish), Lucío (Portuguese), Symmetra (Hindi), Pharah (Arabic), Reinhardt (German), and Zenyatta (Nepali). There are a number of characters with a native language other than English. Zenyatta’s Ultimate makes him invincible for a short period while also significantly healing his teammates around him. There’s no hiding from Widowmaker and Hanzo in this case, so try to avoid large open spaces, and if you have the flexibility to, try to stay inside until the Ultimate is complete. If you see her drop her rotating red ball, sprint out of the area as quickly as possible so as to not get caught up in the freezing process. Once equipped, this saying can be triggered at any time using the Communication Wheel.Every hero comes with a default voice line; more are obtained via purchase using credits or opening Loot Boxes.. “等等,别过来!” (Děngděng! However, her ultimate can be game changing, sending a near-invincible robot into the heart of the battle, bombarding any nearby enemies with a spray of bullets. Like Zenyatta, Lucio’s ultimate provides teammates with a temporary health and shield boost. Bastion was left inactive in the woods near Eichenwalde and was reactivated long after the war. Tracer’s sticky bomb does tremendous damage, and she’ll likely only use whenever there’s a large cluster of enemies nearby.

Torbjorn’s Ultimate gives him a significant health and shield boost, and also upgrades his turrets from level 2 to level 3. Watch Dogs: Legion Review – Taking DedSec in The Right Direction Innit, Torchlight 3 Review – Acceptable But Forgettable, Serious Sam 4 Review – If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It, The Invincible Targets 4K With “Smooth” Frame Rates, Uses DualSense Tech For “Complex Interactions”, Haven Dev Discusses Combat, Enemies, & Dragon Ball Z Inspirations, Dirt 5 Designer Talks “Exciting” Post-Launch Plans; New Playgrounds Items In The Works, Fortnite Does 4K/60FPS On PS5 & Xbox Series X, Releases Day One, Sony Shuts Down PS5 Custom Faceplate Maker, Mortal Kombat 11 Data Mining Claims Kombat Pack 3 & Second Story DLC, Activision Blizzard To Bring More Franchises To “Billions Of Mobile Devices”, “Helden sterben nicht” – Heroes never/don’t die, “Sprechstunde bei der Frau Doktor” – Consulting with the female doctor, “Огонь по готовности” (ogon po gotovnosti) – Fire at will, “Вместе мы сила” (vmeste my sila) – Together we are strong, “Personne n’échappe à mon regard” – No one can escape my sight. “冻住,不许走!” (Dòng zhù, bùxǔ zǒu!)

Sombra discharges electromagnetic energy in a wide radius, destroying enemy barriers and shields and hacking all opponents caught in the blast. And if he manages to pick you off and get a perfect landing, you likely won’t survive. Ashe, like many of the newer hero additions to Overwatch, hasn’t quite found her way into the game’s meta.

The in-game text doesn’t give a word-by-word translation. The newest entry to the Overwatch circuit comes by way of Echo, and she brings the pain by way of hero duplication, which is exactly what it sounds like. However the difference here is that the shield boost is significant, far greater than what Zenyatta offers, so keep a good distance. Reinhardt’s Ultimate is more annoying than anything. This is where you need to start considering leaving an area. Do not take them as representative of the game in its current or future states. Bastion’s lines come in an R2D2-esque series of beeps. Initially one of the least played heroes in the game, and even after a huge change last year, still hasn’t found herself in the meta. This means that it can be used and duplicated at pivotal moments, and then combo’d with friendly heroes with devastating effects. The Ultimate Ability in Overwatch is the definitive way to take control of a match and turn things in your favour. – Wait! His voice instills fear in a way no other Support ultimate does, amplifying the damage caused by teammates, and leading to many a multi kill. It’s essentially impossible to avoid once you hear it, but so long as you have teammates nearby you should be able to survive his onslaught after being stunned. Like McCree, run away and move inside quickly. Poor old Mercy. Hanzo’s Ultimate quote is pretty terrifying when you hear it, but the effectiveness of the Ultimate relies on the angle the player has aimed it at, and how many enemies are directly in its line of fire. If you hear this ultimate, it’s time to ready your defences! It stuns your character for a few seconds, leaving you incredibly vulnerable, but it still takes a few swings of his hammer to kill you if you have full health. Similar to McCree’s Ultimate, but mostly only effective at short range, which is terrifying if you’re trying to attack an objective. Don’t come here! Whenever you hear this, you just know that the enemy team is about to make a big push. This Ultimate is devastating and potentially game-ending. Sigma has only just joined the scene but his Ultimate line and the accompanying piano music in the background is just utterly insane! Turning on subtitles reportedly doesn’t help make sense of them. In case you didn’t know, Widowmaker is French, Genji is Japanese just like Hanzo, D.VA is Korean and Mei is Chinese.
While normal voice lines cost 25, all new seasonal event lines cost 75. Echo’s Ultimate allows her to quite literally duplicate another hero on the opposing team, and build up that hero’s ultimate at a ridiculous rate. Her ultimate can also have a huge influence on a match, making her near-invincible, and granting health to those around her for all damage dealt. A lot of the Torbjörn lines are direct translations of Swedish idioms.

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Check out the entire list of non-English Overwatch quotes below. Founder of Fenix Bazaar, and Aussie games industry veteran, formerly of MMGN.com and NineMSN.

I am Xbot. “다시 한번 해보자고!” (dashi hanbeon haebojago) – Let’s try that one more time. Be wary, break any line of sight with Reaper, and if possible, try to take him out during the Ultimate, as he’s incredibly vulnerable during that moment. This is why the playable Bastion in Overwatch does his best to beep his way into communicating with teammates. Roadhog’s Gatling Gun Ultimate is powerful, and you should most definitely get out of the way as quickly as possible as soon as you hear him murmur this quote, or when you hear the constant barrage of bullets firing (it’s a very distinctive sound). The trick here is to keep a lookout for Tracer, because she’ll also need to leave the area as the bomb can damage her as well. Voice Lines in Overwatch are an auditory cosmetic feature that allow players' heroes to say something specific on command.


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