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Her skill and passion for cars was immediately apparent and it was so cool to see her reach her dreams in the automotive industry. It also includes a first for the show, the first time Jacobs gets punched while pranking the owner of the car they will be Overhaulin’. TAC 202 – The best driver in the Earnhardt family…isn’t named Dale. More importantly….DID HE STAY IN CHARACTER? TAC 200 – What’s Mags been doing during the pandemic. Thanks A.J.! However, that does not excuse the fact that he punched a co-worker just because he didn't get a hot meal after a long day of filming. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. He comes off as a fun-loving guy who's really into cars and bikes - and actually knows how to drive as well. (Ever notice anyone connected to drag racing has a “nickname” attached to their name?). He truly is one of the best motoring journalists out there! Upon meeting a guy who had rebuilt the Minis from the original 1969 Italian Job movie, Johnson treated him like a superstar instead of the other way around. It's just an honest car guy buying, fixing, and selling honest cars, and we like that! Jessi Combs' death has hit those in the automotive and entertainment industries hard, and her former Overhaulin' co-host Chris Jacobs is one of many mourning her. Needell has raced both Formula 1 and Le Mans 24h, and he hosted Top Gear before moving on to Fifth Gear (and now Lovecars), who wouldn't want to work with a guy like that? So…Chris led us into a small booth on the Motor Trend complex, surprising some camera, audio and director guys who were setting up a promo shoot. 13 Sweetheart: Chris Jacobs - Overhaulin' ? Johnson was the lead singer in AC/DC - but if you didn't know who he is, you certainly wouldn't guess that he's a rock n' roll god from watching his car show. A great host possesses charisma, knowledge, enthusiasm, and most of the time; a sense of humor. Also at SEMA, “Hot Rod” Bob caught up with NHRA legend “Big Daddy” Don Garlits. The second one was even more of throwback. Have you been watch us on our new #TooTiredGuys youtube channel? Their presentation is a boring snooze-fest - you'd see us sleeping next to them if we were working together. The Pimp My Ride years are easily the most successful years of Xzibit's career, even if the show's content was questionable. We get that he's a businessman, but Rawlings comes off as a guy who's more into the money than the cars. "She was part of the Wyotech group that helped us build the Speedair. Your email address will not be published. Entertainment Tonight/TV Guide Network. He did seem to be a genuinely cool guy when he visited Joe Rogan's Podcast though, but we're not gonna risk it - we'll just stay away from him and his garage full of monkeys. The host is the face and voice of the show. Speaking of car facts, Wayne actually does know what he's talking about. In the early and mid-2000s there was a wave of automotive reality TV shows, and one of the premier destinations for fans of the genre was Overhaulin’.. Staring famed automobile designer Chip Foose, Overhaulin’ surprised contestants with first class design modifications on their usually classic antique cars, but not before putting them through some stress. (11-23-2019) – Dateline the SEMA SHOW in Las Vegas! More importantly….DID HE STAY IN CHARACTER?? The two were both presenters on the Discovery Channel and Velocity revival of the series, which originally aired on TLC. As if that wasn't enough, he keeps spouting "car facts" that seem to be wrong almost as often as he's right. We absolutely love every car show Clarkson has appeared on. Sources: Imdb, Behind The Scenes, Jalopnik, Car And Driver. As if Pimp My Ride wasn't bad enough, West Coast Customs went on to pimping celebs' rides, and it's just as bad. However, that does not excuse the fact that he punched a co-worker just because he didn't get a hot meal after a long day of filming. It’s Robin!! He is the Host of "Long Lost Family" on TLC and also the host of Overhaulin' and Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auctions, which both air on Velocity. Edd was the highly skilled mechanic on the show Wheeler Dealers. Jay Leno is probably one of the most genuine car guys around. In fact, we wouldn't want to work with any of the guys from that show, as they all come across as whiny cry babies... Then again, that could be as fake as the rest of the show. Mark Worman's motto apparently is “It’s Mopar or No Car.” Both he and his crew are completely clueless about any other cars. Sources told The Blast that the result was "equivalent to an airplane crash.". Despite the severity, Combs' partner, Terry Madden, said he did everything he could to save her. He's got a massive collection of vehicles, yet he still takes an interest in what other people have in their garage. Jessi Combs' death has hit those in the automotive and entertainment industries hard, and her former Overhaulin' co-host Chris Jacobs is one of many mourning her. These two might be cool guys and great mechanics, but they have no clue how to run a successful car show. The two were also rumored to be dating after Combs ended her marriage with "Xtreme 4x4" host Ian … Here are 10 car show hosts who probably suck to work with, and 10 who are nothing short of awesome! Not all car shows are created equal. With Chris, AJ & Garlits! A good host can make the show a success, a great host can make even the worst of shows become a hit. Hard to believe that the first original classic car “makeover” show, “Overhaulin” appeared 15 years ago in 2004. There will be some differences with this new “Overhaulin’ which Chris and AJ tell Randy and Bob in this new podcast. Your email address will not be published. In his caption, he called her "an icon. While the show might not have the best rankings, there are some things that set it apart from many other shows; the humoristic angle, and the lack of arguments and intrigues. She has primarily worked as a television host including as a co-host of TLC's Overhaulin', an automotive, reality-television series.She was also a host of Hot Import Nights (2008), an automotive show on the Speed Channel.On 12 September 2015, it was announced that she and Mike Phillips of Autogeek will host a new Velocity TV show Competition Ready. Thanks Thomas…..hey tell your friends about our podcasts and please listen more of them! We'd love to hang out with these guys. December 4, 2019. Only if we get to work balaclavas so nobody can recognize us. Seeing as his prima donna tendencies pretty much ruined all other aspects of his career, he's not really the kind of guy we would like to work with... unless it's to make us look good. It also includes a first for the show, the first time Jacobs gets punched while pranking the owner of the car they will be Overhaulin’. “Classy enough to show your wives and girlfriends” she told us. have been friends of TAC for some time. His show, Chasing Classic Cars, might not be as fast-paced and dramatic as some of the other shows on TV, but there are also no fake deadlines or rock music playing while the sparks are flying. 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How could we possibly have a problem with this guy? Would we want to work for him? While some of the shows might look great on paper, there's so much that needs to be right in order for it to be a success - one of the biggest factors is the host. TAC 171 – Down goes Jacobs, Down goes Jacobs! It certainly helps that he comes off as a friendly and fun-loving guy on the show... even if he drives like an absolute maniac. Sure he pranks people and tells them their cars have been stolen, but he also presents them with their newly overhauled vehicle once they're done. Hmmm, wonder if the cameras were on? People bring their cars to him, and he'll comment on it and say how cool and impressive it is before they go for a drive. A post shared by Chris Jacobs (@chrisjacobs70) on Aug 28, 2019 at 7:58am PDT, The first post was a series of photos from their time on Overhaulin'. Other than the show being 100% fake, Thomas also comes off as 100% annoying and actually a bit creepy. Don't get us wrong. Jessi always kept it real and never wavered from her authentic self. It’s one thing to be an automotive junkie and it’s another thing to be a decent presenter who can capture the viewers' attention. Required fields are marked *. We certainly wouldn't mind hanging out with him and pick up a new skill or two. There will be some differences with this new “Overhaulin’ which Chris and AJ tell Randy and Bob in this new podcast. She died as she lived, doing what she loved and she will never be forgotten", Combs died on Tuesday in Alvord Desert, Oregon, as she attempted to set a land speed attempt. The 87 year old also talks about his current EV dragster project! Not conducive to audio interviews (remember during TAC #100 when our interview with Mike and Ant from Wheeler Dealers were done with the sounds of tire pieces pelting the walls of the tent where the interviews took place). Having seen the end results of the cars they work on, this guy is in serious need of an attitude adjustment! Edd was also the voice of reason those times Mike would come up with some outrageous plans for the cars he brought in. After news of Combs' death broke, he shared a pair of posts reflecting on happier times with his friend. "She was the most amazing spirit that I have ever or will ever know. BEHIND THE SCENES : Chris and A.J. Basically, Mike Brewer would find a cheap, broken car, bring it to Edd - who would call it a disaster - then Edd would fix it while explaining to the viewer how and why it's done. All rights reserved. I have never loved or been loved by anyone as much as this amazing woman [Jessi Combs] she was truly my unicorn and I enjoyed every single minute that I had with her," Madden wrote on Instagram after the crash. Of course 'Joey' gets a spot on this list. Overhaulin' (TV Series 2004– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Jesse James never tried to hide that he's a bad boy, in fact, he made a pretty decent living by combining his reputation with his fabricating skills.


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