orange vise vs kurt

Same (if not better) quality as Chick, without the expensive soft jaws. I'm speaking of the double station. that said, they hold pretty well. It also forces you to buy more jaws instead of reworking jaws - when they're too small to use the stroke the vise has they wait for bigger jobs. screw must be moved from one hole or groove to another. One cylinder is They would pull the forum and instruct the mod to remove specific stuff before putting the forum back up. Would be extra nice if, you know, the vises were worth a damn. hold the movable jaw down. Copyright © 2020 Kurt Workholding. Sign up for a new account in our community.

I run my indicator all over its surfaces and it reads zero and don't kick up when I tighten the handle where I can't use one hit with the dead blow to seat the part....its all good... one more thing...the vice mustn't rock when you have a surface gauge/indicator one one corner while pressing all around on the vice as it sits on the surface plate... You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Some vises use a passive mechanism, such as retainers under the vise ways to centers of the cylinders), you can easily calculate the distance that the

I am a small one man shop, so crazy spendy jaws are a big part of the question for me. That's probably the fist complaint I heard about Orange Vise. Nearly everything they say about their stuff is true or mostly true. We might run up there and talk to them.

the vise. We have moved away from keyways on our redesigned vises and there are several reasons for this change. Manufacturing Company.). Other vises incorporate an active mechanism that imparts a vertical force to

It was bought for an EC-400. Pallets used to be ground, now they are milled. Looks like great stuff.

Sign up to receive our Kurt newsletter to be the first to learn all about our latest innovations, industry trends, company highlights, and new product launches. Kurt hydraulic vises are the ideal solution for machining centers that work on long production runs.

The DX6 CrossOver vise features the same bed height and keyway to the stationary jaw face as the D688, a redesigned nut with lighter weight, and a new brush seal design. A Reddit for Machinists of all varieties.

However the right side does come off maybe once a month to be switched around, plus I am designing some different fixtures for really long term jobs, so what methods are you referring to for fixture locating? By every measure, this is a better vise than our own D688.

All rights reserved. blocks for this purpose.

We called them and they said they got better flatness out of milling then they did when they were ground. Kurt offers a complete line of hydraulic actuated options for single and double station vises as well as 8 station cluster towers. They deliver on promises but fall short on versatility - If you can sacrifice that and have the coin to spend on them long term then go for it. The precision milling vise also incorporates a ball or needle thrust bearing Because there must Like what?

If I received a vise that hadn't been ground I'd send it back. It was just people expecting to see all surfaces ground and they are not.

There may be some truth in the explanation. The following table shows the strengths of each type of vise. Coolant gets stuck into the center of the vises & they hang onto chips. Is it actually a problem?

Orange Vise Company LLC 940 S Via Rodeo Placentia, CA 92870.

check out the. It forces you to think about part placement in jaws carefully, especially when you're planning multiple ops with the same set of jaws. I'm seriously looking at a pair of Kurt HDL4 vises now. Although the chick vise deal is pretty good getting 2 of the 4" ones for under $1400, I think I am going to pass on that for now.

I don't have any of their vises, but I don't care for the threaded holes in the sliding surface. See the height table These vises incorporate a mechanism, originally created by the Kurt Manufacturing Company, that directs a portion of the force from the vise screw into a vertical direction to hold the movable jaw down on the vise base.

I don't visit PM anymore because the site takes too long to load. This forces us to not use the chick vises at all - we anglock vises in and it totally negates any and all benefits of the Chick vises.

This helps to prevent the work piece from lifting off the parallels as you tighten the vise. can be assembled to form a riser of a specific thickness.

I used Chick System 5 vises extensively at a previous position and my opinion of them is strongly negative. They're not horrible for chips but you do have to stay on top of making sure they are clean. Kurt D60-315 Vise Jaw Plate 5.969" Long x 3/4" Wide x 1.735" High

The bearing pack is larger, stronger, and more durable than our other designs, and our proprietary AngLock® spherical segment creates all-directional alignment and reduces jaw lift for improved performance. eMastercam - your online source for all things Mastercam. If you used them as fixture plates they're not bad, but there are simpler, faster, and cheaper ways to get repeatable fixture plates into and out of a machine. The aluminum carvable jaws are only $161 a set so that isn't too bad compared to some of the numbers I see tossed around with Chick vises. Thank you for your response. The same kurt vise jaw WILL stand up better to a stiff bump. And once you cut into the anodizing, synthetic coolant really does a job on the aluminum.

The ratchet mechanism makes adjusting convenient as adjusting a normal vise screw. :laughing: Whoever they had grinding their parts didn't know what they were doing if milling is flatter than grinding. We haven't measured it.

The second cylinder is positioned very Although the chick vise deal is pretty good getting 2 of the 4" ones for under $1400, I think I am going to pass on that for now. New Products Hydraulic vises integrated into machining centers can substantially increase productivity and reduce errors. To defend myself from a huge corp just so they could play the "lets see if we can bankrupt the guy ? For $2500.00, I can get two of the Kurt HDL4J versions that have the hard jaw carriers on each, PLUS one set of their aluminum carvable jaws for me to give a try. IF they got a judge to make a court order like this (about as likely as sending a man to Mars .... in a hot air balloon) it would go to the forum server co. The same kurt vise jaw WILL stand up better to a stiff bump.

Kurt hydraulic vises are the ideal solution for machining centers that work on long production runs.

Get your money back and buy a Chick One Lok, and don't look back.

A sine vise is not rigid enough for every-day work. This message will be removed once you have signed in. Combining all the great features of our world-renowned Kurt D688 and 3600V vises, along with new state-of-the-art workholding features, Kurt® Workholding’s revolutionary DX6® CrossOver® vise achieves new levels in precision and performance where flatness and parallelism are important.
It appears that Sol was an engineer with Glacern and left them to start his own company. Many companies have the vises & jaws in stock within overnight range. Nice, 10 years, $80,000 in legal costs and for what? The only bloke down here with a Glacern vise. They have a pretty wide line with a lot of good vises. Sol (the owner) is great to deal with, and can answer any question you'd ever have about them. I could imagine that it could work in a similar fashion. I am sure that there are many good people out there that are lawyers, and in actuality my distaste is more for the "practice" than the person. They also have adapters for their jaws to install kurt 6' jaws onto them so you can use your inventory of jaws until you change over completely. are its cost and its ease of adjustment. Outlet Store. Seems that Glacern have taken exception to Sols Orange Vise company and appear to have the legal eagles taken everything about it down. Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. The ones that go on pallets for set jobs with specific jobs & jaws work well. Knowing the sine of the It is a very nice finish I will admit but they are adamant that it should have been ground. Kurt offers a complete line of hydraulic actuated options for single and double station vises as well as 8 station cluster towers. I have always used Kurt vices on our manual mills and our VMC. The "second hand" or whatever they call their first jaw closing before the second jaw closes is both handy and annoying - get used to it.


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