ofc meaning snapchat

From this perspective, obviously, you can know why people would prefer to use OFC on Snapchat or any other apps when texting.

There is some social network platform where, there is a limitation of words, so these. That is to say, so long as your answers or responses to certain questions are absolutely affirmative, you may respond “Of … If you didn’t know such slang words and you are on social media platforms, don’t worry, I will tell some trending internet slang. Top Trending Slang Words in 2019” You can also visit some other interesting posts like “What Does LMK Mean in Texting ― Internet Slang“.

OFC gives the message that the information which was being conveyed has been understood, agreed upon, or perceived easily. These days such Text abbreviation is very common and they are invented by teenagers which frequently use social media, for an instant reply they people use such slang words. By profession, I'm a software engineer. The very first definition of ofc was published on Urban Dictionary, in 2004. It is used as a reply or response to a question or might be it can be an expression of agreement with another person. The answer to person B shows how the use of OFC in the statement made the underlying emotions and meaning more elaborate and assertive.

In the above example, Friend #1 ask about the last night party, Friend #2 explain and use a short word to express his feeling about last night.

You can not use such Slang in Formal conversation. The interesting part is that the term can also be used in a tone that is sarcastic or more literal. Ofc is a widely seen and embraced internet abbreviation, used to save time on typing the phrase “Of course”. Here is a little more information about each definition of OFC. You should prefer talking to them only in the formal model. So, what is this OFC? It is one of the most commonly encountered internet slangs, not unlike LOL, OMG or FML, however it is not used in a live conversation. What does ofc mean? It looks very informal when used in conversation with anyone in authority.

They quickly type the abbreviation or short word and respond to another person. Slang words are now very commonly used in online chatting platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. You can only use it when you are texting to your friend. They have expressed that agreement by using the internet slang OFC, which means ‘Of Course.’. That is to say, so long as your answers or responses to certain questions are absolutely affirmative, you may respond “Of course”, which can be shortened as OFC in text talk. WBU meaning– WBU stands for “What About You”, which means getting someone opinions about something. The internet has become a basic need of today’s world. Everything about Fouad WhatsApp Free Download, HelloSpy Review – Learn Everything About HelloSpy, The Most Viable Ways to Recover Instagram Direct Message or Deleted Instagram messages, Instagram Password Hack | How to Hack Instagram Account Easily, How to Lock Your Messages & Photos in iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 with Passcode.

However, you should be careful with using it, as some receivers might perceive the sentence to be a bit condescending.

OFC means “Of Course” What Does OFN Mean on Snapchat? Other than that, the alternative words OBVI and OBV can be good options to consider. What Is The Area Code 844 and How To Protect Yourself, What Is The Meaning of ‘CTFU’ In Online Conversation/Texting, Top 15 Best Road Trip Apps | Good Free Road Trip Planning Apps, Top 15 Best Android Emulator For PC Windows & MAC, How To Stop or Turn Off Facebook Friend Suggestions 2020. This makes the communication process much easier.

You should be known to such short terms because the use of internet slang is now common in routine conversation. The generic and the most popular meaning of OFC is Of Course.

I am really excited to see you and James after ages.

When used with the expletive "F*cking," OFC may have a more nuanced or subtle meaning. We will recommend you to use some basic short slangs like LOL, ROFL, NP (No Problem), STFU (Shut The Fuck Up), etc. OFC stands for “Of Course”, which is used in online chatting when you have to give permission to someone.


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