nokian wr d4 test
Average lateral and the lowest straight aquaplaning resistance. 2018 Auto Express Winter Tyre Test - 7th of 10 … Nokian WR D4 byl mnohokrát testován autoklubami (adac, eso) - shrnuli jsme výsledky, smíchali je s recenzemi zákazníků a vložili je do kontextu v naší důkladné analýze - podívejte se na to sami! The Nokian WR D4 is a Premium Touring Winter tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Car, This tyre has been replaced by the Nokian WR Snowproof. Nezmeškejte slevu až 60 % na pneu Nokian. It is made in total of 82 sizes, 155/70 R13 being the smallest and 245/45 R18 the largest. Required fields are marked *. The feeling of control and maximum grip was immediate even when braking at a brisk speed: credit goes to the functional profile and high technology combined to the Nokian Twin Trac Silica compound and Nokian Block Optimized Siping, says Matti Morri, Technical Customer Service Manager of NokianTyres. Shared 2nd place "Recommendable" TCS 9/2017 Cele mai bune valori în test: 34,2: 25: Nokian WR D4: 37,3: 26,0: Arată detaliile testului: Sursă: Nokian WR D4 - Førsteklasses vinterdæk til mellemstore og kraftfulde biler ... Bedst i test på sne, godt på tørre veje med et lavt brændstofforbrug. Nokian WR D4 235/50 R17 100 V XL The presented tyre is marked with 3PMSF symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). Navn Samlede points Våd Tør Sne; Bedste værdier i test: 101: 100: 103,3: 100,3: Nokian WR D4: 99,3: 97,4: 100,5: 99,9: Vis testdetaljer Clasat #2 din 8. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. - Nokian WR D4 I've driven them through a heavy snow storm, about 10-20cm of snow on the highway and no problems. There is no maximum temperature for the WR D4, they are heat tested like all other tyres. Wear after about 25K km is verey good, in my opiniom. In 2019 experts of the German publication Auto Motor und Sport have tested the Nokian WR Snow Proof at size 215/55 R17 and compared to 10 similar budget, mid-range and premium winter tires. Find up-to-date NOKIAN Wr d4 tyre tests and information Find here all usefull information about the NOKIAN Wr d4 tyre: rankings, tests, available size for this model and selling prices. 2019 ADAC 185/65 R15 Winter Tyre Test - 9th of 16 tyres, 2018 ADAC Winter Tyre Test - 175/65 R14 - 4th of 12 tyres, 2018 Auto Bild Winter Tyre Test - 9th of 22 tyres. Nokian WR D4 - Førsteklasses vinterdæk til mellemstore og kraftfulde biler. Testy pneumatik probíhají při jízdě na mokré i suché vozovce. Unikátní inovace umožňují bezpečnou a vyváženou jízdu na mokrých i zasněžených vozovkách. I drove Nokian WR D4 on 14inch wheels for more than 2500 km (all season) and i am very satisfy from the tires, about their feedback on dry and snowy roads, especially on snow when i had no problems with grip or the most important braking. Nokian WR D4 has been tested many times by autoclubs (ADAC 2019, ADAC 2018, ...) - we have summarized the results, mixed it with customer reviews and put it into context in our thorough analysis - see it for yourself! TEST: Nokian WR D4 195/65 R15 Zimní pneu Nokian WR D4. The new model is a solution designed for city cars, estates and small cars. 2019 Auto Motor und Sport Nokian WR Snowproof test. Haven’t tested too much icy roads yet, but seems to be okay by the first impression. Nokian WR D4 is a versatile winter tire designed for safe and balanced driving on wet and snowy roads alike. Doporučeno. Nokian WR Snowproof Although helping to provide improved fuel economy, ... Don’t get caught out with a dodgy battery as we test eight of the best jump starter packs. According to the test results Nokian took last place and got an expert score “Satisfactorily”. It means that the tyre meets the EU requirements for winter tyres. The sipes are delaminating and falling off in chunks around the edges of my front wheels.


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