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Intro. Basically, for an actor shedding one character and inhibiting another is like shedding one’s own skin and then moving into someone else. In Oda’s film, death triggers a summoning of 5 souls who are tested under the watchful eyes of Will (Winston Duke), looking for a suitable replacement for one of his human subjects after they die unexpectedly.

A long conclusion will slow down the momentum of your piece and the reader will begin to lose interest and become impatient. Welcome to 2014! Through this interaction, Polley portrays Michael as a compassionate and loving father - juxtaposing this with Joanna’s description, revealing to her audience the ability of individuals to find subjective truths - encouraging them to do so in their own lives in spite of searching for universal truths. ‘I chose to write in an expository style, employing conventions of format and style of a traditional essay. It’s mine.” (p.174), “Do you understand how sensitive a reputation id? Contention: Identifying the author’s contention can be the most difficult aspect of Language Analysis for many students. The punishment for the mutineers of the Renegade reinforces Rooke’s understanding of institutional power and violence as one lieutenant is hanged in a gruesome spectacle and the others dispatched into a nameless void. Discuss.

Grenville emphasises that the power sought out by the British empire will always come at the expense of the natives. - Nine Days, by To… William Burghardt Du Bois; better known as W.E.B. Nine Days – Insight Text Guide. The trick is to ask yourself the question “What is the author’s argument?” If you want to break it down even further, try asking: “What does the author want to change/why/what is it like now/what do they want it to be?”. I know which houses have a 'to let' sign on the front so they should be empty but there's a light at the back which means a two-up school's moved in. Yet Grenville encourages readers to explore the difficult choice between morals and disobedience. - The novel revolves around the Westaway’s family home in Rowena Parade, Richmond over the course of four generations.

The gun becomes a symbol of the violence and force of the settle and they show little intention of relinquishing the dominant position that the gun affords them. Even before they disappear into thin air, this one happy memory remains the summary of their soulful existence. As a result, one can argue that her purpose for the documentary extends far beyond the action captured onscreen and in fact involves Polley encouraging others to share their own stories - enabling them to “create shape out of mess” as she has done through the presentation of her own family story.

His connection to Tagaran through mutual empathy demonstrates his ability to overcome conflict through mutual respect, Rooke is bound by duty to Her Majesty yet finds his missions in conflict with his innate instinct for moral righteousness, “he had no memories other than of being an outsider”, Stands in contrast to Rooke in every respect, Storyteller that is obsessed with his narrative, Ignores the cruelty and violence of the Imperialist expedition in favour of an interesting story, Blinding opportunism that undermines his integrity, His tendency to gloss over the violence committed in the name of Her Majesty reflects his loyalty to the expedition, “man whose narrative was so important to him”, “a storyteller who could turn the most commonplace event into something entertaining”, Connects with Rooke through their mutual love for learning and language.

The second murderer of the Clutter case.

Through both overt and subtle language, Jordan makes reference to the attitudes towards Asia prevalent at the time, specifically within the war period that sees many Australian’s ‘[fearing]’ the nip’. Within Stories We Tell, Polley illustrates this by depicting the contrasting recollections of Michael’s relationship with Sarah as a child. Discuss.

Even though these messages came through all across the novel, Jem’s personal investment in the Robinson trial brings it all together for him.

This means that you might agree for a paragraph or two, emphasising the importance of context, before expanding on this idea of courage in the third.

But their feelings are no different from ours”, Weymark resorts to derogatory name calling, urging on “my black friend” and “Mister Darkie” in his base supplications, “But Rooke, think: this is not a request, it is an order” (pg246), “…spell out the consequences of refusal.” (pg248), “… the service of humanity and the service of His Majesty were not congruent” (pg249), “I am sorry to have been persuaded to comply with the order.

Moreover, as my focus is to reinforce positive attitudes towards cultural exchange, I have adopted a light-hearted approach with humour through the first portion of my speech, then moving into an urgent tone towards the end to highlight the importance of this issue.'. 0000010527 00000 n

0000007744 00000 n To obey an order to accompany an expedition to capture or kill six indigenous men, this forms the central conflict of Grenville’s novel. Need more help with Oral Presentations?

0000004658 00000 n As we will discuss below, this allows you to consider what aspects of form, language, audience, purpose and context you wish to include. - In Nine Days, older Kip’s point of view is very unrealistic. Directed by Edson Oda. Throughout the documentary, Polley demonstrates, both explicitly and implicitly, a number of her inherent values. Aim to demonstrate that you understand why the article was written, and its surrounding circumstances. --- Sensory experiences are emphasized by the use of descriptive and poetic language. However, recent media has drawn attention to cries of 'cultural appropriation' towards Indigenous Australians and other cultures, claiming that we fail to appreciate and respect cultural values when we take others' culture for our own (whether it be fashion, music, food, or otherwise). Paragraph 1: Grenville’s utilisation of Rooke’s perspective in detailing his thought processes, observations and realisations reveals the facets of Rooke’s character contributing to his internal conflicts.

Time and time again I have seen people fall into the trap of using phrases such as “in conclusion” or “in closing”. Diana Barnes.

Your submission has been received! Â. For a detailed guide on Text Response, check out our Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response. Children. 0000017650 00000 n Immediately, we can see that this is a theme-based prompt. Nine Days Summary Next. Rooke’s primary conflict is his choice between his moral conscience and duty as a soldier. 0000005179 00000 n Using the knitted community of the outer Melbournian suburbs, the term ‘family’ expands further than just the immediate confines of the household. 0000010147 00000 n 0000061163 00000 n Composed of nine chapters and subsequently nine unique perspectives of life, their family home in Rowena Parade, Richmond, becomes the focal point for Jordan’s exploration of femininity, masculinity, family and Australian society. Scout experiences similar disappointments, and they both grapple with other questions of conscience, tolerance and conformity throughout the novel. With interviews, archival footage, extradiegetic film and sound elements alongside recreated scenes, the documentary can seem very overbearing and convoluted upon first viewing.

- Varied depending on the character’s perspective and time of perspective.

For the following five years, Smith and Hickock lived on death row in Leavenworth, Kansas and were executed by hanging on the 14th of April, 1965. Leave your details and we'll be in touch to better understand your needs, How To Write A Killer Text Response eBook, first brought before the United States Congress by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in late 2018, “What could an Australian Green New Deal look like”, “Let’s make the 2020s the decade that Australia gets its mojo back”, “Global climate strike sees ‘hundreds of thousands’ of Australians rally”, “The climate strike organiser who received a near-perfect ATAR”, “How Greta Thunberg’s school strike went global: a look back”, staying there even after stating his intention to return, shunned for perceived insensitivity and insincerity, “ScoMo, where the bloody hell are you?”, “Don’t dismiss our anger in Cobargo Scott Morrison, we are the ones living through a crisis”, “Scott Morrison, Australia’s singed prime minister”, “‘Bloodcurdling insanity’: real reason Scomo is under fire”, John Howard first broached the idea towards the end of his Prime Ministership, “One of the world’s biggest emitters is trying to fly under the radar at Cop25”, “For 10 years, Australia has been in a climate-policy abyss”, “‘Not moving fast enough’: former head of Scott Morrison’s department criticises climate change policies”, “Israel Folau: Australian rugby star condemned for linking bushfires to ‘sinful’ homosexuality”, “Marcus Stoinis fined $7,500 for homophobic slur during Big Bash League”, “Lizzo taps into the real meaning of freedom in 2019”, “Lizzo, pop’s reigning phenomenon, brings her juice to Australia”, “Matildas become first women’s team in world football to be paid the same as men’s team”, “Australia’s women footballers get equal pay in landmark deal”, “‘We have to be better’: Megan Rapinoe and the year of victory and advocacy”, “Morrison government defends Newstart amid criticism it is among lowest welfare payments in OECD”, “Report highlights social crisis confronting Australian youth on welfare”, “Survey finds two-thirds of Australians back a Newstart Christmas boost”, “The economic case for increasing Newstart”, Australian National Dictionary Centre’s word of the year in 2019, “There’s a 60,000-year-old way to help stop Australia burning”, “‘I feel unchained’: Mauboy adds her voice to Indigenous recognition campaign”, “The Voice to Parliament isn’t a new idea – Indigenous activists called for it nearly a century ago”, “‘It can be more controversial’: Costello warns on constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians”, turning away from pursuing a career in education, “Three charts on teachers’ pay in Australia: it starts out OK, but goes downhill pretty quickly”, “The epic failure at the root of Australia’s maths problem”, “Why male teachers are disappearing from Australian schools”, “Murri School students experience social and emotional benefits from six-day nature camp, “No need to panic – we can fix Australian schools. The list is intended to help you brainstorm different issues you may wish to debate in your speech, with the contention left for you to decide once you have researched enough on the topic!

However, on her own she became an alcoholic and died by choking on her own vomit when Smith was only thirteen years old. Remembering this is a ‘how’ prompt, we want to be analysing ways in which Grenville explores Rooke’s conflict of conscience. Shelton”; “Shelton”, and “Lyle Shelton” are all ok to use in your essay. Part One, the more moralistic and didactic section of the novel ends with the idea that “real courage” isn’t “a man with a gun” but rather “when you know you're licked before you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what.” The section is characterised by these lessons of “real courage”—while Atticus “One-Shot” Finch downplays his marksmanship, he focuses the children’s moral instruction on characters such as Mrs Dubose, who he admires as courageous for fighting her morphine addiction. 03 9028 5603Call us: Monday to Friday between 3pm - 6pm or leave us a message and we'll call you back!Address: We'd love to see you too, but we're only online! His response to being accepted into Fisk was, “I was going into the South; the South of slavery, rebellion, and black folk; above all, I was going to meet colored people of my own age and education, of my own ambitions.” (Himan, 2005) Attending Fisk was a risk for Du Bois.


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