nhra roll cage rules 2019
H��Wmo�8��_A�=�i���!�8���v�h�����t��,�$9I�� )Q/N����PÙg�yf���./��VnAWW�7+t���� 4d`!D� C�8dP!C2�`��ԃ��`�4�= �O��� 4� B@�� ,\� ,�b��� ,�b��� 7AĀ1�s��3� �r�&Hc����q��fH��֛�o�u������7�k�5�wt�PX}9�A��^�z�\���n�B��ZP�8�&04�uxI��w��W�1�"�0J ?qo��'��;"�� UoXQ�E��F�%�_r Devices that are strictly forbidden include those that display or transmit track location, or provide time and/or distance data. 6 0 obj FOUR-POINT ROLL CAGE REQUIREMENT Utilities may use a four-point welded or removable roll cage design with side intrusion bars/ mandatory to have diagonals on both sides of vehicle. The 2020 NHRA Rulebook is now online and viewable by all who wish to compete in the NHRA arena. The National Hot Rod Association, the premier governing body in the sport of drag racing, outlines a number of requirements for roll bars and roll cages for racers … When building a race car, one of the most frustrating and misunderstood parts of the build can be the roll cage. endobj Speaking of differentials, if your car weighs more than 2,000 pounds, is equipped with an independent rear but without upper and lower control arms, you’re going to have to replace the rear-end with a standard housing assembly-one similar to what you find in a 63-82 Vette. When your turn comes, stage up and wait for the green! These allowances may also vary from region to region. <> 5 0 obj With your completed tech card in hand, head over to tech where they’ll perform a basic safety inspection of your car. endstream These lower level classes and brackets prohibit the use of nitromethane, but they do allow pretty much anything else, however, water-methanol injection systems, completely mounted/installed outside the driver compartment, are legal. The result of this certification is a serial number sticker being affixed. Provisos for this type of system include, as mentioned that none of the system’s piping, tubing, etc. However, not all cars require them. Roll Cages required on convertibles running 6.99 or faster than 135mph. h�b```f``� ��2� cB�-y���~~r��!~Ǿ[@�7L�t[sO���z�DG�YGkDGCG�B� ���4�͌e`X�i#�������}{ueR87 Those tuning computers you see in movies like “The Fast and the Furious” are also strictly verboten. Head back to the timing booth where you’ll pick up your time slips and see how you did. All logos and images are reserved. Cars that run between 7.5 and 9.99 must have their frames and cages recertified every three years by the NHRA. Racers, start your projects! <> The Hellcat review that I saw rated it @ 707 HP and he barely broke into the 11s. Personally, I prefer fuel cells over stock tanks. 30 0 obj These are found in 4:10, 4:11, and 10:6. Any full-bodied car that rubs 135 or faster or can turn 7.5to 9.99 has to have an approved window net. Vehicles have different frame designs, could possibly endobj Vehicles have different frame designs, could possibly …, Roll Cage For Race Cars Climbing aboard this aftertmarket-touched GT3 RS PDK, we find a BBi … Roll Bars & Roll Cages, S&W Race Cars is a USA chassis builder offering; drag racing, road racing, off-road-4×4 & high performance auto parts for hot rods, muscle … This web site covers Andy Robinson Race Cars offerings in roll cages and other 26 0 obj stream Jr Street Rules Section of NHRA Rulebook ; Hot Rod Heritage Racing … If you are building Custom Mud Trucks, Mega Race Trucks or even, More than 500 NHRA Sportsman racers gathered last weekend at Maple … Since it was quicker than 8.50, we needed to have the roll cage upgraded to meet the 25.5 Spec, so we took the car to Mike Roth at MR2 Race …, While this type of roll bar will provide some added rollover protection, it offers less side impact protection than a 6 or 8-Point Roll Bar or Roll Cage. [ 13 0 R] %���� See Regulation 1:7 for more. Every driver that enters an NHRA event must be in possession of a valid driver’s license. Personally, every car I build gets a full five or six point roll cage with rhino bars covering the doors. This means they must have a safe amount of tread and be DOT-approved. According to 4:8, if your car can top 150, you my friend must have a parachute. general nhra regs for full bodied cars that are 8.50 and slower just need a basic cage. .�-5�ڻ��^,#�w�2���¼̛,��Q��~�N�[][͗T�0[�����Y �8���^� ��8����@���A��jw�� ��_�ٲ ����P�+��>ܳ�������b� Harnesses have a date code and an expiration date whether they’ve been in a wreck or not. Class-by-class regulations and requirements, racing procedures, and more are all covered in this authoritative handbook. 5 or 6 point rollbar construction (NHRA legal) Required beginning at 11.49 with a closed car/truck, 13.49 with a convertible. and Super Pro classes, while they are prohibited in all other classes. endobj If you’re running nitrous, your bottle must meet minimum 1,800 pound requirements and have the DOT stamp to prove it. x��WKkA�/�б-X��y�Y�7qH!�RC��Ҝ����C5��M��:�#����-��g7������E?ۆ��I0��C��)~ݷͧw�m��9[d�V�l8�y�!E$X=ڪ��~�����(��U�|~o���}�\�y�.oz�'�h2&?�Ķ�E Ƕ�`ZC�f����b74w��;�֨S ��N�D��0�q�`���� PB�e�YŬ �h2>ﲽ`{B�@N�#��d :����Л�=2�$7{�|.ұ }o�W��/�eGɾ�.$�I��I��$���i Engine requirements are pretty simple. If your car is capable of going 9.99 or less, you’re going to need an NHRA competitor’s license. There are many more requirements covering roll cages, roll bars, and their associated (and required) padding. This is true even for the classes which contain “street legal” vehicles, i.e. endobj endobj Click here to order. Some tracks may require more, such as a driver safety class. 11.49 is the break for a roll bar. <> Bracket motorcycle, no matter its top speed, you’re going to have to comply with the restrictions for a 9.99 second vehicle. There are two ways to build a roll cage; starting with a pre-bent cage or bending the tubing up …, (714) 630-2091 Mon & Wed. 8:00am-4:00pm | Tues & Thurs. endstream endobj startxref endobj endobj Some Safety Requirements Are the Same for All Classes. <> endobj Mike's love of cars began in the early 1970's when his father started taking him to his Chevron service station. Handicap Racing. 28 0 obj Roll bar rule. However, General Regulation 2:11 states that both axles must be equipped with retention loops. Vehicles have different frame designs, could possibly If you plan on doing this as a way of balancing the front-rear weight distribution better, you’re going to have to install a complete bulkhead isolating the driver compartment from the trunk. The drawing below shows several tube options for roll cages. When you and your competitor are properly staged, the Christmas Tree counts down to green. Neuspeed ... Every year the NHRA makes amendments to many of its rules … the retraction of the roll cage or roll bar rule for 2008 and newer street vehicles running 9.99 to 11.49. %PDF-1.7 Click to expand… Huh what??? G�4�V���� Y 225 0 obj <>stream w^ÿ�����Ku��Һu%�{9�,��B �XJ{'���+������lJ׽�՘�;��l�h9o|��9�6f�W����`[�ɀ� �l���Mi�@y���}��U ��qUe�݂�Z?��P,g��i�A߫#|Aq"T��c�Ai�~���&�Д�6[S��B�Π���p�0{DrL��OeǺ6e��V ^�������m������w���躪~��w3�:W��2� �Y������� �Vi�;�rA&�G���9�G۪(����Gyk� Jk�! 18 0 obj World's #1 Racing & Performance Classifieds, April 8, 2015 Nhra Roll Cage Welding Requirements 9 out of 10 based on 573 ratings. [ 27 0 R] %PDF-1.6 %���� �C \�����l& j��zl�(�ށ��E�f�g���e)&��gk��������8�e�6 jM���K�����;���6��К�PRL�ooH��G�TE�Awiۚ�ʀxi��� l�x���Jp�H�JdT��. 22 0 obj Buy a Rulebook ; 2019 to 2020 Rulebook Amendments ; 2020 Rulebook ; 2020 Rulebook Amendments ; Junior Dragster Racing League Rulebook. In fact, as long as your vehicle retains the original floor, firewall, etc., the 8-Point Roll Bar below allows you to run as quick as 10.00 seconds in the 1/4 mile. 2019 to 2020 JDRL Rulebook Amendments ; 2020 JDRL Rulebook ; 2020 JDRL Rulebook Amendments ; Jr Street Rules Section of NHRA Rulebook. I agree to receive emails from RacingJunk.com. The monitoring of any performance parameters such as wheel speed, driveshaft speed, and acceleration is also strictly verboten. ", Angie Smith blasts her Denso EBR into the Denso 200-mph Club at FallNationals, Tommy Johnson Jr., Cameron Ferre talk nitro racing on NHRA Insider podcast, CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE 2020 RULEBOOK E-BOOK. See General Regulations 1:5 for more information. 7 0 obj The car must also be equipped with seatbelts. Rigid mounted suspensions are also strictly forbidden. 23 0 obj For a bulk-order form (10 or more copies), contact NHRA Membership Services: [email protected]. The Last Debate: Robert Hight vs. Joey Logano—Drags or Checkered Flags? stream It contains sections for each series of events scheduled for 2019. <>


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