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Commuter rail service is provided north of Springfield to Greenfield, Massachusetts, as part of the Valley Flyer Amtrak route. Connecticut had the highest proportion at 13.9%, while Vermont had the lowest at 1.3%. The Revolution have won a U.S. Open Cup and a SuperLiga Championship, and they have appeared in five MLS finals. NESN broadcasts the Boston Red Sox baseball and Boston Bruins hockey throughout the region, save for Fairfield County, Connecticut. to have originated from England's Received Pronunciation, which shares features such as the broad A and dropping the final R. Another source was 17th century speech in East Anglia and Lincolnshire, where many of the Puritan immigrants had originated. Three-quarters of the population of New England, and most of the major cities, are in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Massachusetts and Rhode Island ranked eighth and ninth, respectively. After the dissolution of the Dominion of New England, the colonies of New England ceased to function as a unified political unit but remained a defined cultural region. [163], New Englanders have made significant contributions to literature. Hartford, Connecticut resident Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel Uncle Tom's Cabin was an influential book in the spread of abolitionist ideas and is said to have "laid the groundwork for the Civil War". The University of Vermont, the fifth oldest university in New England, was founded in 1791, the same year that Vermont joined the Union. New England maintains a distinct cuisine and food culture. This measurement does not include the bulk of Maine, … Fairfield County, Connecticut, has a large concentration of investment management firms in the area, most notably Bridgewater Associates (one of the world's largest hedge fund companies), Aladdin Capital Management and Point72 Asset Management. [42] In 1688, the former Dutch colonies of New York, East New Jersey and West New Jersey were added to the Dominion. A map is actually a symbolic depiction highlighting relationships involving elements of a space, including items, areas, or themes. [citation needed] Roughly 99,000 people (0.7% of the population) spoke languages other than these at home. [144], Today, New England is the least religious region of the U.S. [63] Abolitionists who demanded immediate emancipation such as William Lloyd Garrison, John Greenleaf Whittier and Wendell Phillips had their base in the region. New Englanders are well represented in American comedy. According to the 2006–08 American Community Survey, 48.7% of New Englanders were male and 51.3% were female. TM © 1996-2020 Mystic Media, Inc. & Visit New England®. [49] Today, New England is defined as the six states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Bain, Angela Goebel; Manring, Lynne; and Mathews, Barbara. The Atlantic Ocean is to the east and southeast, and Long Island Sound is to the southwest. New England town meetings were derived from meetings held by church elders, and are still an integral part of government in many New England towns. [78] It is the site of the second highest recorded wind speed on Earth,[79][80] and has the reputation of having the world's most severe weather. The First New England School of composers was active between 1770 and 1820, and the Second New England School about a century later. The most extreme swing was in Rhode Island, which had an unemployment rate above 10% following the recession, but which saw this rate decline by over 6% in six years. The Pocumtucks lived in what is now Western Massachusetts, and the Mohegan and Pequot tribes lived in the current Connecticut region. Many maps are somewhat static, adjusted to paper or some other lasting moderate, whereas others are lively or lively. [55] The Blackstone Valley running through Massachusetts and Rhode Island has been called the birthplace of America's industrial revolution. Other hockey teams include the Maine Mariners, Providence Bruins, Springfield Thunderbirds, Worcester Railers, Bridgeport Sound Tigers and the Hartford Wolf Pack. Boston was the center of the American publishing industry for some years, largely on the strength of its local writers and before it was overtaken by New York in the middle of the nineteenth century. [citation needed], The Connecticut River Valley became a crucible for industrial innovation, particularly the Springfield Armory, pioneering such advances as interchangeable parts and the assembly line which influenced manufacturing processes all around the world. The concept of the elite "New England prep school" (preparatory school) and the "preppy" lifestyle is an iconic part of the region's image. [46], By 1784, all of the states in the region had taken steps towards the abolition of slavery, with Vermont and Massachusetts introducing total abolition in 1777 and 1783, respectively. [67] The shoe industry subsequently left the region as well. This article is about the region in North America. The southernmost state in New England, Connecticut was one of the original 13 colonies of the US. Total Energy Consumed per Capita, 2013 (million Btu)", "State Energy Profiles: State Rankings - State Ranking 9.


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