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As his team were on the move, Neji tried to think of the right time to break the new to his team-mates — that the two scrolls they got are both Heaven scrolls. At the beginning of the fight, Neji tried to convince Hinata to give up the fight, saying that she did not suit to be a ninja, since she was "too kind" and stating that people never change. In Part I, Neji wore a beige-colored shirt, a dull blue shirt beneath that, and mesh armor beneath that. Hiashi was willing to do so if it meant protecting Konoha, but that in turn would give Kumo the Byakugan. Neji notices that the Ten Tails attack is heading for the location of HQ. After the fight, Naruto, angered by Neji's philosophy and treatment of Hinata, swiped up some of Hinata's blood, and swore to defeat Neji during the finals. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? Neji suggested that he and the others should concern themselves with finding the star, rather than with the potential dangers the star training had to the children. During a pit-stop on their return home, they noticed a number of birds apparently escaping from the village. At the war's start, he kept his hair tied in a ponytail, but as the war progresses, he allowed it to hang loose.
Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Neji, hearing this, scowls and says that wasn't the problem. Neji decides to pass on the Chunin Exams. While in the Valley of Judgement, Neji saves them and cuts the red string, which saddens Naruto.

Neji was born on the day of July 3rd as the only son of Hyuga Hizashi and his unnamed wife, therefore placing him in one of the Hyuga clan's branch houses. Tenten quickly covers herself, crouching away from Neji. The two groups talk about Naruto and the past, reminiscing about the first Chunin Exams. When he appears with the rest of his clan to protect Naruto during the Fourth Shinobi War, he had his hair out of the ponytail. When Neji was first seen in the manga, his hair tie was higher, directly below his head.

In the preliminary matches, Neji was paired up against Hyuga Hinata. He and the others then find Naruto laying unconscious on the ground. Glory is not the warmth of the sun, it is the warmth of your enemies' blood. Hiashi was willing to do so if it meant protecting Konoha, but that in turn would give Kumo the Byakugan. Neji reappeared at the end of the movie, where he, Choji, Yamato, and Sakura ran into Shikamaru's group. Afterwards, Kidomaru died, and Neji collapsed due to his injuries. Neji and Tenten have the same theme song in the anime, but Tenten's has a slower beat, while Neji's is more upbeat. His uncle, Hyuga Hiashi, was deeply impressed that Neji learned how to perform both of these abilities on his own, and by the end of Part I, started giving Neji special instruction in the Hyūga's other secret skills. Neji was assigned to lead a team of three Ninja Academy students; Koji, Jin and Futaba. Neji and Hinata are both in the same division; the Second Division. As the two sparred together Neji would help Hinata stand up whenever she had fell down. He then got patted on his head by his father. During the second phase, Team Maito Gai split up to find weak rival teams. While interviewed by Team Ebisu over Naruto's actions three years ago, Neji instead told Sarutobi Konohamaru and his friends the story of how his life changed during the Invasion of Konoha while rescuing Hinata from two Kumogakure ninja who used the chaos as an opportunity to take the Byakugan. However, their defenses proved no match for the monster, and Neji took a deathblow from the Ten-Tails meant for Naruto and Hinata. The masked man and Neji debate on the genin's motivation to fight. When Naruto wakes up, Neji and the others are relieved that Naruto is alright. After Neji's death in the manga, Tenten watches Guy's hot-blooded actions. They soon found Team Shira and saved them from their treacherous fellow Suna-nin. ], "So, tell me, just where am I supposed to go? When, during the course of the mission, the team was captured by Kidomaru's webbing, Neji was able to free them with his Gentle Fist, and had sent them after the remaining members of the Sound Four while he fought Kidomaru. These two as a couple do make a lot of sense, more than some of the other couples that came to be like Choji and his wife for one. Neji telling Naruto that he already accepts death as his fate. She would not allow any of them to die. In the Naruto SD anime, the only way Neji can scare Naruto is when he is about to activate his eight trigrams, and when he has a Kubrick stare in his eyes. Both hated one of the their relatives. While Naruto is dying, Hinata silently prays to Neji that he would protect Naruto. The world has stopped for them but the world keeps spinning for you. In the anime, since making peace with his uncle Hiashi, the Hyuga clan leader decided to help oversee his nephew's training and as such Neji would regularly train with Hiashi when not on missions. Hyuga Neji is a playable character in the following video games: He loved his father very much. He finished 15th in the seventh and most recent. During the mission, the jōnin leaders are kidnapped.

Whereas for Boruto : seeing the title as an nuisance, and is for people with no love ones), But they have new respect for the title after witnessing something.

Hizashi however volunteered to be his body double since his cursed seal would destroy his Byakugan at the time of his death, a fate he insisted upon over Hiashi's protests as he wanted to find a peaceful way to solve the issue. In the Naruto character popularity polls, Neji was placed 12th in the first, 13th in the second, 10th in the third, 6th in the fourth, 7th in the fifth and 8th in the sixth. He sure did not need his uncle coming in to ruin it all. And lastly Team Kakashi also fought against Deidara but they then fought against Sasori. Hinata tells him that she could see he was the one suffering due the differences between the Main and Branch families in the Hyuga clan and that, by fighting her, he was also trying to go against destiny. However, he was able to increase his Byakugan's range over time: whereas he could only see things 50 metres away in Part I.

Both spend time with a girl in the series that likes them. Neji then remained by Sakura's side to see her heal Hinata's injuries. As he passed away, Neji's juinjutsu was activated, and his Byakugan was sealed forever. Whereas for Boruto : helping Sarada if she becomes the Hokage). Neji's philosophy and growth: while he felt bound by destiny and the cursed seal on his forehead, he described his personal experiences as being like a caged bird;[12] after being defeated by Naruto, he observed to his father's memory how many birds there were freely flying in the world;[13] when trying to overcome the limitations of his Byakugan, he observed birds at a distance but could never spot the one at his blind-spot;[14] after his death, the Allied Shinobi Forces took on a bird formation in his memory.[15]. Because of Lee's lateness, Neji and Tenten both sleep on a tree. Neji and Sakura were pursued by Kusuna and Setsuna. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. His father believed that Neji's talent could enable him to surpass all other Hyuga, and indeed, the third databook says he successfully did so by the time of Part II. For example when Neji died, and how Tenten paid a lot of attention to Rock Lee. After the war ended, Naruto and the rest of Konoha attended Neji's funeral, and Naruto was shown reflecting on the death of his friend. She then says that destiny will never happen.

Nothing's special.

Their instructor, Might Guy, encouraged this, believing competition and the drive to succeed would push them to new heights. Tenten smiles, reassured by Neji's words and says okay. Years after, during the Fourth Shinobi War Neji got his chance when he, Hinata and Hiashi came to Naruto's aid in a plan to defeat the Ten-Tails. After everyone answered and time was up, Shikamaru revealed the second question. He insisted that their distaste of him is his own fault for the person he is right now, determined to be a man of recognition in the future. The Uchiha Clan Massacre also never happened, so Itachi never defected the village, and Sasuke never grew to hate him. Asked by Wiki User.

Later, after Sasuke and Boruto completed their mission to defeat Otsutsuki Urashiki, Sasuke used his Sharingan to erase Neji and everyone else's memories of the events in order to protect the timeline. When Neji dies, Tenten doesn't react immediately. NejiHina is a relatively popular couple that rivals NaruHina and NejiTen. Neji then entered the Ninja Academy, where he became a standout in and easily became the top graduate of his class. Naruto saw that he and Neji have a softspot for Hinata, and when the mission fail. Despite leaving them prime for defeat, Shira arrived and begged the Konoha-nin to leave them be. Naruto manages to use the Rasengan, and uses it and several clones to dispatch Sasori's puppets, causing him to retreat. Naruto Couples Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. In the anime, when the grown-up Sasuke and Boruto were sent back in time to shortly after Sasuke's defection, the two time-travelers pretended to be traveling performers and were put under watch by Naruto. Later, Sakura treats Hinata and Neji questions why would Hinata do such a reckless act, as to try fighting Pain alone. Echoing his uncle's later sentiments that people might die on the battlefield and that it was better for a parent to know that they died before their children, as his own father had.
Neji telling Naruto that Shikaku was probably glad to die before Shikamaru; Just like how Hizashi did for him back then. While Hizashi died while protecting Hiashi who was going to sacrifice himself for the cloud village so he can stop a war from happening. However, all three decided to pass on the exams for the time being to further hone their ninja skills. Including with members of the main house, who he gradually starts mending relations with. During the second battle, he was easily defeated and knocked out. In Part I, his hair reached the middle of his back and was tied back a few inches above the end in a loose ponytail, while two straps attached to a smaller headband underneath his ninja forehead protector frame the sides of his face. However, the Sound Four inform their enemies that in time, their actual bodies' halted chakra flow will eventually cause them to die. His suspicions were confirmed in part when it was revealed that Menma was part of a bandit clan, but Menma remained on Naruto's side, and sacrificed himself to save a town from bandits. As Naruto and Sakura haven't seen Hinata around for a couple of days. Neji made a few short appearances in this movie. (For Neji : being defeated by Naruto during their match. During the war, they are seem together fighting side-by-side against Zetsu's army, protecting each other's back as well.


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