minecraft speedrun rules
These rules are slightly outdated, added new rules to every single category including level leaderboards just now. However, if you are going for a record pace, it is extremely fast, faster than killing endermen, and is worth the risk. Even Minecraft.net’s very own Per Landin was cheering Illumina on during the stream! Ideally you should use the 9 TNT hidden in desert temples to blow up the houses in a savanna village to get about 6 stacks of wood. Ash: I don’t math but that sounds about right to me. Use the looting sword on the blazes. I got the chance to speak with Illumina in hopes of learning more about Minecraft speedrunning and the experience of playing the game on such a grand scale for a worthy cause! This strategy is not recommended stand-alone if you are going for a world record or are bad at PvE. If you are bad at PvE, you can pillar 2-3 blocks and then look at them to anger them, and if you are being chased by one and are low on health, you can try and jump up into a Twisting Vine to escape it. What do "kill" mean? It is easy to spot, with giant aquamarine trees and unnatural green foliage. Endermen can be easier to hunt in the nether because there are fewer other mobs to fight, there are frequently a lot of easy places to fight without being hit (such as standing in a 2 block high space), and they can be abundantly found within warped forests. Be careful doing this, as you don't have enough emeralds to just blindly trade. Summer traditions include camping, fireworks, swimming, and a much-needed break from school. Especially when looking for important things, such a lava to make a nether portal, blazes or other nether fortress mobs or silverfish to find the end portal, turn your volume up and turn on subtitles. Minecraft Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Also, if you aren't using beds, remember that a stone axe deals more damge than a diamond sword. create in vanilla and do something,then exit and use optifine to play. Are you allowed to save and quit before taking damage to gain spawn protection and save yourself in a glitchless run? Finally, exit the portal and head to the savannah village, dark oak forest, or jungle. There’s any% glitchless which is just like the aforementioned any% except you can’t use glitches. Keep hunting endermen until you have enough ender pearls. Illumina: Bismuth’s set seed run from AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) definitely kickstarted the growth. Building a two block pillar near the spawner can also help to block some blaze fire attacks while you kill the others. Optifine is allowed as long as you don't use the zoom for instance, and other settings that changes the gameplay in general (For the other questions, I leave it to the mods, don't wanna be wrong). Listen and keep an eye out for blaze and wither skeletons. For instance, you will need gravel for flint, lava to make a nether portal and snowballs if you plan to use them to destroy the end crystals. What was that about? Wait for pink particles, then trade with him again. While most games have an end or definite goal, Minecraft is an open-ended game and has no specific goal or end. However, he most likely will offer pearls. Illumina: The speedrunning community is on another level of wholesomeness that I love, and I hope it continues to be that way. I would probably allow it explicitly because it doesn't change the way that the game is played, and without it being allowed, you are restricting the speedrun to only people who can run Vanilla Minecraft (which excludes myself, my computer sucks). (Netherite swords work too, but are rarer due to the fact you need ancient debris, and ancient debris is quite rare, especially when you need four of them. If you start near a village, hay bales are the best source of food (if you're playing a version after 1.14) as you can craft bread with them. You place an end crystal as soon as you enter the end, then the dragon just doesn't spawn and the end portal is activated. All you have to do is find an adult piglin, and interact with gold in your hand or drop gold in front of it. If you need to travel in the overworld before making your nether portal, travel east or west to increase your X coordinate. Now you’re a speedrunning expert, let’s speak to Illumina! Anecdotal evidence shows that finding a nether fortress isn't affected by the Y level of the overworld portal. There’s the any% run where you simply beat the game as fast as possible using any tool available to you which usually means exploiting bugs and glitches. Turn up your render distance, if possible, to see further. 2012. Think about the items you will need and gather these along the way as many resources can suddenly become rare when you need them. You won't have any use for this, so throw it away. affect your choices and your style of play a lot: if your goal is to complete the game in less than 30 minutes you won't have time to gather not strictly necessary resources such as armor, diamonds etc. The video above shows a TAS (Tool Assisted Speedrun) from Geosquare late last year. Tell her it’s for charity. Ideally, you want a blaze spawner surrounded by netherrack so that you don't have to worry about blaze flying up or a ghast shooting at you. Gathering resources on peaceful difficulty, How to survive in a single area indefinitely, Save game data to Dropbox (world data only), https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Speedrun?oldid=1744740. If the blaze spawner is out in the open, you may want build a quick roof and walls to keep the blaze in and protect yourself from other mobs. Back then, it was mostly me vs a few people: bluecrystal, fearfulferret and funderful were some people that I competed against. Yes, you heard correctly, gamers get together and raise multiple millions of dollars every year just through playing their favourite games as fast as possible. Many players bring an extra ender pearl to teleport off the platform in the end, if necessary. It is based on the fact that mobs despawn if no player is within 128 blocks and that the player, upon death, is teleported to their spawn point. If you are going for WR pace, the run is dead, and you must restart. That’s awesome. However, killing the ender dragon and entering the exit portal is a common goal for Minecraft speedruns. 1sr v 2h, 1sr v 2h, 2sr v4h. Press F3 to turn on the debug screen and always know exactly where you are. It is best to buy at least 10, and smartest to buy at least 12- there is a good chance the eyes of ender can break on the way to the stronghold, and also, there is a very high chance that the portal will not have any eyes already filled in. Some people (namely me), prefer to use a Gamepad/Controller through this mod to play, without using an external program (which is terrible to set up, esp. When he becomes a fletcher, see if he has the sticks trade (32 sticks -> 1 emerald). But the unmodded categories are special in their own way. Next, find another unemployed villager. If you use a dark oak or jungle, place the TNT closer to the top of the trees. If not, dig a pit for your horse and head underground. If your lava makes cobblestone next to it instead of turning to obsidian, move the water source block until it's flowing next to the lava. A desert (even better if you can find a desert pyramid nearby) I had experience with PvP, so I tried to apply those skills to speedrunning and that helped. We went from a couple of people to a full blown community. In other 1.16 versions, the loot tables are different, and it will take almost forever to get gold. Then build this structure, sleep in the bed to set your spawn point but leave it immediately. Collect at least 6 stacks of logs, which is about 24 stacks of planks, or 48 stacks of sticks. Illumina: Yup, we became such good friends over time. It utilizes a phenomenon in this version that lets you trade infinitely with villagers. If you are going for WR, you should drop a bunch of gold by the piglin, then kill blazes while it barters. Ash: During your run, you had some amazing luck. "Minecraft" is a trademark of Mojang Synergies AB. It is best to mine gold as it barters and check on it periodically. The villager has a 2/3, or about 67%, chance of unlocking their pearl trade at this point. Strongholds can be vast, so keep track of your progress. It's not commonly used, due to the amount of times you'll have to reset for it. Wait for pink particles to appear around him, then open his interface again. Trying to mine lots of gold will take too much time. Don't use this method if you are not good at PvE, as it requires attacking endermen, which can easily kill you in a few hits. Make sure you use your looting sword. This is a very fast way to get cooked meat without waiting for a furnace. Question about "No Mods". BastiGHG introduced the Set Seed Glitchless run to the German community, and tarokitchen introduced the Random Seed Glitchless run to the Japanese community. The fastest speedruns use lava on or near the surface, a bucket and water to build a nether portal, but this means you will be traveling through the nether and killing several blaze with minimal equipment. Some of the most common types of speedruns are as follows: There are also other types of speedruns. If you haven't, that's ok! When planning a route, consider the following: 1. Probably because it's a nice change of pace from the randomness of unmodded Minecraft categories. The top area generally is more crowded with logs, and less dirt/grass will be blown up, which lets more logs be blown up. Leaving the nether with your blaze rods and at least one pearl will help you start traveling in the direction of the stronghold right away. You don't need any gold from the overworld, however. Repeat the process and get all the pearls the endermen dropped. Other goals may include killing all three major bosses or earning some or all of the advancements/achievements. Illumina: YouTube. Now scoop up lava and place it next to the water to make obsidian. You can quickly ride far enough to reset the spawn, meaning you will have many more chances for endermen to spawn, riding in a large circle around the biome. This also requires a desert pyramid. Craft furnaces with the cobblestone that got blown up with the iron, then split iron ore and coal into each furnace.


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