minamoto talent tree
He is locked behind a paywall, that is linked to the first 9 VIP levels to maximise his skills, and first purchase to obtain him. If we do, then your enemy should be ready to take lots of troop losses. Don’t worry though, this Minamoto Talent Tree Build Guide will definitely show you the best way to build him into a powerful nuking cavalry commander. Aside from that, his second skill, Trial in Kurama-dera, and fourth skill, Warlord, further increases his nuking ability by increasing his cavalry unit’s attack and increases the damage taken by the enemy respectively. Depending on what your game strategy is with this legendary commander, we have 3 best talent builds to use for Minamoto no Yoshitsune. } catch(e) {}. So, if you want to use this build and you don’t have Minamoto maxed out (what you probably don’t have), this is the best order to set up the build as you level him up: Step 1 (27 Points) – first you want to get over to Rejuvenate in the skill tree. To maximize his ability to nuke heavy damage, this Minamoto Talent Tree Build Guide will mainly focus on building him as a nuker. It’s like a must-have talent for any PvP build that you have on the battlefield for a cavalry commander. var _g1; He’s not as amazing as a support commander – but if you have all his skills unlocked, and ideally leveled up, he’s pretty good! Let’s head on initially to Rejuvenate to increase Minamoto’s rage restoration. His direct damage is already high compared to other nuking commanders and it even furthers out through his skill’s additional damage. He greatly lacks in rage restoration despite being a great nuker so this guide suggesting making up for this through taking this talent in his early levels. Basically, this skill enhances the active skill. Pair him up with Frederick, Pelagius, Osman or any commander that has insane additional damage factor bonus. Required fields are marked *, Rise of Kingdoms Minamoto No Yoshitsune Review / Overview. I felt it is more useful to rank them more by how strong they are in general and then give you some tips what role they serve best – this should help you decide which commander you should put in effort to level up and which ones are not working that great. Once you’ve reached at least level 40, you can start ditching these talents and start building the nuking talent. _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); Wu Zetian is a really good garrison defender commander and also her skills are on point – but the reason why she isn’t higher on this list is the reason that her support talent tree is not exactly on point and it feels like you need to “waste” several points there. This guide is a very good place to get started with because you will learn the importance of investing your commanders’ talent points in the right talents that will help you win the game. Hopefully, this guide will help new players how to use Minamoto no Yoshitsune and how to maximize his strength in the game. As I’ve mentioned earlier, Minamoto is one of the best nukers in the game. But If your Secondary commander has a lot of additional damage like Pelagius, Frederick, Osman etc, you want to maximize this talent. So, this is the best overall build that you can use in the open-field and not paring with commanders that have a lot of additional damage. She can do fine countering Attila/Takeda but the downside is you need all archer.


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