millermatic 252 won't turn on
When you hit the purge button the gas flows steady with no shut off or decrease. Different results can occur if a number of spot welds are made in one area of a production weld. Hub Tension Make sure the conduit sticks below the connection kit 1/8″-1/4″ to eliminate wire shaving. This is the time that the wire is feeding (WFS time). A little better period on 255 you were able to slide to Shield back and forth to cover the tip more or less. Push wire through guides up to drive rolls; continue to hold wire. Hey Nick, I am working on a 90 Miller Sidekick 120V MIG. This was full of damp sawdust but worse still magnetic iron filings luckily after a good blow out with an air duster soft brush and vacuuming which I should have done at the onset no apparent electrical damage thank god everything seemed fine. Any help is appreciated. The actual, best settings must be determined on sample pieces that are tested. What is going on? I have been using it for years, but last week I noticed that the wire was not coming out properly. I’m using a Miller Millermatic 252 and it runs continuously with out touching the trigger. I only use it to spot weld. 2) Use the payoff devices recommended by the manufacturer of the drum. If I switch the pig tail out it will go back to normal for awhile. When people say spot welding they are usually referring to Resistance Spot Welding (RSW). When the production spot welds are made on room temperature material, they should be very much like those made on the sample pieces. I intend to set a small delay to allow the gas to reach the nozzle following the trigger activation. Button welding is a reference to the resulting crown on top of  an arc spot weld. If one or both O-rings are missing, cracked, gouged or worn, shielding gas can leak out or the atmosphere can be drawn in, with both instances resulting in reduced welding performance. The Miller Service technicians do an excellent job of troubleshooting issues like this over the phone to determine if it may need to go into a repair shop or if it is something simple to resolve. Welding power sources equipped with solid state contactors are also recommended to keep maintenance costs down. Solution: By switching liner and connection, it helps to replace things, worn and get back your job in quick time. Hi Hello I’m having trouble with power in the 24 amp were the gun and wire is hooked up too a 220 amp power source! This means that if 60 cycle (Hz) power is being used, a spot weld specification may call for 30 cycles of weld time, meaning 1/2 of a second. In case of a blockage, need to check and clean or replace the liner. I NEED TO FIND OUT HOW TO HOOK THEM BACK UP TOGETHER . If this method is tried and good spot welds cannot be obtained, an operator should go back to the previous method of trying various volt-amp (WFS) or heat settings. I checked the tip and the inside of the nozzle to make sure that there was no spatter connecting the two and there wasn’t. Gas flow rates will typically be between 30 and 50 CFH (cubic feet per hour). csharp, PlasmaOnTheBrain liked this post Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Solution: First, determine the amperage disrupt. And no, the auto feed is not on. It has a simple job, to get wire from the spool to the weld pool at a consistent speed without variation in that speed. Checked ground and it was ok. As in all occupations, safety is paramount. They will help you determine if it is something simple or if it will need to go to a service shop for repair. 8. I installed a new liner but that shouldn’t cause any problems should it? I have a Miller S60 series wire feeder, Serial Number KE711442, Stock 131785 that is attached to my shop master 300. Among the technology, a MIG welder is an essential tool. Figure 118 shows three different results of burnback settings. Use a pliers or block of wood to try and stop the wire from feeding. Solution: Tighten the loose connections, in the case it faulty plugs or inappropriate duty cycle occurs. The burnback adjustment control helps to keep the welding wire from sticking to the workpiece after the timed arc spot weld is completed. There is no cut-and-dry answer as to the exact pressure needed to ensure proper drive roll pressure. Stainless Steel – 90% He-7 1/2% Ar-2 1/2% CO2 (tri-mix); 98% Ar-2% O2 purposes. 446 0 obj <> endobj Naturally there are many factors involved in these settings, so they should only be looked upon as a starting point. I’ve checked all the usual factors, any help would be great. Joint design is usually not a problem with GMAW arc spot welding. Millermatic 252 Looking for some opininos on the millermatic 252?? Your issue is interesting and may be caused by something other than the basics and your issue requires more answers to questions. A good indication of a poor electrical connection is heat. If using this spot weld method, the jack plug, is set to the highest setting, and the spot time control is used to change the spot weld condition. I think it’s in the gun as the drive rollers are moving when the trigger is activated. I can see that by stopping the wire feeder I will cause the weld to cease as the welding wire is separated from the spot weld, Should I have any concerns this may damage the welder. Hi. I have a MillerMatic 210 welding machine. If the switch is okay then plugs and rest function will work correctly, to get swift action, use digital Mig that helps you to monitor self the power supply and your machine overall loading performance. We had a Miller rep come in and swear it was the liner, however the same day he was there and we changed out everything my machine went right back to the chatter. What could have happened? The electrode extension should not be too long or it may cause stubbing at the start of the weld cycle. It involves tangled wire, which leads to halting the wire feed. I do not have to press the trigger. Could this be a Motor or maybe electrical current issue? 10. When I press the Gun, the machine does feed the wire, but the issue is just the NO gas flow. The gun liner should be the proper size for the wire being used and should also be clean and free of dust and debris. 5) Use the least amount of drive roll tension that you need to consistently feed the wire without slippage with the robot arm/gun in the most twisted/bent configuration you expect to be using it in. I have a 2:52 Millermatic stock number 9 07321. The hub tension is simply a means to keep the wire from de-coiling off of the spool when wire feeding stops. Cut wire off. Is there a adjustment to line up the opening in the gun wire? Liners are wear items and should be replaced on a regular schedule. Question, why does the power not get fed to the feed mechanism when I pull the trigger? The smallest pinhole in a gas hose can act like a carburetor and draw in air, contaminating the weld. If I press the little electrical button to feed the wire through the torch it works, but not when I pull the trigger on the torch to weld. The best course of action would be to call a Miller Service Technician, and be sure you have the model name and serial number of both your wire feeder and the welding power source you are connected to. 1631 International Drive Arc voltage can affect the shape of the spot weld. If at all possible, GMAW arc spot welding should be done in the flat position.


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