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Halisstra Melarn, the Lady Pentinent, was also a priestess of the Dark Maiden during the Silence of Lolth. [18], On Nightal 20 of the 1375 DR, Cavatina killed the demigod Selvetarm (with the help of the Lady Penitent), using the Crescent Blade that she had recovered almost intact. Since a lot of your best late-game natural weapons are d10s, that’s a ton of damage! Two of the most popular Eilistraee followers in the Forgotten Realms novels are Liriel Baenre and Qilué of The Seven Sisters. Those who observed such dances said that the goddess came and sang to her follower, and that as the aged priest danced, she would gradually gain the strength and energy of youth, looking younger and younger. [1], Before 1489 DR, Eilistraee counted Vhaeraun, her own brother, among her enemies, and she was saddened by his cruelty and selfishness. This penalty is not removed by any duration, or amount of rest, but may be cleared with a Remove Curse spell or ability.". In the Forgotten Realms, Eilistraee, like all deities, has a definite set of teachings for her followers. Temples in the Underdark – even shrines close to the surface – are unusual and the Promenade of the Dark Maiden is unique in being a large center of worship of the Dark Dancer, the main one, founded in the caverns of the Undermountain, to prevent the return of Ghaunadaur. It is held whenever Eilistraee warns her followers of the presence of a peril/dangerous creature in the area (through the sound of her horn), in order to prevent it from hurting travelers or the inhabitants of nearby settlements. This magic is known as Spellsong. She chose one of her new converts, Halisstra Melarn, to wield the artifact known as the Crescent Blade, which could be used to kill Lolth before her awakening (in 1373 DR). They show to the drow that a different kind of life, far from Lolth, is possible, and assist them in making this choice by giving them aid, food, acceptance and safe places to live. While you can’t cast magic while in a Wild Shape, you can still concentrate. And the Moon Circle druid will continue to be a force of nature throughout every level. This allows you to turn into something with a great movement speed, move up, and attack. They can in fact directly cleave to Eilistraee, without the need of "dancing the Changedance". There has been one good Drow in the history of D&D, and that's Drizzt Do'Urden, who is one of the Mary Sue-iest characters in all of fiction—and he's been the star of countless novels and is the only reason any D&D player has even been interested in the Drow, of which now there is a terrifying amount of material. However, by association, the official Eilistraee acquired such skills and powers herself under later writers and development. How, when they're effectively immortal? [1], In the 1370s DR, her conflict with her mother over the souls of the drow race ultimately led to Eilistraee's defeat and disappearance. Some priestesses of the Dark Maiden live in Lolth-dominated drow settlements, hiding from the clergy of the Spider Queen, even posing as her followers, in order to carry out the above-mentioned missions. Learn about all the options with our Circle of the Moon 5E Guide. [1] Eilistraeeans perform missions underground, looking for those dark elves who are in need of their help and that can be brought on the surface (mostly slaves, commoners, fallen and hunted nobles or drow who are generally unsatisfied with the life that Lolth imposes them), bringing them the Message of Eilistraee. Hers is the force that brings a stag within the reach of hungry drow. Let’s check it out, in our Circle of the Moon 5E Guide. [7], In Flamerule of 1379 DR, the Masked Lady, while inhabiting the body of Qilué Veladorn, was killed by Halisstra Melarn using the Crescent Blade. ), and Darkvision is always nice. Overall, these elementals have poor damage outputs compared to most beasts, but slightly better tankiness without Barkskin. And if they attack you, they take 1d10 damage. Meanwhile, Cavatina Xarann, a Darksong Knight serving Eilistraee, was sent by Qilué on a mission to recover the Crescent Blade from the Demonweb pits. Eilistraee tried to be a guide for the exiled drow, but in her state she could not rival Lolth as deity of the dark elves, and the Spider Queen led them in the Underdark. Sit back as we discuss the matter in our how much can you carry 5E Guide! You essentially have to drop Wild Shape and start casting spells. And most of them have extremely valid reasons to be turned into; Fire Elementals can make any creature with Vulnerability (Fire) disappear, for instance. Each swing takes tens of lives, Each step leaves a trail of corps Use it if you need a swim speed, and then consider burning one of your two short rest abilities and just Octopus it up. The radiance is bound to the creator, and can be moved and shaped around their body at will, and as fast as desired. You’ll use both your procs to be a beast during any combat… and thus you’ll. In the heat of the battle that ensued, when Ghaunadaur made its entrance, Corellon painfully realized that the threat had to have come from within the Seldarine itself, as a being like Ghaunadaur could only enter Arvandor if a true evil already lurked within the plane. However and whenever she appears, her song is heard: a tune of eerie beauty, moving many to tears. Hearing the Dark Maiden's hunting horn can also simply mean that someone nearby is in need of help. Alternatively, if you weren’t quite ready for combat, you can cast a spell. But she is known to watch over them and help and assist any creature that she favors (even if not her worshiper) in immediately useful ways. Of course, the faithful are encouraged to use this time to also learn (and/or pass on) new songs, music, recipes and sword techniques. [18], Though focused on the drow, Eilistraee accepts folk of all races who dance along her path, who delight in life and in the free-form expression of life in all its forms. Moonfire has the same intensity as moonlight, and it is generally used as a light source for reading, to see in the dark, as a signal for communication or for artistic purposes. [4], Among her great godly skills, Eilistraee is an excellent weaponsmith, and can freely create almost any magical item pertaining to beauty, hunting, moonlight, song, or swordplay; she is an expert in matters of magic, nature, and faith. That’s not really important, but you can do it if you really want. In addition, a lot of these creatures are going to be rather dangerous with their attack action. Despite Corellon being almost fatally wounded, the battle was ultimately won by the forces of the Seldarine and, as soon as the last invader was driven from Arvandor, the elven deities – still unbelieving that the Dark Maiden could act against her father – gathered around the unconscious elven lord, trying to aid him and save his life. Learn how to best cook food and game, and gather new recipes and spices whenever there is the chance to do so. Earth Elementals are the tankiest your Wild Shape can get, but have a weird Thunder vulnerability. Additionally, while you are transformed by Wild Shape, you can use a bonus action to expend one spell slot to regain 1d8 hit points per level of the spell slot expended. [1], Repay violence with swift violence, quickly removing dangers and threats, so that the fewest may be hurt. In the Promenade of Eilistraee this ritual took the particular form of the Flamesong, the most important personal prayer for the Dark Ladies and Maids (priestesses and novices, respectively), in which they danced around a flame or a candle. The moment something gets resistant to nonmagical attacks, the Moon Druid becomes much weaker. The Whelm ability is aggressive and good at keeping creatures under wraps. They can imbue it with a variety of magical enhancements, let it sing like a singing sword (making them strike with increased precision and rallying their hearts), or let it dance (like a dancing weapon) to attack the enemy on its own or to protect the priestess. All drow met, when not working evil on others, are to be given the message of Eilistraee: A rightful place awaits you in the Realms Above, in the Land of the Great Light. In a perfect world, you’ll always be in Wild Shape. An alternative version is a nude drow female, depicted with long hair, wielding a bastard sword and dancing before a full moon (this version is a stylized representation of the Dark Dancer herself). This plan didn't go well: Sehanine Moonbow, whom Araushnee and Vhaeraun had ambushed and trapped before the invasion (because she had seen their true intentions and tried to warn them against their plans), had in fact managed to free herself and intervened in time to save Corellon (together with Aerdrie Faenya and Hanali Celanil, in the form of the triune goddess Angharradh) and free Eilistraee from guilt. The purpose of the lore limiting the number of Maiden warlocks to one warlock is to also limit abuse of the 1st level ability. Those who contemplated her could feel as if they had found the answer to all that their soul ever longed for, but upon her leaving, they would experience a feeling of deep loss, or even desolation, though only for a brief time (as Sharlario Moonflower and his son, Cornaith, felt when the Dark Dancer manifested to them, warning them of the dangers of Ilythiir).


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