lock 'n load nations at war digital
All Digital Games; Lock 'n Load Tactical Series; Nations At War Series; Space Infantry Resurgence Series; World At War 85 Series; Battles On Demand Series; Command Ops 2 Series; Corp Command Series; Tank On Tank Series; Falling Stars; Line of Fire Magazine; War Diary Magazine; In the Works; Pre-Orders & Kickstarter; My Store Account awargamersneedfulthings.co.uk/2020/0... comment. share. Lock 'n Load Publishing is raising funds for Storming the Gap - World At War 85 on Kickstarter! Tank on Tank Digital. Nations at War: White Star Rising 2nd Edition from Lock ‘n Load Publishing is a really cool looking platoon level combat game set on the Western Front of World War II in 1944. In 2006 Lock 'n Load Publishing was officially started. Preview of Nations at War Digital by Lock 'N Load Publishing. Lock’n’Load Publishing are best known for their physical table-top wargames these days, although they do have some credence in the digital space. CEO David Heath is ex-Matrix Games, after all. Based on the popular World at War, NAW depicts platoon level combat in World War II. save hide report. Released: December 2016 on Lock ‘n Load Publishing and May 2017 on ... or perhaps something light to introduce young commanders and tacticians to war gaming, Tank on Tank Digital is the answer. Publisher's blurb: "White Star Rising introduces Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s Nations at War (NAW) game system. Beautiful counters highlight the game but the real star is the fast playing and easy to learn system that is very fun. Storming the Gap is an exhilarating, easy to play, yet quick to learn game on World War III Platoon-level combat. Another fantastic looking game from Lock ‘n Load Publishing, Nations at War: White Star Rising 2nd Edition is a platoon level scenario based tactical combat game that focuses on the Western Front of World War II during 1944. Holdfast: Nations At War is an online multiplayer first and third person shooter focusing on a combination of teamwork and individual skill. The company's original titles, Lock 'n Load: Band of Heroes, Swift and Bold, World at War: Eisenbach Gap, and Lock 'n Load: Day of Heroes, released within the year, and have subsequently sold through two printings. Germans vs. Americans (mostly) and it is great fun! Take part in historic clashes on land and at sea waged by the most powerful nations during the great Napoleonic Era. 100% Upvoted. Command Ops 2 is probably their best computer wargame right now.


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