list of gotras
[5], According to Robert Vane Russell, many gotra of hindu caste are of totemic origin which are named after plants, animals and natural objects. [1] The name of the gotra can be used as a surname, but it is different from a surname and is strictly maintained because of its importance in marriages among Hindus, especially among the higher castes. Similarly, for five sages, it is pancha-rishaye, and for seven sages, it is sapta-rishaye. I). People belonging to various castes may have same gotra Hindu social system. These "lineages" as they developed among the Brahmins of that time meant patrilineal descent. The documentation of all the Gotra names under each gaNa and the list of all Pravaras under each of those Gotras will be a very exhaustive work, beyond the scope of this post. Disclaimer: The information in this page is collected from different sources on internet. Generally the gotra forms an exogamous unit, with the marriage within the same gotra being prohibited by custom, being regarded as incest. While it is somewhat akin to a family name, the given name of a family is often different from its gotra, as given names may reflect the traditional occupation, place of residence or other important family characteristic rather than gotra.. People belonging to the same gotra also belong to the same caste in the Hindu social system. She would be considered a parallel cousin, of the same gotra, and therefore to be treated as a sister.[9]. Gotra means subdivisions of the castes represent more close relations of family. [11] In other communities, marriage within the gotra of the mother's father, and possibly some others, is prohibited. var STYLE_PREFIX = 'wsite'; The offspring (apatya) of these seven are gotras and others than these are called gotrâvayava.[2].

The Brahmins are a community of Vedic Sanatan Sanskriti, who belong to the Brahmin varna.

As a Rigvedic terms, gotra simply means "cow pen" or "herd of cows". The utmost variety of names is found, and numerous trees, as well as rice and other crops, salt, sandalwood, cucumber, pepper, and some household implements such as pestle, rolling slab, serves as name of clans. if (Prototype.Browser.IE) window.onload = initFlyouts; A much more common characteristic of South Indian Hindu society is permission for marriage between cross-cousins (children of brother and sister) as they are of different gotras. As people of same gotra are usually considered family if you don’t even know them.

else jQuery(initFlyouts) Eight types of marriages are, (1) Brahma Vivaha, (2) Arsa Vivaha, (3) Daiva Vivaha, (4) Prajapatya Vivaha, (5) Gandharva Vivaha, (6) Asura Vivaha, (7) Rakshasa Vivaha, and (8) Paishacha Vivaha. List of Gotras Following are the mail origins who are responsible of Gotras. These eight sages are called gotrakarins, from whom all 49 gotras (especially of the Brahmins) have evolved. In Hindu society GOTRA refers to people who are descendants from an unbroken male line from a common male ancestor. The court also said that the mass of material in the Hindu texts is so vast and so full of contradictions that it is a near-impossible task to reduce it to order and coherence. Those who belong to Brahman, Kshatriya and Vaishya only have gotras. Among other gotras, parashar is one of the important gotras. All the Gotra-pravartaka Rishis are categorized under seven primary Rishis. List of All Gotra in Hindu. Bharaddwaj Gotra seventy-seven clans. Thus, a man is allowed to marry his maternal uncle's daughter or his paternal aunt's daughter, but is not allowed to marry his paternal uncle's daughter. The word gotra means "lineage" in the Sanskrit language. Gotra, lineage segment within an Indian caste that prohibits intermarriage by virtue of the members’ descent from a common mythical ancestor, an important factor in determining possible Hindu marriage alliances. })(window._W && _W.jQuery) LONWEB.ORG is a property of Casiraghi Jones Publishing srl Marriages between opposite gotras are therefore encouraged. These seven – Bhrigu, Angirasa, Atri, Kashyapa, Vasishta, Agastya and Vishwamitra – were all Brahmarshis occupying the highest echelons amongst the hierarchy of the Rishis. //-->. [16], In the 1945 court case of Madhavrao vs Raghavendrarao, which involved a Deshastha Brahmin couple, the definition of gotra as descending from eight sages and then branching out to several families was thrown out by the Bombay High Court. A Gotra is the lineage or clan assigned to a Hindu at birth. A possible workaround for sagotra marriages is to perform a 'Dathu' (adoption) of the bride to a family of different gotra (usually dathu is given to the bride's maternal uncle who belongs to different gotra by the same rule) and let them perform the 'Kanyadanam' ('kanya' (girl) + 'danam' (to give)). Thus name of the rishis or saints, Bharadwaj means a lark, Kaushik means descended from Kusha,[6] Agastya from agasti flower, Kashyapa from kachhap a tortoise, Taittiri from titar a partridge. Though Gandharva marriage had its due prominence in our Shahstras, but with advancement of time, Vedic Hinduism giving way to classic Hinduism, the concept of arranged marriage rose to prominence, which till today is predominant ritual for a marriage between two individuals. For such lists of gotras compounded by caste, refer to the following: Rika, Jigna, Kodhia, Radia, Kajaria, Sijiwali, Jalala, Malan, Dhewa, Dhiren, Jaiyati, Niya, Koa. It is said that there are main 8 gotras evolved from the Rishis (sages) who were mind-born sons of Bramha, one of the Hindu Trinity. The commonest totem names are those of animals, including several which are held sacred by Hindus, as bagh or nahar, the tiger; bachas, the calf; murkuria, the peacock; kachhua or limun, the tortoise; nagas, the cobra; hasti, the elephant; bhainsa, the buffalo; richaria, the bear; Kuliha, the Jackal, kurura, the dog; karsayal, the deer; hiran, the black-buck and so on. Here I will tell you about the all Gotra's of Maheshwaries.It will definitely help you to know more about the Maheshwaries.You will see here the Gotra according to your surname. else document.observe('dom:loaded', initFlyouts); (because Veda Vyasa protects Veda); (2) कृष्णः (because Krishna protects the world); (3) राजा (because the king protects For example, Jats and Rajputs have 3000 Gotras and Mudirajas of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have 2600 Gotras. Gotra is always passed on from father to children among most Hindus. 2-SARANHS (SANDILIYA): Dutia,Dhutia,Purecha,Porecha, Jab, Babla, Sukhdi, Dhawan. #wsite-content div.paragraph, #wsite-content p, #wsite-content .product-block .product-title, #wsite-content .product-description, .blog-sidebar div.paragraph, .blog-sidebar p, .wsite-form-field label, .wsite-form-field label {}

P.IVA e C. FISCALE 11603360154 • REA MILANO 1478561 Surname and Gotra. One who follows the system defined by three sages defines himself as tri-a-rishaye. [13], With nuclear families and large scale migration, in search of job or business opportunities or otherwise, it is possible that one may not know his/her gotra. In almost all Hindu families, marriage within the same gotra is not encouraged or practised since they are believed to be descended from the same family. I have written on the Gotras of Brahmins. 6-DEVDAS: Ramaiya, Pawar, raja, Parajia, Gurugulab, Karatari, Dhadher, Kukad. [12] Section 5(v) of Hindu Marriage Act 1955 also prohibits sapinda relationship but there is no restriction of Sagotra marriage. Bhrigu – Jamadagni Gana [10] Some communities in North India do not allow marriage with certain other clans, based on the belief that both clans are of the same patrilineal descent.

The first four types of marriages reflect the paradigm behind arranged marriages. Similarly the origin of other rishis is attributed to animals, Rishyasringa to an antilope, Mandavya to a frog, Kanada to an owl. Caste is broader term used to represent certain group of people like – poudel, basnet, neupane, khadka, shrestha etc. People within the gotra are regarded as siblings and marrying such a person would be thought of as taboo. It is common practice in preparation for Hindu marriage to inquire about the kula-gotra (meaning clan lineage) of the bride and groom before approving the marriage. The court called the idea of Brahmin families descending from an unbroken line of common ancestors as indicated by the names of their respective gotras "impossible to accept." List of Nepali Gotras . The second part of the word “त्र” (function(jQuery){ The specific meaning "family, lineage kin" (as it were "herd within an enclosure") is relatively more recent, first recorded around the mid-1st millennium BCE (e.g., Chandogya Upanishad). You might have heard that you cannot marry a person from same GOTRA as yours, that is because they are your family in some way. So why only the word ‘gotra’ is used for Rishi and the progeny (rishi parampara) ? In many cases people get confused in Caste and Gotra. However, there is no harm in Sagotra marriage, if the individuals are not related to six generations both from maternal and paternal side, as brought out in chapter 5 of Manu smriti at mantra 60, which states, सपिण्डता तु पुरुषे सप्तमे विनिवर्तते । समानोदकभावस्तु जन्मनाम्नोरवेदने, which means that sapinda ends after seventh generations.


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