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English He also floats inside the encasing of his fire dragon. Honoka Maki | Lio Fotia is the false antagonist of the 2019 anime movie Promare. He is one of the strongest Burnish.

Was he going to betray Mad Burnish… or keep Galo in check? Galo now looks seriously freaked out. Male

Galo follows it to a local cave where several escaped Burnish are. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. i haven’t done indie rp in 87 years and i remember nothing, ((I’m a little late saying this but I wanted to make it official my blog is on a temporary roleplaying break over the holiday!! During his attack on the city, Galo was to hold Lio instead of fight with him once he took him away from Kray. The fact Anilith believed him so quickly stung a bit more than he would have liked to admit, but he didn’t stay upset for long. not sure if there will be a mini series or another movie to delve more into this character but…. No information Despite presumably not knowing her before, he cares for her as a fellow Burnish and later rescues her alongside other imprisoned Burnish.

Gueira is made upset by this and attempts to break his locks, which ends up freezing him.

Occupation Age: 26 Gender: Male Height: Appears 190.5 cm / 6'3" (194.5 cm / 6'4.5" with heels) Birthday: Dec. 14 Lio's Lietenant. “Of course Santa exists.” Lio said it so matter-of-factly that the florist was taken aback.

When Galo revives Lio via Burnish CPR, Lio is touched by the gesture and surprised Galo considered saving him. at this point, we’ll just have to rely on all the headcanons. Gender This could mean Lio was frozen in ice for the same amount of time, but this hasn't been confirmed. Lio Fotia

Height: 5'2. Despite this, Lio uses the remains of his flame to protect Galo instead. because i’m bringing you lio fotia from promare (2019). Burnish, BNA: Brand New Animal “It’s flat.”. Ikuno | Hair Color: Pale Blond and Green. The two used to lead Mad Burnish as simple outlaws until Lio took over. They’re an interesting bunch, he thinks. Koyama scrapped the idea entirely. Satsuki Kiryūin | Furthermore, he would immediately lose his angered form while Galo would be wearing a more traditional firefighter uniform. With his constant crimes against the Burnish and him labeling Mad Burnish as terrorists, he has no sympathy towards Kray.

*eyes emoji*. Name When consumed by rage and agony, flames cloak him and his entire form takes on a silhouetted appearance only defined by stark white outlines and his own bright eyes.

Lio attempts a Burnish form of CPR in which flames are given via mouth-to-mouth.

Birthday: Dec. 14 Galo is a very passionate and caring individual. Jasminka Antonenko | They respect his wishes. Hiro | )), 18.  my muse tries to convince yours that santa totally does exists. Birthday: April 3 To the general public, his resistance is viewed as terrorism. Lio is almost killed from the machine, his body rapidly disintegrating. According to staff, Lio slowly losing his clothing represents him becoming closer with Galo. “To think the earth is as flat as this pizza…” He says to Lio one day while they’re eating lunch. Despite his best efforts, Thyma is left to die due to her wounds caused by the Foresight Foundation. To the general public, his resistance is viewed as terrorism. It will need to be trimmed, or you can use our Katinka style as a shorter alternative. Mako Mankanshoku | Kray is shown giving himself bird wings while Lio flies next to a helicopter. Sexuality gay. Lio has light skin and green light hair, he has a petite frame, despite having a deeper graveled voice, his suit black leather shirt and pants with belts cover his hips. Enemies Gender: Male. Johnny Yong Bosch. Her death leaves him feeling bitter towards the foundation. do you find yourself in dire desperate need of impeccably fashionable insurgent freedom fighters who have taken it upon themselves to topple down insidious systemic racism & hegemonic discrimination/prejudice? It most certainly was not flat.”, Galo almost drops the pizza everywhere.

Furthermore, his plans, while odd, have been shown to work. With Galo correcting himself and insisting he can help save Thyma, Lio slowly begins to trust him. Lio later refers to Thyma by name.

Luluco |

In pre-production, Lio was originally not going to be Burnish, with that role going to Galo instead. His mother was caught by the Freeze Force while he hid away. After his discussion with Galo, an elderly Burnish man directs him to Thyma, whose condition is greatly worsening. Over Justice | After all of the non-Burnish are protected from the flames, Galo de Lion is formed to a much larger scale than its predecessor.

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In an earlier draft, Vulcan was to have fought Lio during the latter's escape from prison. Lio confides this to Galo before he leaves with his fellow Burnish. Lio is of slender build and relatively short stature. A lot of fans (who watched the trailer for the first time) assumed Lio was a girl until he opened his mouth and a man's voice came out of it. We have to burn in order to live. Eyes Lio at this point tells Galo not to interfere and only fights back in Aina's container. Secretary | A fight breaks out between them in the city. He is very selfless. When Lio lands and eventually has the ice melt, he removes the bullet and ends up going on a revenge-fueled rampage fueled by the mistreatment and sorrow for his Burnish brethren. When the trio are later dragged away, Lio uses his new-found knowledge to break his hand cuffs, restrain the guards, and free his two allies. Helios is the god of the sun in Greek who is seen driving his chariot around the world. During the events of Promare, Lio, Gueira, and Meis devise a plan in which the three of them will be captured by Freeze Force in order to free the Burnish prisoners.

Galo offers to help, but Lio rejects it, knowing normal CPR wouldn't work. Age: Unknown. Matarō Mankanshoku |

This resulted in Deus' murder by the hands of Kray. I’ll probably be back on this blog eventually. Lio at first sees Galo as another Kray supporter. Well you said the earth was flat?… Remember?”, “We saw the earth from Galo de Lion the day we saved the planet!!

Thus, he insists that his followers do the same and leave escape routes in the wake of a fire. Lio chokes on a soda. Goals Though he uses his abilities as a Burnish to burn buildings, Lio always leaves an escape route for those inside. When Lio finds Foresight Foundation's tower, he flies to the top where Kray himself waits. In more ways than one. Lio Fotia not sure if there will be a mini series or another movie to delve more into this character but…. I̷'m̷ n̷u̷t̷s̷, b̷a̷b̷y̷, I̷'m̷ m̷a̷d̷. He cooperates with his generals, Gueira and Meis, to ensure things go accordingly. While Galo appears to be all brawn and no brain at first, he is actually deeply compassionate and hates to see others hurt. Hometown: Detriot . Friends/Allies This is due to them not wanting to 'categorize' either Galo or Lio. The flames are apart of us. According to Geekboat, Lio's bike is named 'Detroit.

Or it would but Lio was actually so used to this dumb argument he no longer cared. Remi’s doing the Gendo Ikari pose.

This proves to not be changing anything, thus they begin to dig into the ground to reach the core. Lio screaming Foresight's name in anger can be heard throughout. Zero Two | Gueira and Meis are the closest members to him. When touch-ups were done to the Blu-ray version of Promare, crew members wished to add dialogue during this scene. Lio Fotia (as of now I have yet to officially see the movie, see this as more of an AU of Lio. He believes that Burnish should not unnecessarily kill others to avoid harsher treatment. When Deus X Machina is shown to the duo, Deus commands them to work together as allies to save the world.

Age early 20s. Birthday: Feb. 20 And Ignis has been sitting around just observing.

Basic Info To his last breath. When Lio is seen again, his body begins to deteriorate rapidly from the machine's draining. Make things more reasonable please……..”.

Lio, with a strong sense for justice, cannot sit idly by and let his kind be subjected to such horrible treatment. He is adamant that Burnish should never kill without reason and is incredibly passionate about protecting those who cannot protect themselves. He appears to of come back from a recent grocery trip, which makes Galo question if Burnish even eat. Age: 25 Attention is then brought back to the previously mentioned woman, Thyma. While Lio and his other Mad Burnish attempt to stop them, the previously mentioned elder reveals himself to be a traitor and places an ice bomb on Lio, causing him to be partially paralyzed from Vulcan's absolute zero bullet. After that day, Galo sincerely believed the earth was flat. Aina walked into the room in time to witness the flat earth resolution.

Nico Niiyama, Darling in the Franxx Hair This later results in the shock of Galo, who mistakes him for being far younger than either man is. Back on Earth, Galo comments on the need for more hands and asks for Lio's help. After Lio thaws off Galo, he attempts to murder Kray for all his crimes against humanity. As Kray attempts to destroy the duo, Lio transforms Deus X Machina once more to include a Matoi. Lio Fotia not sure if there will be a mini series or another movie to delve more into this character but…. Gridman | ), Remi finally snaps. If the price of freedom for the Burnish was his life, body and soul, he would give it. She thinks they’re all idiots and walks back out. in-stock.

When prompted for what they should do instead, he proposes they build a self-sufficient society away from humans. Green-blonde A burn in his heart for every time he hears any trace of distaste for his kind and will defend the Burnish. If Galo had not intervened, Lio and Kray would of likely began to fight, as evidenced by Kray's glowing hand. Lio's Lietenant. This results in Lio's wounds being healed. His determination to extinguish all that is wrong leads him into wanting to understand the Burnishmore and what they are fighting for. He nearly dies right before Galo stops Kray and uses a Burnish CPR kiss on Lio. His hairstyle would also occasionally differ with shorter cuts or longer bangs instead. Public officials are so worthless. Species dragon. It is unknown if this is due to Gueira and Meis or another means.

Shirō Iori | Occupation Magenta


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