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The company’s net revenue was down 22% in fiscal 2020. There is also another instance where Piper says, “with Akamai expected to receive the “lion’s share” [of Disney+ traffic] (not necessarily the majority share. Nordstrom had just $991 million in cash and cash equivalents at the end of the second quarter, compared with its long-term debt of $3.3 billion. Piper is using data that can’t be correlated or compared to today’s market conditions in any capacity. [90GB per month, per user, at $0.0025 per GB delivered] This is per month, so $24M for the year. Tilray’s net losses for the three-month period totaled $81.7 million. The economic fallout from the ongoing pandemic is lifting the lid on the vulnerabilities of certain companies struggling to weather the drastic peaks and valleys of the coronavirus stock market. Disney could build out a CDN for the delivery of Disney+ content for under $100M in initial CAPEX costs. ALSO READ: Best Renewable Energy Stocks for 2020. They built the first OTT video service in the market 17 years ago with MLB.TV and if they wanted to build their own CDN, they could do it quickly and cost-effectively with a great quality of service. You must be logged in to post a comment There’s also an odd reference in the report to Akamai’s pricing saying that Akamai is “charging ~$0.006 globally per GB per month to deliver this volume of traffic“, saying that pricing “would represent an over 80% discount to what lower-quality competitors are offering at scale today.” Akamai isn’t at an 80% discount on any of their services and Piper doesn’t define what they mean when they say “lower-quality competitor“?

Simply click here to learn how to get your copy of “5 Growth Stocks Under $49” for FREE for a limited time only. Although the company reported positive revenue growth of 10% in the quarter ended on June 30, its revenue was still down 3.2% compared with the previous quarter. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours.

Piper’s report says the probability of Disney building their own CDN is “low” suggesting “it would take >5 yrs for Disney to get full distribution.” Of course, that’s not the case at all and Piper doesn’t understand the costs or time involved in deploying a purpose-built CDN. It seems it has to do with gross profit margin on services rendered. That’s 20% fewer bits than they suggest. As a reminder, some of the top users of Limelight's web traffic services are TV broadcast and streaming giants like Disney. During the second quarter of this year, the company experienced a nearly $17 million decline in revenue as the result of ongoing cruise cancellations. Marriott’s substantial net loss of $234 million in the second quarter of 2020 was worsened by $77 million of bad debt expenses and impairment charges attributed to the coronavirus. Although Norwegian Cruise Lines closed the quarter with $2.3 billion in cash and cash equivalents on its balance sheet, its $10.3 billion debt position is concerning given that its profitability for the foreseeable future remains one big question mark. The stock is down 37% from its January trading price.

After the promotional period, the price would increase to $0.06 per GB per month.” In 2009 I wrote a detailed blog post on Netflix’s cost to stream their videos and the average price point from third-party CDNs was $0.03, or half of what Piper suggests. Limelight's focus on large customers in the media industry seems to be the issue here, although the higher cost of revenue and depreciation (a non-cash item) on newly constructed infrastructure also took a toll in the period. Shares of Tempe-based Limelight Networks Inc. dipped by more ... the media services provider says it's continuing to grow its on-demand video services by helping The Walt Disney … The raising of $110 million in fresh cash via convertible debt also bodes well for Limelight's chances at further success. Much of the rally in LLNW stock is thanks to a bullish analyst note from Gregory Miller at Truist Financial. Through the first nine months of the year, this small internet data delivery technologist is doing well considering its size relative to many much larger peers. I thus say the precipitous fall in share price -- currently sticking a market cap of only $483 million on Limelight and a valuation of just two times trailing 12-month sales -- is way overdone. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Fastly and Walt Disney. These changes will allow the airline to reset its international network for future growth as demand returns.” As things stand now, future growth may be a long way off yet.
The massive global scale of these players and their bargaining power may be what’s keeping a lid on Limelight’s margins. When the company released its third-quarter results on Oct. 13, its balance sheet revealed that Delta is hemorrhaging financially.

The company’s market capitalization has since plunged to $8.4 billion, while shares have declined by roughly 74% since June. EBITDA = earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization. No one knows since we don’t have enough details on the service. The stock is down about 80% year to date. “With Disney+ launching in the UK and Europe, expectations are high and fans have been waiting with baited breath. I have personally heard Akamai say they will work hard to try and get as much of Disney’s traffic as possible, but at no time have they implied or suggested that they “expect” to get the “lion’s share”. Limelight reported revenue of $59.2 million during the third quarter, up 15% from last year and in line with its updated guidance provided a few months earlier. No one, including Disney, knows what the company will spend to deliver Disney+ video traffic five years from now. How Sony and Microsoft Will Use Third-Party CDNs for New Console Launches, Continuous Innovation Is a Competitive Strategy: Why 870 Million Monthly Users in Asia Depend on HEVC and AV1 Codec Standards, Fastly’s Acquisition of Signal Sciences Is All About Applying Application Level Security to Edge Computing Deployments.

Of the three, though, it's tiny Limelight that presents a real bargain, given the company can maintain its rate of growth. AMC submitted a report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Oct. 14 in which it stated that the company may completely burn through its cash stores before the year is out or early next year. Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) has also been hit extremely hard by the pandemic. The company currently pays a dividend of just under 11%, but its share price has been nosediving and doesn’t appear to be nearing recovery anytime in the near future.
The level of risk attributable to an investor’s portfolio will usually depend on a range of factors, including their own individual philosophy and the sector makeup of their basket of stocks. With the launch of the Disney+ streaming service taking place November 12th, there has been a lot of speculation on Wall Street on what the value of that video traffic might be to Akamai and other CDNs.

Shares of Canada-based pharmaceutical and marijuana company Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) have fallen by more than 60% this year. Rachel Warren has no position in any of the stocks mentioned.

The company filed for bankruptcy in May. Management is working diligently to reduce the company’s outlay, but the stock is facing too many near-term headwinds at the moment to make it a good buy. With Cronos Group’s retail locations shuttering temporarily and reduced demand for its products due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company also found itself grappling with stifling impairment charges -- $35 million in the U.S. alone during the second quarter.

While this is a metric to keep a close eye on, this small company has nonetheless been able to stay on track with its bottom-line goals for full-year 2020. Akamai is also one of Disney Streaming Services primary CDNs and I expect when Disney+ launches internationally, Disney will use at least four CDNs including CenturyLink, Akamai, Limelight Networks, and Fastly, with the latter two being critical for Disney’s international launch.


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