leafwing rainwing hybrid names
:) When adding names, please try to put them alphabetically, to reduce the need to reorganize them. Due to living there for over 2000 years they have become nocturnal and gained a resistance to Poison, their wings are more elongated and are kind of sharp so they can cut through the foliage while flying through the jungle. Just remember, no joke names please. ), Rain Lilly (also good for just rainwings or just leafwings), Gobi (Despite being in Asia, the Gobi Desert is one of the coldest deserts), Whitesand (Because snow is kind of like sand but white ; ), Deracine (Means uprooted from someones home), Snowdrop (Its a flower that blooms in the snow, could be IceWing/LeafWing), Moss(Could work with a SeaWing LeafWing hybrid as well), Cavern (or Cavernous, or Cave, or anything along those lines), Diamondback(IDK could also be a Icewing-Nightwing), Deadlytail (OwO Maybe not for some dragon like Sunny because she dosen't have a 'deadly tail'), (pls help with names my brain is honestly dying right now I'm thinking so hard for names). They are generally more color-varied, however they cannot be any color that isn't the color of fruit. However, some Leafwings know about this area. Wings of Fire Names Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. I bet loads of these have already been mentioned lol. https://wings-of-fire-names.fandom.com/wiki/Hybrids?oldid=7326, Sakura (Japanese for cherry blossom which grows in the mountains), Pondhawk (I know it was in Mud/Silk but I think it fits more as Sky/Mud), Salamander (an amphibian that people used to believe was created from fire), Bowfin (it's a fish that lives in swamps, look it up), Flatfish (type of fish that's able to live in swamp like environments), Amazon (Works as a full rainwing name too), Seaforest (also can be a Leafwing/Seawing name), Deadsea (The Dead Sea It's a type of river I think), Neptune (the Roman god of the sea and a planet), Crabeater (A type of seal. Anyone can make a Desert LeafWing. They began when a small group of 7 LeafWings were flying over the bay on the other side of Dragonfly Bay, at that time named Sunburst Bay, and got blown off course. Art. (If these were already mentioned, sorry 'bout that guys.). Names come from This caused some to flee to Phyrriah and others to flee to a distant location. WolfwhiskerSilkWingNightWing, aka Bananakin Skywalker, Muskox of the IceWings, mope.io obsessed weirdout, https://creativity-center.fandom.com/wiki/Hybrid_Name_Ideas?oldid=45503. woffanfiction, wof, sandwings. ), Chuparosa (Desert flower, also good for just SandWing), Prickly Pear ( Also good for a SandWing ), Strawberry Hedgehog (what? they have become smaller over time to make use of the smallest trees. In The Poison Jungle, it is mentioned that LeafWings were one of the first tribes to inhabit Pantala sometime after The Scorching. LeafWing/RainWing hybrid I drew! This subspecies was created by Crystalcat137. Anaconda Banana Boto Bright Bromeliad Bullfrog Chameleon Coconut Dazzling Exquisite Fruit Bat Gibbon Glory Grandeur … Wings of Fire Hybrid Name Generator Random. A subspecies has few variations when compared to the species as a whole. Wings of Fire Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. You may use this group under the account that you give credit to any of the people listed below. Names resembling other characters are coincidental. Read SeaWing Hybrid Names from the story Wings of Fire Name Ideas by Starry-Enigma (Slaughtern't the frogs) with 445 reads. Please ask ScarletKitti for permission to make a Fruit Leafwing. This subspecies developed quickly after a number of LeafWings ran away when Queen Wasp started the war. This is a subspecies created by SkyFireStone. I love Oaken cuz that's from Frozen and Frozen 2, some of my favorite movies. Read RainWing Hybrid Names from the story Wings of Fire Name Ideas by Starry-Enigma (Eg) with 241 reads. Creativity Center is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Asparagus the RainWing-LeafWing hybrid Honeydew the RainWing Cucumber the LeafWing Lettuce the LeafWing Endive the RainWing Echolocation the SeaWing Shallot the RainWing Ongoing the RainWing TurtleDude's OCs Edit. 85% Upvoted. So the art's mine. They were founded after the Tree Wars and eat certain plants. More posts from the WingsOfFire community, This subreddit is dedicated to Wings of Fire, a New York Times bestselling fictional series by Tui T. Sutherland. The following resources pertain to the entire LeafWing tribe and are free for community use. Some of mine: Fircone, Clover, Celandine, Hawkweed, Catchweed, Comfrey, Parsley, Poppy, Burnet, Bindweed, Rosemary, Rush, Thyme, Thistle, Fern, Fennel, Laurel, Tansy, Catmint, Watermint, Juniper, Mallow, Tormentil, Sorrel, Wood, Borage, Daisy, Ashen.


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