lack of brains jokes

Yo mama’s so fat, God created her, and on the seventh day he rested. God then created the monkey and told him, “You are monkey. Please, no more than 10 years.” And it was so. Yo mama’s so fat, no one can talk behind her back.

A mother is bathing her three year old son. One day, certain parts of the body got into an argument over who was in charge. Trump has 2 parts of his brain, the right part and the left part. Do up your flies, your brain's hanging out. “I don’t think we need to be subliminable about the differences between our views on prescription drugs.”�Orlando, Fla., Sept. 12, 2000, “This is what I’m good at. You will be funny, and you shall live for 20 years.”. And so God made Man to live 20 years as a man, then marry and live 20 years like a mule working and carrying heavy loads on his back. He asked the monks for a place to sleep and some food, and the monks indulged him. Yo mama’s so fat, she got hit by a truck and asked “Who threw that rock?” Yo mama’s so stupid, she tried to strangle herself with a cordless phone. Yo mama’s so fat, if she were an airplane, she’d be a jumbo jet. Yo mama’s so fat, when she sits around the house, she sits AROUND the house. Yo mama’s so fat, the horse on her Polo shirt is real. Yo mama’s so nasty, I talked to her over the computer and she gave me a virus. Yo mama’s so fat, she sat on a dollar and made change. ", despite all that he had a fully functioning brain and heart but was essentially just a head. Yo mama’s so fat, she wakes up in sections.

There is an abundance of transplant jokes out there.

Patient: Doc, I'm having nightmares about a massive void. Resident Alien Q. It's working perfectly and his seizures are gone, but he keeps putting acorns and stuff into hollow spaces in tr. Yo mama’s so nasty, she bit the dog and gave it rabies. Yo mama’s so fat, when she ran away, they had to use all four sides of the milk carton. Yo mama’s so stupid, she took a spoon to the Super Bowl. Yo mama’s so fat, when she backs up she beeps. Yo mama’s so big, she thought Barnum & Bailey were clothing designers. Brain Surgeon Come-On: Hey babe, you know, if I synapse with you, we'll store some memories. Small Crowd Q. Yo mama’s so fat, if she weighed five more pounds, she could get group insurance! He went to the doctor who told him he has a rare testicular disorder that was restricting blood flow to his brain, resulting in the blinding headaches. You just pay by the pound.

11. He lost his mind! 32 man jokes. His treatment wore on them as he was always.


Fuji with one step. 09.

It makes your boss look like an incompetent slacker. Yo mama’s so fat, her belly jiggle is the first ever perpetual motion machine. If I ever needed a brain transplant I would pick yours because I want one that hasn't been used yet. You’ve got a lot of nerve coming in here... Be careful not to put disinformation too far into your ear canal.

At a mental hospital, you have to show improvement to get out! Yo mama’s so stupid, she tripped over a cordless phone. Alabama brains are very low mileage and have a high resale value, Hey I know this is a joke but misinformations like this is malicious and hurts the image of the continent. Yo mama’s so fat, she made Richard Simmons cry. That’s the place where you find people getting ready to jump out of the foxholes before the first shot is fired.”�Westland, Mich., Sept. 8, 2000, “We’ll let our friends be the peacekeepers and the great country called America will be the pacemakers.”�Houston, Texas, Sept. 6, 2000. Brain Surgeon Thought of the Day: Losing your head in an emergency is a real no-brainer. A. Q. Yo mama’s so fat, she ain’t on a diet, she’s on a triet… She be like “What y’all eating? Doing a job RIGHT the first time gets the job done. 15. Brain Jokes. “I regret that a private comment I made to the vice presidential candidate made it through the public airways.”�Allentown, Pa., Sept. 5, 2000. Yo mama’s so fat, she’s got her own zip code.

Yo mama’s so fat, at the zoo, the elephants started throwing her peanuts.

I find your lack of faith disturbing Yo mama’s so fat, she’s moving the Earth out of its orbit. Bateman. Which cranial nerve would be right at home in Nevada? 02. ( well, he could hardly be physically abusive could he?). You might cause it to fire an action potential. The owners brain. What happens if you bother the parietal lobe? Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. That’s diecis�is de Septiembre, and …”

Matthews: “What’s that in English?” Yo mama’s so stupid, she called the 7-11 to see when they closed.

Yo mama’s so fat, when she sat on a rainbow, Skittle’s fell out. ", I hope it's nothing genetic because I'm worried since my mom suffers from short-term memory loss, says he is not going back to play Pro Basketball.

Anyways, did you know that masturbating too much during quarantine can lead to short term memory loss?

Drop what you’re doing and get right down there!”.

Yo mama’s so stupid, she took lessons for a player piano.

Yo mama’s so old, she owes Fred Flintstone a food stamp. Yo mama’s so fat, when she goes to the circus she takes up all the rings. Childproof Surgeon 1: I just don't understand it. Shrink Humor, Psychiatrist Jokes, Insanely Crazy Puns, Dentist Jokes & Toothy Grins, Glasses Jokes, Eyewear Spectacles, Hand Jokes, Finger Puns, Arm Humor, Ear Jokes, Nose Puns, Throat Humor.

A lawyer finds out he has a brain tumor, and it's inoperable - in fact, it's so large, they have to do a brain transplant. Lack intelligence Jokes- Bushisms, pt 1- The Top 50 Oxymorons- Mules, Dogs, Monkeys & Men- Whole Lotta Yo Mama- 20 ‘Inspirational’ Poster Lines Q. There's something you can take for that! Never put off until tomorrow what you can avoid altogether. Twelve-ounce Pound Cake Republicans use fear, Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh’s evil hate group in their attack ads along with screaming Tea Party buffoons. You will hold vigilance over the dwellings of Man, to whom you will be his greatest companion. When the going gets tough, the tough take a coffee break.

Act Naturally Yo mama’s so fat, her skates went flat. Yo mama’s so old, she has a Jesus Starter jacket. Yo mama’s so stupid, she tried to wake up a sleeping bag. and sits down on the table. A leadership is someone who brings people together.”�Bartlett, Tenn., Aug. 18, 2000 (Thanks to Tarja Black. Yo mama’s so fat, she stepped on a scale and she saw her phone number. Yo mama’s so fat, when she stepped on a train track, the warning lights went on.

Yo mama’s so fat, her blood type is Ragu. Yo mama’s so stupid, she went to a Whalers game to see Shamu. Yo mama’s so fat, she stepped on a talking scale and it told her to “Get the fuck off.” Synthetic “Natural” Gas 37. So we're going to give you 3 choices for brains and you can decide which you can afford", The wife replies, "I think he did.

36 car jokes. Yo mama’s so fat, when she bungee jumps, she brings down the bridge too. Q. Happy Freud Day Friday! Political Science ), “You might want to comment on that, Honorable.”–To New Jersey’s secretary of state, the Hon. Have you considered suing your brains for non-support? Yo mama’s so fat, she puts mayonnaise on aspirin. Which makes no sense since my name is not Brian, While every Americans knows that America is the best country in the world. 27. Yo mama’s so stupid, when asked on an application, “Sex?”, she marked, “M, F, and sometimes Wednesday too.” Yo mama’s so fat, after she got off the carousel, the horse limped for a week. Yo mama’s so fat, she uses a kiddie slide for a shoe horn. My wife assured me they wouldn't find anything.

Yo mama’s so fat, when she was diagnosed with the flesh eating disease, the doctor gave her 5 years to live. One day, his soon-to-be father-in-law stopped by for a chat.

Yo mama’s so nasty, a skunk smelled her ass and passed out. Yo mama’s so fat, she went on a seafood diet… Whenever she saw food she ate it. Yo mama’s so fat, all the chairs in her house have seat belts. Silent Scream More Painful Puns, Groaner Jokes, and Unanswered Riddles... | Bartender Jokes | Cannabis Puns | Cemetery Jokes | Chef Jokes | Daily Groans | Diet Puns | Fitness Humor | | Gym Jokes | Lawyer Jokes | Magician Jokes | Money Groans | Music Puns | Pick-Up Lines | Psychic Jokes | | Religion Jokes | Sci-Fi Jokes | Seasonal Puns | Sports Jokes | Vampire Puns | Vegan Jokes | Zomibe Jokes |. Yo momma's so stupid she stared at an orange juice box because it said concentrate.

Religious Tolerance Yo mama’s so fat, when she goes to the circus she sees the big top and asks “Where can I try that on?”

Yo mama’s so fat, when she wears a yellow raincoat, people call her “Taxi!” Yo mama’s so fat, when she gets out of the car, she leaves stretch marks. Yo mama’s so old, she used to baby-sit Yoda. There is an abundance of conservative jokes out there. Yo mama’s so big, she uses the interstate for a Slip ‘n Slide. Don't let your mind wander; it's too little to be let out alone.

A. Lew Knee Binn. Yo mama’s so fat, the telephone company gave her two area codes. Yo mama’s so fat, I ran around her twice and got lost.


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