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CAST: Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, John Lithgow, Connie Britton, Rob Delaney, Mark Duplass, Liv Hewson, Allison Janney, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Malcolm McDowell, Kate McKinnon, Katie Aselton, Nazanin Boniadi, Andy Buckley, Michael Buie, P.J. 77 WABC has signed O'Reilly to … But in doing so, it also inadvertently shrugs off and even validates those right-wing attitudes matter-of-factly, instead of engaging with their darker shades in a deeper sense. Who Exactly is the Audience for ‘Bombshell’? But Roach, working from a script by Charles Randolph, finds a tricky balance of portraying these events with a sprightly tone while crafting a steadily building tension. They’re slick, polished, and often cinematically uninteresting. If that’s indeed part of this film’s tiny audience, Roach really missed the opportunity to reflect back the harm conservative white women with a public platform, or even a vote, can do. Theron gives her life, but I’m not sure who the “her” is in this movie; this fictional Kelly is a vaguely sympathetic wife and mom with a law degree and a high-powered career which, oh yeah, happens to involve cheerleading for white nationalism and a certain presidential candidate talking about her menstrual flow on TV. Kate McKinnon does a solid turn as a closeted lesbian working in the newsroom. Because of this violation, Kayla becomes the character we feel for the most. The acting is all top-notch. READ MORE: Charlize Theron Defends ‘Bombshell’ Being Directed By A Man: “We Shouldn’t Compartmentalize These Stories To One Sex”. Mob: 07777 888 999 The new show, called "Common Sense with Bill O'Reilly," marks the latest stage of O'Reilly's attempted comeback since he left Fox News under controversial circumstances. Bombshell ends with the typical printed epilogue about how events continued to unfold in real life, past the movie’s timeline. So that’s about it, really: “Bombshell” offers glimpses of an intense marriage drama about one of the most hated and hateful people in recent American history. PUT O'REILLY BACK ON YOUR TV - FREE; Bill's Message of the Day. Season One of her web series The Haven is available on OTV/ and her book Transforming Reality, on the creative writing process, is available on The hair and make-up department earned their pay, and maybe an Oscar nod, for him and Charlize’s make-up alone. In the midst of all this, an ingénue rises: a young woman who’s beautiful, blonde and anxious to be a television star, just like Kelly and Carlson—only she’s about a generation younger. For one fantastic, fleeting second, you will believe that Kevin Dorff is Bill O’Reilly. Through the film’s shifting timeline structure (Jon Poll’s supple editing keeps things interesting), we follow Carlson’s journey as she politely battles her co-host’s routine sexism, fends off Ailes’ misogyny when she does a make-up-free segment with a feminist message (“No one wants to see a middle-aged woman sweat on TV,” Ailes growls) and waits in uncertainty for other women to come forward.


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