katharine graham leadership style

Overholser, Geneva. 1150 15th Street, Northwest Listen to the right mindchatter.

Graham was leaving the company in good shape to meet the challenges of the future. Graham’s life was turned on its head. UXL Encyclopedia of World Biography.

At the time of her death, those who knew her best loved her as much as they respected her. Katharine Graham assumed the leadership role of the Washington Post abruptly and unexpectedly when her husband died. A couple of days after arriving, Graham told her father in tears that she wanted to quit. Use your mindchatter to tell yourself, “You can do it in time,” or “You do have the power to learn about leading others,” and “You can be the boss everyone wants to work for.”. How To Live A More Relaxed And Productive Life. Two Post reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, were the foremost investigators of the crimes of the Nixon administration.

The Washington Post Writers Group, 2001. After all, it was Graham who had hired Bradlee and he depended on her for his job! In 1979 Graham turned the title of publisher over to her son Donald. It began devoting space to new ideas about sexuality and covering the civil rights struggle, editorial decisions that boosted its popularity. She built the Post into a competitor of the New York Times. In the period from 1975 to 1985 profits grew better than 20 percent annually. She studied the operations, asked questions, consulted with old friends such as James Reston (1909–1995) and Walter Lippmann (1889–1974), and made key decisions to bring in skilled journalists to improve the quality of the paper. Graham began to think that a lot of her insecurity was a product of widespread beliefs concerning the place of women in society. In a 1973 interview with W, she said, “I don’t flinch at (power) the way I used to. If power is there to be used, it is used whether you abdicate it or whether you use it. She was listed in Who's Who in America (43rd edition, 1984-1985) and The World Who's Who of Women (4th edition). In 1935 she entered Vassar College, but the following year transferred to the University of Chicago (Illinois), which she regarded as a more exciting campus. Take Al Friendly. If power is there to be used, it is used whether you abdicate it or whether you use it.

Our national psyche took a beating during the post-Vietnam era, but the Washington Post was the steadying voice of reason and discovery that forced us all to examine our news gathering processes. Determined to keep the press running, she hired non–union pressmen—a controversial move characteristic of Graham's decisive management style. Katharine Graham took over the presidency of the company.

In fact power has no sex.”. . Onacre, Allison, and Robert Haskell. It was in these tumultuous times that Graham began publishing her first editorial pieces. Now, Robin Gerber focuses on the heart of Graham’s success: her leadership. Her life changed dramatically when Phil began suffering from mental illness and committed suicide in August of 1963. Known by many as Katharine the Great, Graham did not aspire to a leadership role but rather was thrust into one. For an unauthorized biography, see Deborah Davis, Katharine the Great: Katharine Graham and the Washington Post (1979) or Carol

New York: A. After a few months, Meyer promoted him to publisher. She stated at a Women in Communications luncheon in 1984 that she recognized that for women to get ahead in business their close relationships sometimes suffered, adding, "But men in power have always been willing to pay this price." He also expanded the radio and television operations of the company and in 1962 helped to establish an international news service. At first, she thought of her role as a supportive one – she’d lend a helping hand and assist the senior men around her while picking up the tools of the trade. One was her approval of the Post’s publication in 1971 of the Pentagon Papers, which ended in a victory for journalism even though it put the company’s stock in jeopardy. Traveling with Osborn Elliott, the editor of Newsweek, Graham headed to Japan. . . Chairman of the Executive Committee from September 1993 until her 2001 death But to the Post, something smelled fishy. The incumbent managing editor was Al Friendly, who was getting on in age. He confronted McCarthyism, the unwarranted anti–communism campaign that ultimately persecuted innocent people, with a scathing editorial that likened Senator The perfect balance!

“Katharine Graham.” Washington Post 21 Jul 2001, 74. Graham’s imprint was the product both of her values, which suffused the paper, and of the crucial decisions she made about its leadership and direction.”. "Kay was an extraordinary person," said former CBS News Anchor Walter Cronkite to CNN.

In fact, storytelling is so powerful a tool that once you become a storyteller, you have a great responsibility to tell stories that improve the lives of those around you. "Graham, Katharine Here are a few of the leadership qualities Graham utilized most. After his discharge in 1945, Eugene Meyer persuaded Philip Graham to join The Washington Post as associate publisher. “This is a man’s world,” sang James Brown in one of his iconic tracks, released in 1966. Women.com, 20 July 2001. ." In 1939 she returned to Washington and began her tenure with the Post as an editorial-page employee. Graham made the news again in 1975 when she was faced with a 139–day pressmen strike that disabled presses. Already retired, Meyer purchased the paper because he had grown restless and wanted a voice in the nation's affairs. The reputation of the paper was sky-high, and things weren’t looking too shabby on the business side either. The notes and interviews Graham collected during her time with the women of the Temperance Union provided her with enough material to write her first published article. Her insecurities about being in such a lofty role are well documented in her Pulitzer-Prize winning autobiography, “Personal History”. Her calm strength inspires me to lead with a firmer hand while maintaining compassion and understanding toward others. Graham would be in for more memorable experiences in the next country she visited – Vietnam.

Under her leadership, The Washington Post became known for its aggressive investigative reporting, led by Ben Bradlee, whom Graham named executive editor in 1968. Katharine's role during these years was behind the scenes and clearly subservient to Phil's leadership and direction. Graham was the first female CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Power Of Teams: Examples Of Great Teamwork, How To Influence People By Unleashing The Power Of Stories. Thanks so much for sharing this! 16 Oct. 2020 . An outstanding biography -- my favorite in a long time. If you can find ways to cut your annual spending or boost your saving – or better yet, do both – you can reach FI a lot faster, Perceptual acuity is your human radar for seeing through the fog of uncertainty so you can act before others do. Public officials cast doubt on its objectivity and accused them of partisanship. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. "Graham, Katharine During summer vacations, Katharine worked at the Post, but after she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in history, she moved to California and worked as a waterfront reporter for the San Francisco News. Her time at the paper was crowned by its most important scoop: uncovering the Watergate scandal. That was an attitude which was applied to everything Graham did. Ships from and sold by Fun with Books and Board Games. Weaknesses can also be strengths. 18 July 2001. A large part of Graham's success was based on her values-based leadership style. Two years after she became the paper's publisher; the Post became involved in the fight to publish the Pentagon Papers. It was read and consulted by presidents and prime ministers in this country and abroad and had a powerful influence on political life. It was 1969. Phil Graham had been editor of the Harvard Law Review and was seen as brilliant, charismatic, and fascinating by this extended circle of determined young people.


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