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Welcome to Escrima SW London. I had an interest in getting back into some style of martial arts, especially once I started working as a police officer. I feel re-energized. It is comprised of Bruce Lee’s self-expressive art of Jeet Kune Do, Ip Man’s efficient art of Wing Chun, Chinese mixed martial art of San Shou Gung Fu, South East Asian indigenous fighting art of Kuntao Silat, the devastating weapon based warrior art of Filipino Kali, the proven grappling art of Jiu Jitsu, and the internal health and wellbeing art of Tai Chi. I am 57 years old so you are not too old to learn! This is a remarkable martial arts class, one where you can learn some of the best fighting techniques available and excel regardless of your natural coordination levels or prior experience. Great instructors for kids and adults. Our mission is to provide top quality training in both external and internal functional Martial Arts for people who are looking to improve all facets of their lives. Truly a great place to learn martial arts in an enjoyable and safe environment. Professional approach. I have been studying under Sifu Louis for over 6 years. The training is done in a safe and positive controlled environment, and takes into account factors such as age, physical condition, and skill level. I finally decided to research different schools, and different styles of martial arts. This gym and this art are now a way of life for me and I could never see myself not training!! Master Alex and his students are experts in martial arts. Great atmosphere, brilliant instructor, support and friendship from classmates. It's growing in popularity as street crime and attacks reach epic levels. I would strongly recommend this school to all parents who wants their children to learn self discipline, focus, respect and learn martial arts while having fun at the same time. When it comes to weapons fighting it’s hard to beat the Filipino martial arts, also known as Eskrima, Kali or Arnis. Highly recommended. Arnis is a term from the north, Ekrima comes from the central part of the country, and Kali comes from the South. MISSION. Mortgage & Banking - V.P. Filipino martial arts is the best. Business Owner Alex is an excellent instructor, who actually fights and is 6 times world champion, and is genuinely a very nice person. But with the expert help and advice of Sifu Louis, I found myself addicted, and martial arts quickly became a huge part of our lives. A fantastic place to train and learn. Great place. We teach our classes in a way that provide our students individualized attention in a safe and fun learning environment. This system comes straight from the Doce Pares International Headquarters based in Cebu, Philippines. Weapons-training takes priority because it gives you an edge in a real fight, and gives students the confidence to face armed opponents with any object that can be picked up as a weapon using FMA techniques. First, the system that Sifu Louis teaches is perfect for all aspects and ranges of combat. Structure, progressively, based on use of weapons first, mainly stick and knife, having same basis of movement used in empty hand having only range difference i.e short, medium, long. Youll feel welcomed from day one. The martial traditions of other cultures often teach unarmed skills first, and then teach the students to regard a weapon as an extension of the empty hand. It is NOT suitable for children and teenagers under the age of 16. Learn ← click here if you're interested in joining a class, taking private lessons, attending a seminar, visiting a retreat, or learning online. Your love and patience show through in everything you do. It offers realistic solutions to real life confrontations. Eskrima, also known as Kali or Arnis, means to skirmish or fight and is unique as the student is introduced to weapons training immediately. Excellent place for FMA training. FMA teaches weapons training that is practical in today's city streets such as a knife attacker or someone armed with a bottle or club. To find a Filipino martial arts class or club near where you live or work use our postcode search. Brilliant! From a traditional standpoint, this was so one with very little training could be effective in defending ones homeland. The skills translate well at any age. Awesome & lovely club . In addition, provide a framework for leading a positive healthy way of life by following a true authentic traditional warrior path that will lead to enlightenment in the mind, uplifting of the spirit, health in the body, and honesty in the heart, while continuing to evolve into being one with mind, body, and spirit. You won’t be disappointed if you’re interested in martial arts. Arnis also offers weaponless hand-to-hand combat training which is based on the weapons systems so there’s a lot of slick glancing combos with dynamic chipping/skimming/brushing action between various targets including limbs which can be ideal for knife fighting but critics of the art claim these moves are inefficient for empty-handed combat. Very accomodating, nice, and friendly people. It’s a great place with an amazing Instructor. Very practical martial art, dynamic, and fluent but also highly adaptable when rhythm is interrupted mid fight. At first, I was intimidated and did not know if this was something I would be able learn. You won’t be disappointed if you’re interested in martial arts. I am both thankful and humbled to call Sifu Louis my teacher and my friend. He even welcomes people from other countries in his gym . Great gym and friendly people who are true champions. The most popular forms of FMA are known as Arnis, Eskrima and Kali or collectively, they are known as FMA. Master Alex is the best in his field. Arnis – also commonly known as Kali and Eskrima – is a fast, fluid, technical Filipino martial art specialising in the use of knives and short sticks. Martial Arts Instruction Self Defense Instruction & Equipment Exercise & Physical … I’m truly grateful for finding Combat CFMA. Sifu’s unique style has taught me striking, trapping, grappling, locking and takedown skills. Eskrima (also known as Kali or Arnis) is an incredibly versatile Martial Art that originated in the Philippines. We not only consider you teachers but also friends of our family. , Stick Fighting Methods – A Comprehensive Guide, Arnis Fighting Techniques – A Detailed Guide, Arnis Training in the Philippines – How to Get Started, Filipino Martial Arts Weapons – A Complete List, Arnis History – The Grand History of Filipino Stick Fighting, Deadly Filipino Knife Fighting Techniques, Empty Hands (grappling, kicking, punching), Staff or Spear, long weapons (two-handed). There is a well documented syllabus and regular tests and grading to measure advancement and all members are encouraged to compete in regular British, European and World Championships in several categories. - Fred M. Practically anyone can learn this art, regardless of gender, age and fitness condition. We specialise in single and double, long and short weapons. We are part of the Escrima Concepts family, with clubs throughout London, the UK and Europe. Best of all is the first lesson is free, 3 years and I’m still enjoying training.


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