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It bankrolled 109 projects last year, becoming a crucial backer of groups such as Planned Parenthood, Population Action International and the Alan Guttmacher Institute. Alumna Julie Packard, executive director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, recently gave UC Santa Cruz a $1 million gift, establishing the Dean's Fund for Diversity in the Sciences.

Since 1988, the Packard Foundation has awarded five-year, $500,000 grants to 20 young scientists each year, with almost no strings attached. Juliet Law Packer Net Worth is $700,000 Juliet Law Packer Bio/Wiki, Net Worth, Married 2018. So she scheduled budgeting exercises, as well as fact-finding talks with other big foundations. At meetings, the two would spar, amiably, over politics. The three daughters also wanted breathing room. All his children admire his accomplishments. The stakes are huge. Close friends offer a few clues. Their father liked big challenges, big budgets and big opportunities. Grants were in line with what any prosperous family might donate: a thousand dollars for a symphony, a little more for a needy children's charity. "There's always the risk that we do something foolish," he says. Mostly at Duke's urgings, foundation leaders revamped a tiny population program aimed largely at California and Mexico and turned it into a multimillion-dollar initiative active on three continents. We welcome your ideas and provide specific instructions for submitting a funding request. In the mid-1980s, she set up a software company, Technology Resources Assistance Center, in Palo Alto, providing management tools to nonprofit organizations.

I wish he hadn't left four kids to struggle with it. The foundation is underwriting everything from safe-sex clinics to media campaigns that inform women about "emergency contraception" pills. Only Packard's middle daughter, Susan, opted for a career close to her father's work. The new era started slowly. The children prefer less conspicuous lives. He rebuffed each request and thought his letter to his children was sufficient, says personal attorney Frank Roberts. LOS ALTOS, Calif. - David Packard, the Silicon Valley pioneer, was 74 years old and bedridden after surgery when he wrote an eight-page letter to his children. . In June 1996, Orr became the foundation's chairwoman. Slowly, the Packard children are focusing on bolder missions. This year, the foundation plans to spend $35 million on population programs, more than any other private foundation tracked by the United Nations. In 1988 Packard invited Robin Duke, a New York businesswoman prominent in social circles and abortion-rights causes, to join the foundation board and become its unofficial leader on population initiatives. With a mission to inspire conservation of the oceans, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is widely acknowledged as a leader among aquariums worldwide and has been instrumental in engaging the public to become involved in ocean conservation and redefining aquariums as a force for conservation. The letter isn't considered legally binding, Roberts says. Yet each sibling had favorite projects, and Orr feared the foundation could splinter into fiefs. Next year, that will double, to $70 million. Global birth rates were rising so fast, he asserted, that they could lead to "utter chaos for humanity." That has led some to wonder whether the overpopulation menace may prove to be a mirage. He would like to embark on new projects, such as helping the Library of Congress create a digital archive or improving the ways that children are taught to read. For the Packard children, growing up in such a long shadow was bittersweet. He traveled widely but never came back from India or China shocked about the squalor. But they shared a deep interest in population control. Julie Packard is the executive director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and has served in that position since the Aquarium opened in 1984. "If this works well, it could be a model for other states," says Martha Campbell, a Packard population specialist. But they're going to have to work out their own model.". Still, he says, Packard was "confident that successive trustees would follow the things he enunciated, but would exercise their judgment if circumstances changed."

The matriarch, Lucile Packard, picked most beneficiaries herself. So has Warren Buffett, a 67-year-old financier, who regards the Packards' transition as a leading indicator of the challenges that his heirs will face when dealing with his $21 billion fortune. Low-key and methodical, she got the job because her father thought she could best keep family members focused together. Nancy, the oldest, became a professional photographer after training as a marine biologist. But Packard administrators say they still see plenty to do. Why David Packard became so worried about overpopulation isn't altogether clear. "I'm suspicious about too much process," says 57-year-old David Woodley Packard. The Packard siblings acknowledge that being in charge of $9 billion has sometimes seemed like a burden. Yet none pursued a career at H-P, and each labored to develop different identities. But she says her family won't be swayed. At one point, the children asked their father to conduct all his charitable giving through the foundation. Bigger things lie ahead. But "Susan has the right balance to deal with her brother and sisters," Duke says. Based on her work as a board member of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, in the late 1970s she helped found the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the nation’s first major public aquarium dedicated to interpreting a single region—the Monterey Bay. With a mission to inspire conservation of the oceans, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is widely acknowledged as a leader among aquariums worldwide and has been instrumental in engaging the public to become involved in ocean conservation and redefining … Reprinted with permission of The Wall Street Journal copyright 1998 Dow Jones & Co. Inc. All rights reserved. The foundation eventually will be required to make grants of 5 percent of its assets annually - or at its current size, more than $1 million a day. An additional $100,000 went for distribution of oral contraceptives in Vietnam. Reminiscing about his father one evening, David blurts out: "I wish he'd started spending the money sooner. Celebrities Julie Packard Net Worth Julie Packard Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Relationships, Married, Dating, Family, Wiki Biography The foundation created by his co-founder, William Hewlett, diversified its portfolio, resulting in much slower asset growth.). She notes that billionaires are a fast-growing species (Forbes magazine counted 170 of them last year), and that many tycoons haven't decided how their money should be spent after they die. Nancy, the oldest, became a professional photographer after training as a marine biologist. He wanted them to understand how his vast fortune should someday be distributed to charitable causes. They have taken a modest land-conservation program that traditionally spent about $3 million a year and transformed it into a giant initiative that will spend $175 million in California over the next five years, protecting sensitive land in partnership with private owners or helping to form new parks and recreation areas.

She is an international leader in the field of ocean conservation, and a leading voice for science-based policy reform in support of a healthy ocean. But his four children are still struggling to determine exactly how best to fulfill the wishes of the man who co-founded Hewlett-Packard. The elder Packard eventually contributed $8 million. Mother's Day on Waltons Mountain (1982)as Writer, Your email address will not be published. ------------------ Top 10 foundations ------------------.


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