jsw injection molding machine troubleshooting
© 2020 Endeavor Business Media, LLC. Clean mold and vents. Only the professionals can bring in and install them without problems. The magnesium alloy injection molding machine developed by JSW can mold materials with the same degree of precision as plastics, and can therefore be applied to produce a wide range of components for automobiles, personal computers, cameras, mobile phones, and others. Copyright © 2019 The Japan Steel Works, LTD. All rights reserved. Use of magnesium alloy chips eliminates need for melting furnace and allows easier switching between alloys. Adjustments might require that one, several or all of the changes listed.Before making adjustments, CLEAN MOLD and verify fill only shot is at 95-98% with no pack or hold applied. Thixomolding chip? Even the small-sized injection molding machine weighs several tons. But if the flow as a function of time, Q(t), equals the rate of change in volume under pressure, pressure remains constant. Improper runners or gates Mold temperature too low Material Excessive moisture Operator Inconsistent cycle Machine Excessive injection speed or pressure Excessive back pressure Screw speed too high Improper compression ratio of screw Faulty temperature controllers Nozzle too hot Excessive … When modeling or simulating, flow can be estimated closely using the manufacturer’s specification. The next article will show how calculating pressure changes is like calculating interest on savings; calculating interest compounded daily is also an iterative process. Ps  is the supply pressure and Pa is the pressure in the cap side of the cylinder. We feel satisfied and our efforts are rewarded when the product is delivered to the customer without problem and we see it is operating well at the customer site. As a result, the machine did not execute the next two steps of its operating cycle. ), Poor part design, non-uniformed walls and/or excessive wall thickness, Poor venting of mould, particularly around projections, Fill rate too rapid (trapped air produces short shots), Excessive part thickness (greater than 6.3 mm (1/4”), Entrapped air through porous or very fine additive powders absorbing air, Degraded material from barrel (excessive melt temperature), Improper design (Inadequate radii at corners, notch or thread), Use of improper colour concentrates (non-compatible carrier resin), Programme injection (distance – pressure – speed), Moisture condensation on surface of mould, Inadequate colour dispersion or distribution, Characteristic of individual plastic (Copolymer, impact resistance, etc. This troubleshooting guide offers some potential ways to correct the defect listed. NIPPLA undertakes maintenance of all JSW machines currently operated in Japan. If you disagree, please exit this site immediately by closing this browser. Please click the “agree” button if you agree to the placement of cookies on your computer. Contamination. The latest generation J-ADS Series compact injection molding machines from JSW continue to lead the injection molding machine industry. The proper injection capacity is found from the relationship of the molding machine capacity for the weight of 1 shot as shown in Figure 1・1-2. At that time, my spreadsheet program could only handle 32,768 rows. A 20-year-old injection-molding machine was not achieving full pressure, even after rebuilding the pressure clamp and replacing the hydraulic pump.


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