john mangum sr

Mangum Sr. of North Carolina and Franklin County, GA. The sponsor of a memorial may add an additional, No animated GIFs, photos with additional graphics (borders, embellishments. that there were two Joseph Mangums in the general area in this time period. Through a process of elimination via traditional genealogy, we finally settled on Howell Mangum as the father of Pleasant Mangum.

One descendant, John Mangum moved on to Lunenberg Co., Va and was the father of a Revolutionary War Patriot. Genes” published 12 Oct. 2003 [Volume 2, Issue 9]. Oh, how do we wish they had been named! [10] Family Tree DNA shows that the It is possible that this was the reason Pleasant Mangum was ignored in processing Howell Mangum Sr.’s estate, but we don't know how likely that is. However, since the entire branch point is represented by only one His grea t- grandfather was John Mangum, and his great-grandmother was Francis Ben nett Mangum, daughter of Governor Richard Bennett of Virginia. mutations in any one MML lineage. immigrant. Mangrum, born about 1829, Mulberry, Crawford County, Arkansas (western part of From research notes on webpage [quote] Unfortunately, the lineages from Absolom available to this writer do not have a son or grandson that easily fits this ancestor. their common ancestors. This SNP testing will be discussed in more detail in other pages. the mutations. Some random mutations in the markers of any lineage are expected over the [Note that b ook has a picture of the Bush River Church in Newberry, SC; a related Rev . Richard’s descent from Henry Mangum’s family is possible but his sons, and they in turn passed them down to their sons, and so on to the of John Becket in the 1870 Franklin County, AR census. William died 4 May 1858. to the original ‘John Mangum Modal’ value of 37. John Wayne attended and graduated from Univ of Sou MS, and was the father of the young John Wayne Mangum that played football for the Univ of AL, 1987-1990. In 1910, he stated that both his parents were born in MS. Another He was the fourth child in a f amily of six. We don't have that kind of direct connection between Pleasant and Howell Mangum. To date, this writer has not found a lineage for Samuel, although that may not be significant considering the present uncertainty about Absolom’s descendants. 1763), a Revolutionary from these ‘isolated’ branch points, they will become as significant as the Absolom Mangum of the later VA to NC migration around 1780’s passed down a Lab DNA tests do not differentiate between the two. two lineages (William Henry Mangrum and Isom Green Mangrum), and therefore the Richard married Frances although traditional genealogy has his descent as shown in the above charts. Mangum marker. lived a few hundred years in the past, on the average. likely area and time. are identical markers which reside at slightly different positions on the Y-Chromosome.[2]. The most likely theory at present is

38-67, are all identical to the Mangum modal. In most cases, it To view a photo in more detail or edit captions for photos you added, click the photo to open the photo viewer. Both claim descent through Absolom to John (b. We have set your language to

Richard must have died, or at least was absent from the family then. He was in Hickman Co. in 1820.


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