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In service for almost 30 years, Armani Wells' success proves that its owner is much more than just a pretty face. … Then all of a sudden it was a huge hit.”. Since then, Wells has enjoyed a successful second act — appearing on popular TV series like The Mentalist and in feature films including Groove Street and Vitals. to the guard escorting her out when he threatened to write her up for a public display of affection. The early days of Back to the Future's production featured a bizarro world version of the cast we know and love today. However, Marty doubted that he could take another rejection. Thanks to the changes that he made in the past, Marty learned, to his surprise, that Lorraine always approved of Marty dating Jennifer. [2] Actress Elisabeth Shue replaced her. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. This evoked a harsh response from the Lorraine of the original timeline, who disapproved of the Sadie Hawkins method and said that she does not like girls who call up boys. Wells landed guest spots on Family, Rise and Shine, and Strike Force, plus a five-episode arc on Herbie, the Love Bug as Julie McClane (via IMDb). When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, the actress put her career on hold to be with her family and founded clothing brand Armani Wells in her absence from the spotlight.

The following year, she appeared in the TV movie Babies Having Babies, and the short-lived series Fast Times, a TV adaptation of the 1982 film Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Wells played Linda Barrett, portrayed by Phoebe Cates in the film).
Marty then spotted a Toyota Hilux 4X4 that he wants and flirted with Jennifer by wrapping his arm around her waist. She was able to see and hear the two children whom she would be the mother of in 2015, Marlene and Marty Jr.. Box 975, 4 Clarkson Ave., Potsdam, NY 13676 315-265-1000 [email protected]. Before joining the Back to the Future cast, Sperber was known for her performances in Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978) and Bachelor Party (1984). Unsurprisingly, this Reagan-era starlet remains as radiant as ever, and she's actually been up to some pretty interesting things since starring in an iconic piece of American cinema. Linda let him know that Jennifer had called him earlier in the morning. She fell back to Marty after he bested Leech in guitar skills. The former ballerina’s most well-known role apart from Marty McFly’s mom is as Kathryn Kennish in the teen drama series Switched at Birth. Wells immediately put her career on hold, and returned home to care for her ailing parent throughout the treatment process. Jennifer was now in on the secret of the time machine, and was with Marty when Doc and his family arrived back from the Old West in their new train time machine. “I didn’t think about having a film career,” Fox said during a 2001 interview for the Archive of American Television.

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