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dweller: Jan 2020 #11: I understand and agree. Messages posted on the Democratic Underground Discussion Forums are the

And he can't leave her. Her job is to help Bush screw America!! opinions of the individuals who post them, and do not necessarily represent I really do.”, “I think people are going to show up tomorrow who haven’t voted yet.   |-- General Discussion

He has great respect for Elizabeth Warren, but he pointed out that her popularity started to fall off when she started chasing after Bernie’s “left tail” with pie in the sky policy proposals that are obviously never going to happen. James Carville is known as a political consultant and media personality. I used to think that maybe Mrs. Carville would be the WHIG member who would flip because she didn't want to go to prison and leave the little girls to be raised by their dad. I think it’s going to backfire. Don’t get me wrong. I'd watch them on Russert each year and shake my head in what the two ever saw in the other. Carville also served in the military and was a marine for 2 years. worked for Chavez's opponent? I have to agree with you. He is a liberal American political consultant, commentator and media personality.

Is James Carville ill? Plouffe pointed out…. Is that correct? In fact, Carville has been called a walking media conglomerate. He used to work for CNN but has since changed his affiliation to Fox News. Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report, ← What it really means that Pete Buttigieg is currently leading in the Iowa results, Donald Trump just made a huge mistake with Nancy Pelosi →.  |  Donate, About DU All rights reserved. themselves. Watch me. The right to vote is inherent in their history. Click I can't imagine his brief appearances on CNN pay the bills. Not because we simply disagree (there are many of those and I can handle that) but because they ACTIVELY work for the other side which I find reprehensible. But Carville, decked out in an ill fitting college football hat, dished out a whole lot of blunt talk – and some of it is really important right now.

LLC. During a three-way interview on … Carville also served in the military and was a marine for 2 years. Forum Categories He predicted that Election Night would be a much shorter night for everyone. I’m going to go do it.’ I see that happening in the early vote, and I think it will carry through to Election Day.”, David Plouffe pointed out that most of Trump’s support will come to vote on Election Day because he’s told his supporters not to vote by mail. In addition to this, he is also a famous public speaker. to be a good man and that's why I could never understand how he could hook up with Matalin.

Former lead strategist for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign James Carville said on Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s post-Democratic presidential debate wrap-up that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was “off.” Carville said, “Bernie Sanders, this is the first time he’s really gotten roughed up a little bit, and he didn’t like it.
We’ll know and we’ll know early.”, Referring to the president’s campaign voter suppression effort, legal challenges designed to disqualify votes, the ridiculous assault on a Biden Bus and the police pepper-spraying Black voters, Carville insisted would all turn people away from Trump and motivate more Biden supporters to come to the polls…, “Look, that bus thing in Texas, yes, I’m mortified.”, “I’m not mortified by the outcome of the election, I’m mortified by potential violence. During a three-way interview on MSNBC Monday morning, which included the former campaign manager for President Obama, David Plouffe, Angela Mitchell, and James Carville, Carville said that he expects the election to be called 10 PM that night…, “What people are doing is unnecessarily scaring people and making them unnecessarily nervous,”, “That event he had — David Plouffe is exactly right, that event in North Carolina, a state if he loses, I don’t want to wait on Pennsylvania.

who he is married to.

Is James Carville undergoing chemotherapy? When you tell people you can’t do something or you try to make it harder for them to do, it aggravates the dickens out of them and makes them want to do it more.   |-- DU Groups If you want Joe Biden to win, democrats to win back the Senate, there’s a lot of door-knocking in battleground states. Truly strange bedfellows...and speaking from nearly 25 years of my own marriage, it can't be getting much easier as they age and the "blooms fall off the roses". You can — you make phone calls, text.”, But that puts all of the pressure on Trump for Election Day, Plouffe explained…, “When he’s out there, he’s trying to suppress the vote. I'm sure that some of those were tough years. The way he looks you have to consider, I don't want to hear that....but with not a real high excitement level among. Create new account | My Profile | My Account | My Bookmarks | My Inbox | Help | Log in, Back to top Alert abuse Link here He’s 75....and not that that’s old, I just think he’s very nervous of our party. gaunt in face, sunken eyes, translucent skin, poor color....what is going on with him? He predicted that Election Night would be a much shorter night for everyone. His family and children live in New Orleans. page. He has been known as the ” Ragin’ Cajun ” or “Corporal Cue Ball “, Carville gained national attention for his work as the lead strategist of the successful 1992 presidential campaign of then-Arkansas governor Bill Clinton .

Their two little girls are sweet little things, but they don't do well playing with other kids, and … a fabulous new book about the exploits of his wife, coming to a B&N near you soon!
“He’s desperate because he knows he’s going to lose, and when he loses quite frankly, in my opinion, he’s going to jail, and he knows that.


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