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Yuna is the only confirmed visual yall, Why is Lia listed a visual..? Stray Kids has Felix and Chan and Day6 has Jae, Did they confirm Yeji as the leader? THIS IS ALL WRING YOU DUMBASSES, INFORM YOURSELVES BETTER Lia : Main vocal. I think chaeryeong is better than yeji and ryujin in terms of dancing. She is my first bias lmao. She’s already my bias wrecker! jUDY?! yeji got a ton of screentime and lines that she deserve. I’m older than Yuna but only by 5 months and it’s making me feel like I’m doing nothing with my life . Face of the Group: Yeji (went on many shows pre-debut to promote ITZY) – She was born on the same day as Everglow‘s Aisha. She is the main vocalist of the girl group ITZY. THE POSITION IS MESSED UP. Like girl can sing, dance and rap. – She attended Daeseon Elementary School then transferred to Seocheon Middle School. Second of all, since when does talent have to do with beauty. it’s obviously julia choi, yeah but kprofiles is literally about their positions…. Ryujin literally had no lines and didnt rap. ▶Fan’s: True, JYP won’t let siblings debut together. SHE SAID, SHE AUDITIONED IN SM IN CANADA BUT SHE NEVER SIGNED A CONTRACT. CHAERYEONG: triple position And, she also is a friend of Stray Kids’ Changbin same-like her sister, IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon. Lia: Main Vocalist, Itzy’s debut music video! The Official rap line is integrated by RyuJin, Yeji & chaeryeong In JYP, the one who trained longer got the leader position. Lol is this based on you opinions? Birth Name: Shin Ryu Jin (신류진) Chaeryoung has her own room (she was really happy that she almost cried), The members said that Lia is actually the shortest member but they didn’t mention her height, Are you german too? [11], On February 19, the first teaser for "IT'z ME" the group's second mini album was revealed through social media, with "Wannabe" serving as the titletrack the mini album was released on March 9. July 21, 2000 (2000-07-21) (age 20) Some Armys are using fucking bots to cheat lmao. Still. i thought she is the leader. But any Twice member shouldn’t be compared in any form (whether visually or performace wise) to a rookie group. fansite: fam it’s kprofiles who made the profile, and they’re always impartial. It’s still an insult to Sana nonetheless., If Yeji is the lead dancer, idk what dancing means. their official vlive is, follow iTZYbITZY (YbItzy) on twitter 1. TWICE • (Source : ITZY? Jihyo was voted leader by the other members. Poll: Who is the most handsome DRUMMER in Korea (TOP10)? A robot based on Yeji’s genes. 2) ryujin ~ main rapper, lead dance, vocal center while ryujin is/was the most popular member, the other members are actually gaining more attention and fans than she is if that’s of any help. hanlim Entertainment arts high School on Yuna is Hallym Entertainment arts highschool Woah JYP sisters! Source How’s she doing right now if didn’t debut in this group? – She was born in Songdo, Incheon, Yeonsu, South Korea. CHAERYEONG AND YUNA ARE LEAD RAPPERS. You saying this is equal to saying to someone that they are not a supporter of some sports team because they only want their favourite player to be the best. It’ll stay as it is event though you nag about it. She’s in the department of Practical Dance. All of them are rappers, they all rapped in “WANT IT?”, Lia sang the hook alongside dancers Yeji and Ryujin in “DALLA DALLA”, so I really think she is also a Lead Dancer. you’ve commented more than once now about this topic so clearly ur being biased. yuna also looks similar to lee seyoung! Poll: Which Songs in October 2020 were your Favorites? Search it up on google. Show more Yeji fun facts…, Lia I hope our Yeji is the leader. © jypsecretweapon•ITZY_GLOBAL, Lia is short for Julia, Jisu’s English name from when she lived in Canada. ▶Facebook:, aahh! And she is also a dance machine. Traditional Chinese: 留眞 Lia When Yuna preformed in the JYP trainee showcase 2018 many people who attended thought Yuna was eye-catching and had good facial expressions. – She attends Hanlim Multi Art School. They’re not even the same as red velvet people are so dumb. No wonder they looked alike. – She’s also close to Wanna One‘s Lee Daehwi. – Ryujin’s hometown is Seoul, S. Korea. Not Shy is the third extended play by South-Korean girl group ITZY. apparently lia was never a sm trainee because the name was spelled jeesu back then, not jisu unless that was a real typo; well anyone can tell if this person and lia are the same it would be great, either yeji or chaeryeong is going to be the main dancer, 5 member groups only have one. Yeji is also very charismatic. Well, I heard a rumour beetween Yuna and skz’s Hyunjin (I thought he had crush on Chaer as I watch in skz’s survival show) And also I heard that Yeji and skz’s Felix are pretty close during the trainee days. Person who is most mature, but that is usually the person who trained the longest. What happened to their twitter? doesn’t matter. The each have their own Instagram accounts Chaeryeong is Lead Vocalist because she has a lot of singing lines in Dalla Dalla, and she has a very sweet and clear voice. Lia: Korean: 류진  It’s just that Twice as a whole are quite known and she’s the leader so people know of her. Yuna It doesnt work like this., why does Ryujin and Lia have the least votes they’re both so pretty, JYP chooses his leaders by training period do Chaeryeong’s probably the leader, not Yeji, Chaeryeong has a younger sister named Chaemin. But main dancer + lead or main is, specifically in small groups like these. ), Ryujin so thank you! Yeji didn’t say she was in charge of dance because she said she was the leader instead so that doesn’t mean she isn’t also a main dancer. Agree.


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