italian bayonet markings
Danish M1867 Rolling Block Bayonet & Scabbard, Weyersberg Mfg. British / Australian Pattern 1888 MkII bayonet and scabbard for Lee Show 27 more like this. The only markings on the bayonet that I can see are the letters TA on the bottom of the blade and the letters and numbers ORS 8079. One site I had found was the parallel site to that - It looks to be in the OP second photograph a crowned TA one. This is a nice Italian bayonet which resembles an M4 but in fact fits the Beretta BM59 rifle. Serial number G9703 on the crossguard. Bayonets from Selected Countries of the World updated March 4, 2008: Help us keep this Identification Service alive. Sorry for the awfull pictures. The scabbard with correct angled belt loop. Just spotted this tiny mark on brass top of the scabbard it looks like vv under the magnifier. The scabbard's M1910-style wire belt hanger has been deleted. Beretta and Breda also manufactured M1 Garand rifles and developed the BM–59 selective-fire rifle. (19.8 mm.) Italian knife bayonet with scabbard. dailyinfo[19]=' 300091 Gunner W Mcg. Hopefully there is a matching rifle out there on the net with a similar number.! These were more likely new-made, using machinery left over from wartime M1891 scabbard production. On 17/03/2017 at 08:33, shippingsteel said: Ww1 with your help, fishing and drinking good beers and ciders when allowed. European plug bayonet, possibly from one of Italy's sovereign city-states of the late 17th Century. NATO Caliber AR70 assault rifle. Royal Garrison Artillery GLASGOW (CRAIGTON) CEMETERY United Kingdom ' Country Pages—start here if you think you know the country of origin. Bayonets » Bayonets USBayonets » Bayonets GermanBayonets » Bayonets OtherBayonets » Bayonets BritishBayonets » Bayonets Japanese, Copyright © 2020 Stewarts Military Antiques, P.O. dailyinfo[12]=' 8522 Serjeant John William PERRY who died 12/11/1920 "C" Coy. Royal Field Artillery who died on 25/10/1920 EVESHAM (BENGEWORTH) CEMETERY United Kingdom' Think I am correct in saying that the blue/grey frog also saw service in both wars. US Civil War, .58 Caliber Socket Bayonet Price: $135.00 Item #52136. This model is contemporary to the 1887 Vetterli-Vitali rifle, which eliminated the lead guide that required the cut out lower muzzle ring. Lancashire Fusiliers who died on 21/10/1920 KEIGHLEY (MORTON) CEMETERY United Kingdom' Sword bayonet for use with the 10.4 mm. US Korean-Vietnam War, USM4 Carbine Bayonet, K.I. This then provides a "de-facto" date range for the period in which the bayonet was most likely used. Think that TA is 'Torino Arsenal' (Turin). dailyinfo[24]=' Captain John Riversdale Warren HERRICK 3rd Bn. These were more likely new-made, using machinery left over from wartime M1891 scabbard production. AK Bayonets 101 (Kalashnikov AK47, AKM, and AK74), © Ralph E. Cobb 2009 All Rights Reserved. Crossguard serial numbered CA3714. This example appears to be a marriage where the blade from one bayonet was welded to the hilt of another in order to produce a serviceable bayonet. If made by Torre Annunziata, the bayonet should be stamped "Torre Annunziata" or with a "Crowned TA" . Visit our Shopping Site pages and buy from us direct or visit our Books for Sale pages and buy research materials from one of our affiliates. $145.00, Iraq & Afghanistan: The new Greatest Generation, Operation Homecoming: The Return of American POW's. Markings on British and Commonwealth Bayonets . Powered by Invision Community. Italy produced M4 bayonets from 1955–1960. Based on the serial number, the carbine with which this example was last issued was made at Brescia in 1917. Danish M1854 Socket Bayonet, Kyhl Spring Catch Price: $125.00 Item #52571. A push-button folding model, where blade folds into handle like a pocket knife. Italian WWII Carcano Bayonet, Modified Folding Bayonet Price: $125.00 Item #52115. This rather odd mounting system was not continued on subsequent Italian bayonets nor was something similar produced by other countries. Bayonet History Timeline —read about key milestones in the bayonet's history, from the 1500s to the present day.. Bayonet Terminology —diagrams showing the basic terminology used to describe bayonets, scabbards, and frogs.. Glossary of Bayonet Terms— definitions of common bayonet terms. wide. dailyinfo[3]='Subaltern LABADEV who died 03/11/1920 Tanooma Refuge Camp Russian Army BASRA WAR CEMETERY Iraq' Cheers Rod - good to see you back and looking forward to what you are going to show us! Changes in maker's stamps like that - one reading Torre Annunziata in full, the other the crowned TA - would, to my mind, indicate different dates of manufacture. Range Reports - Show us how good you are! Italian army paratrooper M8A1 scabbard with leather belt for the M1 carbine bayonet or for the BM59 rifle bayonet. Now, you will see how in my posts 8, 13, and 19, that I have provided supporting evidence as links or photographs re: my remarks on the date of these M.1891 bayonets and their scabbards. Most were equipped with brown plastic grips that mimic the profile of the wartime U.S. leather grip. Surviving military plug bayonets are very scarce. However, the tapered profile differs from the M1871 leather scabbard bodies. The crosspiece on Italian M4 production has a different profile than either U.S. M4 production variants. if (month<10) month="0"+month The belt hanger is made of khaki tan cotton webbing. Mannlicher-Carcano M1891 TS Carbine (, Unique folding knife bayonet for use on the Mannlicher-Carcano M1938 Short Rifle (, Tang: "PS" inside oval. 102nd King Edwards Own Grenadiers DELHI MEMORIAL (INDIA GATE) India ' Later still, a parkerisation was used. Hi all, can't find any markings on the leather only what looks like vv? The scabbard has a web belt hanger, rather than the U.S. M1910-style wire belt hanger. Well illustrated with good drawings and photographs, about 400 pages. I haven't been able to find if there any reliable books on Italian bayonets which might help so a bit of a dead-end there. These M1891 bayonets are notoriously difficult to put a date on as the early types were not date marked and the type continued to be produced right through to WW2. 3rd Military District issue markings on bayonet and scabbard, the latter dated 1942. Faint maker's marking on the blade ricasso. NOTE: Photographs from web auction sites shown here as 'Fair use'. I hope that is of some help to you. long x 2.75 in. This bayonet is for use with the M1891 TS Carbine 2nd variant, which had a unique transverse bayonet lug requiring the bayonet to be placed over the muzzle, then slid sideways on to the bayonet lug from left to right. var emailHost = "" I did look at the site linked to your #15, but didn't pick up on this maker. Carbines remaining in Italian stores were returned to the USA in the mid-2000s and sold to collectors via the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Glossary of Bayonet Terms—definitions of common bayonet terms. It'll be interesting to see what SS has to say on the press stud - I only have a shortened one of these (courtesy of Mr.Ogilwy below!) Visit our Shopping Site pages and buy from us direct or visit our Books for Sale pages and buy research materials from one of our affiliates. Show 27 more like this. As for museums lacking bayonet examples, well, I am in the position of having one example each of a bayonet type not represented in either of their respective countries national museums...!!! dailyinfo[1]=' 333247 Air Mechanic 2nd Class Alec MARSHALL who died 01/11/1920 84th Sqdn. I believe this bayonet is most likely military, due to its plain features. I hope that is of some help to you. Royal Navy COLOMBO (LIVERAMENTU) CEMETERY Sri Lanka' Because of this, I may never be able to precisely identify or date this piece. German WWII Fireman's Bayonet, Henkel Mfg. It carries a new crossguard with a 22mm muzzle ring but is not interchangeable with the similar M7 bayonet. The TA marking that you found on the bottom of the ricasso tells us who the manufacturer was, and it was one of the earlier period Italian arsenals in Torre Annunziata, so that adds support to an earlier date for the bayonet. Overall length with the blade folded is 8.50 in. Militaria: updated 4/4/18, __________________________________________________________________, 1938 Italian Carcano folding bayonet Unique folding knife bayonet for use on the Mannlicher-Carcano M1938 Short Rifle. else { document.write(fontstart+"No major events today"+fontend); } Proceeds and commissions from these sales - in part - go towards the purchase of additional reference materials and acquisition expenses. I haven't been able to find if there any reliable books on Italian bayonets which might help so a bit of a dead-end there. Bakelite style grips held by two screws. Can someone please tell me what I've purchased in regards to is it a ww1 or ww2  Italian Carcano bayonet. The Great War Forum Limited Here's some pictures of the pummel. Indonesia produced their own bayonet for use with the SP.1. if (dailyinfo[daym] != "") { document.write(fontstart+dailyinfo[daym]+fontend) } Would be difficult get a decent photo, with my very basic camera. dailyinfo[4]='Chaplain 4th Class The Rev. This example is still in its original package, dated June 1999. These are often said to be reworked M1871 scabbard bodies. //-->, Insignia Cloth, US, Hat Insignia & Cap Cords. The oval CG stamping on the ricasso on my TS example is only about 3mm wide, near the crossguard and very faint. So this piece of knowledge, when combined with the early style Torre Annunziata marking, suggests to me that this is a Great War period bayonet (or thereabouts). The scabbard is an Italian-made U.S. M8 clone, with the body made of fiberglass with an olive green gel coat. Note, though, that during what was a limited search, the ricasso-marked ones have the name in full as in the second photograph. However, this is a misnomer, as the the earliest TS Carbines had a conventional bayonet lug. var fontstart = '' Again, many thanks. over flaming-bomb & crossed-canons over "1958". Canadian Infantry REGINA CEMETERY Canada' Stamped the brass on top of the scabbard. If original, that would date it to 1941 or later. var month=mydate.getMonth()+1 The crosspiece profile is consistent with U.S. M4 Second Production, which differs significantly from the crosspiece profile of Italian M4 production (below). That being said, your example does show some promise as being of WW1 vintage, as it comes with the early type leather scabbard and frog. This example does not have any maker markings. Last updated: 11/15/2003. London Regiment who died on 27/10/1920 ST. PANCRAS CEMETERY United Kingdom' The bayonet is sometimes referred to as the M1891/97, because the M1891 TS Carbine was first produced in 1897. But we need to see the ricasso markings and maker markings really to try and narrow the date down! If nothing else such a book might/would solve this one - and it might/would also be useful possibly in testing SS's hypothesis on dating these M.1891's by the bayonet catches... On which note he seems to have gone quiet on the matter, but I suspect he was thinking of variations in press-stud sizes. The overall length listed is with the blade extended. The M1938 Carcano Bayonet. The scabbard has a leather body, similar to the M1 scabbard pictured above. "Niobe" Royal Canadian Navy HALIFAX (FAIRVIEW LAWN) CEMETERY Canada' dailyinfo[22]=' Lieutenant William Alfred DIXON MC 2nd Bn Suffolk Regiment who died on 22/10/1920 DOVER (ST JAMESS) CEMETERY United Kingdom ' M1871 Vetterli and M1871/87 Vetterli-Vitali rifles. So I'll go with  you here! So, although I really know very little about these Italian ones, it looks as if yours is pre-WW2. Grazie molto! Plug Bayonet.


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