it portal vs it glue
You can also run the portal in your private cloud. 9 ITGlue Alternatives for IT Documentation That All MSPs Should Consider, automatically run checklists inside Process Street. IT intelligence for the rest of us. Maybe I missed something. You are stuck with it in the portal. Kintone offers subscription options for small teams, enterprises, and nonprofits. N-central can help you: Its cloud availability, secure access, great search and flexible document editor makes it viable alternative to some of ITGlue’s more basic features. Simplify access to your work and store, share, and collaborate across all of your devices. Asset Management We've demo'd both, but a demo's don't really reflect on the day to day use.

Plenty MSP in Sweden have started using them. Robust, fast & painless reporting for higher quality decision making. As an organization grows, and these machines multiply, managing them all can become a major issue. Features include zero-touch deployment, app management, automated patching, one-click security and compliance templates, and 150+ pre-built device controls that automatically remediate, even if your devices are offline. At Genuity, we’re betting that the world is ready for an alternative. IT Glue also integrates well with N-Central to automatically populate the configurations tab with all the relevant Workstation, Printer, and Server information making client on-boarding a breeze. Summary is that it requires a lot of effort to get to a position of usability. IT Portal Pros: 1.) Its flagship cfxDimensions is an enterprise grade platform that is purpose built to enable IT transformation and to address comprehensive digital IT planning and operations needs.

Drive productivity and contextual insights with Splunk’s mobile apps, augmented reality and natural language capabilities. Chances are your organization has an assortment of desktops, laptops, and servers. Discover your IT with Lansweeper, build your centralized IT Asset System of Record. Learn More: Highly customizable without programming or consultants.

Patch Management Nice article. We have N-Able currently updating devices with connectwise. Kandji is an Apple MDM solution built exclusively for IT teams at medium-to-large businesses that run on Apple. BizDox is an IT documentation solution that integrates with ConnectWise to automatically create diagrams. Confluence is a step up from paper notes or Google Drive and it’s very customizable thanks to the wide range of plugins on the marketplace, but it’s not a specialized tool like ITGlue. The reporting feature helps you maintain your network e.g. Get better protection for clients while you spend less time managing endpoints and more time growing your business.

Onboard customers faster and monitor system changes daily with Liongard's unified automation platform. Modules work together via a single database in a single user interface. OneNote isn’t a dedicated IT documentation tool by a long shot, but according to a dedicated segment of its user base, it’s a robust solution.
Even in today’s digital age, where information is readily available, the IT market has thrived in the obstruction of market transparency. Easy access to your most commonly visited websites, cloud and desktop applications. - Everything’s cross-referenced within SysAid e.g. ITG is too pricey and only cloud. ITGlue is a collaborative, cloud-based IT documentation platform created to help MSPs standardize documentation, create knowledge bases, manage passwords and track devices. It's a simple way to streamline license requests, improve security, and save time and money for your organization. ChangeGear is IT management software, and includes features such as asset tracking, compliance management, configuration management, cost tracking, IT service management, procurement management, requisition management, Contract/License management, inventory management, and supplier management. If ITG is setup *properly* nothing else comes close. While ITGlue is widely regarded as having the best and most powerful range of features for IT documentation, you might be looking for an alternative tool that costs less, has more Zapier automation options, or has a different set of features. Pretty handy, but not perfect. has a neat vbs script when scheduled that auto imports the devices on network (for free)2.) Employees love it. As a former MSP ourselves, the need to have your techs working using fewer consoles forced us to create an ALL IN ONE platform. Cloud Monitoring MSPs still haven't found the golden way to get their customers to create tickets for every issues, even the small ones. Easy to use and powerful, Cloud Management Suite enables IT departments to manage their environment by delivering predictive and advanced IT management tools. Database Monitoring This revolves around really think about your flexible assets. Easy to use and quick to deploy, Pulseway ensures that any IT issues are detected, monitored, and addressed at the earliest time possible. Confluence is a great general documentation tool, and, while ITGlue outperforms it in some areas, Confluence has a deeper and more powerful search than ITGlue because it searches inside attached documentation. Thousands of businesses use Spiceworks to be alerted on the up/down status of the web applications and services that their end-users need to do their job everyday.

Developers can build custom Splunk applications or integrate Splunk data into other applications. Not an ITG shill or anything but they directly integrate with every major RMM, every major PSA, and have an API that lets you write custom scripts that will document stuff into ITG automatically.


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