i spy a book of picture riddles answers
Answer: page 32, it’s above the old-fashioned airplane. Answer: page 22, three are at the bottom of the stage, one is just above the red and white striped clown, and one is directly under the clown balancing on a red ball. page 30, the queen of clubs reflected in a ball on the lower left corner of the picture. the man on the moon – Hint: you’re not looking for a “man.” Answer: page 33, there is a moon with a face on top of the cart near the lower right corner of the picture. page 31, small machine under the chair just below and to the left of the mouse, to the right of the dog’s head. page 9, on blue and silver ornament middle-right on page. page 14, no not the drum, the cymbal to the left of the page. On page 9, the last two eyes are on a green cat at the top of the page. Be the first to ask a question about I Spy Mystery. a bug – Hint: I wasn’t expecting it to be so lady-like. Answer: page 11, to the right of the glass Christmas tree. a traveling spider – Hint: it doesn’t look like it’s traveling to me, but it could be walking along something yellow. Page 23, both are on the little girl just in front of the red and white polka-dot clown – one is a purse, the other looks like she’s holding an apple. Answer: page 9, on blue and silver ornament middle-right on page. a thumbtack – Hint: it’s a flat head tack. page 24, at the top left side of the page it’s upside down next to the popcorn bag and has a clown on it. half a melon – Hint: as in watermelon. Answer: page 11, hanging from the ceiling above and to the left of the spider web ornament. The third is a brown one on the man on the motorcycle with the green hat. Answer: page 8, piano keys on the accordion ornament above the clock. A photographic puzzle book features rhyming riddles that invite young readers to locate hidden objects--clocks, nickels, pickles, frogs, and others--among double-page spreads filled with holiday delights. Our girls like searching for the items and pointing out the neat things they find. What are the answers for I SPY picture riddle books? Here’s help for those irritatingly addicted to the I Spy books. a man with a mop – Hint: it’s the end of the line. I do not usually read the text to her. Answer: page 8, near bottom of page tilted to the left next to a striped ball ornament. a rose – Hint: it’s not red (think Texas). on it I spy: a fish – Hint: it’s colorful like a clown. Anyway, realizing I would have to search for future answers individually, I took it upon myself to try to have a one-stop answer shop for these addicting picture riddles. Truly a classic. Answer: page19, written upside down on the second card below the ace of clubs. a spoon – Hint: It’s so shiny! Answer: page 11, red and white clock above the spotted ‘L’. page 10, behind the sheer fabric at the middle-left of the page. Answer: page 22, sitting on the ledge at the top of the picture to the left of a white tiger. Yes. page 8, near bottom of page tilted to the left next to a striped ball ornament. and a yellow-red pear – Hint: did you find the clock?. page 29, the green and white bear at the top left corner of the page has a glove on it’s left paw. Answer: page 10, one hanging up top under the large silver ball on the upper left side of page, another just above and left of the silver ball on the ground at the lower right of page; page 11, on the snow just left of the white deer on the lower right corner of the page.,/span>. Answer: page 10, at the top of the stairs near the middle – blue shirt and red tie. page 12, sitting at the bottom of the window spanning the lower two window panes. Answer: page 9, one is the black string of beads and the knot is upper middle of the page hanging over a block. Answer: page 15, purple B on the side of the drum. The c. And now, every chance he gets, he brings home these books and “forces” mom and dad to find the hidden objects on every page. page 10, rocking horse under the Christmas tree on the lower left of the page. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? page 19, on the card to the left of the jack of diamonds. Ornaments – pages 8-9 (To see answers, use your mouse to highlight text. page 25, to the left of a fire truck on the right side of the picture. Answer: page 8, right up to the left edge of the page near the middle. Answer: page 29, right above the three parrots at the end of the middle row you’ll see a shadow of the word ‘THRILLS.’ **********.


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