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Good. Stu: Why can’t you just be excited for me? Phil: Your password is Belloni one? Stu: Oh, my God! Stu: Teddy’s dead? Phil: Excuse me? [to Phil] I’m sorry. Lauren: I’m good. It’s killing him! Give me Henn, give me gin, give me liquor Each year, approximately thirteen thousand people are killed in car accidents in Thailand. Fohn: I’ve heard enough of this. In The Club Tonight by The Axis of Awesome. We have until eight a.m. tomorrow to figure it out. [talking on this cell to Lauren’s father] Stu: Understood. Alan: [slowly] ‘Hello’. That’s what we do! Polar bears are white. [after Chow gets arrested by the police and Kingsley turns out to be a cop] Stu: Well, we’re living here in Alan Town, and he’s driven our lives into the ground. I wish I was a boring dentist, who had boring life and boring friends. Befitted to small babies and very old people. It’s a violation of my moral code. Phil: I know! Phil: Yep. Alan: Why is he even here? You love it. Is it my teeth? Deep breath. Phil: Oh, please! Little worse than that. Stu: Woh! F***ing Bangkok! Phil: Wow! Mr. Chow: It’s called, not your business. Phil: Okay. I wanna keep it going, keep keep it going, come on! Toast. Desperately hoping to avoid the mayhem of Doug’s (Justin Bartha) bachelor party, Stu chooses what he thinks will be a safe option, an alcohol-free, pre-wedding brunch. Stu: Ah! Started a full on f***ing riot! Phil: We’re in Bangkok? Phil: What plan, Alan? It will be useless to try. Alan: Well, isn’t it obvious? [turning to the old man] Phil: Hey Alan, that’s such a pretty cool shave. You get back there. And in return he was supposed to transfer our profits electronically about five f***ing minutes ago. They used Teddy as bait. Tracy: Seriously, what is wrong with you three? Stu: Why do people keep saying that? Stu: We did that? So what do you think? I’m not cool with this all! Stu: What? Stu: Sure did. Samir: Listen to me, okay? They just needed us to bring them Chow. What the f*** are you doing, man? What the hell? Said you f***ed up and looking to party! Phil: Chow, what the f*** are you doing here? Fohn: Khao is soft white rice in lukewarm water. [Doug is trying to convince Stu to invite Alan to his wedding] Teddy: Yeah. And I don't ever ever want to grow up, eh Phil: Hmm? Sid Garner: Yeah. But that same demon, took us to hell and back to find him. Phil: Come over here, Alan. Alan: No, he said he’s farting because of his medication. Alan: Well this one was black. [to Stu] [referring to Kingsley] Phil: Stu? Alan: Hey, everybody. Phil: Yeah! Teddy: By the way, do you have any idea where my finger is? But, we weren’t ourselves last night. Just Dance 2017 full gameplay of song : Dynamite - Taio Cruz Let's Play Just Dance on PS4, Xbox 360, XboxOne, and WiiU ! We’ve checked everywhere. Stu: I’m sure he has. Smoke it in. I've been drinking too much for sure I mean, you too! Alan: So can Teddy come out of the car now? You should shave your head too. I wanna keep it going, keep keep it going, come on! Stu: F***! This wasn’t part of the plan. Phil: I don’t know, man! Lauren! Alan: [crying] Oh, God! Oh wait! You tell Chow, that we are having breakfast on the roof of this hotel tomorrow morning at eight a.m. Now if he makes the transfer, you will get Teddy. Tattoo Joe: Then you decided to get a tattoo. I spiked it with muscle relaxers and plus my ADHD medication. No! Stu: And we’re living here in Alan town. Stu: You totally butchered my life. Alan: Well, he turned out to be a gay. It’s a bag of Fanta! I got a hangover, wo-oh! Phil: Okay listen, we’re just looking for a little kid. Stu: But we just found out about it. I forgot. Phil: Alan, I already told you. Like no wedding bad? Alan: That was, uh, my dad. No! He’s wearing Teddy’s sweatshirt. Doug: Yeah. [Stu continues singing] Mr. Chow: Teddy not dead. It’s a hundred degrees and we don’t have a plan. Doug: What are you talking about? He really needs this. And I don't ever ever want to grow up, eh Alan, what did you do? Stu: Yeah! I got a hangover, wo-oh! Alan: I’m going to miss you monkey. She just came for her shift. Phil: Alan! Alan: Well, that way we would look exactly alike. Phil: And then we delete them. I mean we each had one beer last night, right? Phil: Why? Hangover Lyrics: I got a hangover, wo-oh! Stu: Yeah, I got about two thirds. Phil: It’s okay. [to Lauren’s father] You’re a lovely woman. Cause that real productive! Stu: You really need to floss more. He tickle me. Mr. Chow: I don’t know. [to the old man that was released to them from police custody instead of Teddy] F***ing Asia town! Phil: Well, maybe he can write down what happened? Stu: Uh, no! Stu: You said, I’m a joke. I’m not going back without Teddy. And I have invested a large chunk of capital in your friend, Chow. But there’s a boy who’s missing and hurt. Mr. Chow: Invest in my business. Thank you so much! Mr. Chow: Don’t you remember anything? We’re looking for our friend, sixteen years old. Phil: Who are you? [pointing to Alan] I’m getting married, so I’ll be out of the country for two weeks. Phil: You alright? Alan: Uh, we live an alternative life style. Alan: I get that. [they all grimace as they look at the first photo] Phil: No. Phil: No! No! Phil got shot, we got beaten by a monk. I have a demon in me. Alan: Is it a movie? I got f***ed in the a** by a girl with a d**k. [after Stu’s told them that eating at the diner is his bachelor party] Woh! Stu: That’s orange juice with a napkin on top. Stu: Yeah, I’m supposed to marry his sister tomorrow and we kind of lost him. You f***ing psycho! [Phil and Alan find Stu sleeping in their motel room bath tub] Phil: Yeah! Half the neighborhood went down. Phil: Come on stand up, guys. [turning to Kimmy] Phil: This sucks! Grand Wizard: I’m afraid fatty is right. Phil: Just relax. Stu: Two words. Stu: No f***ing way! And I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose my s**t, and shoot Alan in the face, and shoot myself. [Verse 2: Flo Rida] For those who do not know, Chio is learning disabled and lives in group home. Phil: Stu, forget it! Stu: No. [Stu whispers to Lauren] I was don’t talking. Stu: Okay. If you haven’t found him by now, I’m afraid Bangkok has him. Alan: Thanks, Phil. Phil: Stu, throw him a bone! You love it? Stu: I don’t know! [Alan stands up to read his speech at Stu’s pre-wedding dinner] And I don't ever ever want to grow up, eh


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